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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Heath Parker John Bolger

Heath Parker 2001
Occupation: Chauffeur

When the well-known, but elusive, opera singer Dame Margaret Woolstead was staying in Eden Hills, Erinsborough journalist Libby Kennedy realised that an interview with her could be a turning point for her career. Although Libby had little success in meeting her, Libby’s husband, mechanic Drew Kirk came a lot closer when the Dame’s car broke down. Her chauffeur Heath Parker called in at the garage where Drew worked and asked him to discretely get the work down and call them a taxi in the meantime. And it seemed that Dame Margaret’s reputation for being a recluse was deserved when Drew asked Heath for her autograph and was given a flat refusal.

Trivia Notes
• John Bolger returned to Neighbours later in 2001 as Daryl Overton and in 2002 as Ian Barton

Biography by Steve



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