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Character Profiles > Gemma Ramsay Beth Buchanan

Gemma Ramsay 1990-1991
Lived: 24 Ramsay Street
Born: 1972
Parents: Tom and Doreen Ramsay
Siblings: Moira
Family Tree: Ramsay
Occupation: Student, Vet

Carefree and independent, Gemma Ramsay was sent to live with various relatives in Brisbane after her mother, Doreen, died when Gemma was a child. Knowing he would be unable to raise a daughter by himself, her father Tom talked things over with young Gemma and they both agreed it was the best decision.

At the age of 17, Gemma came to live with Tom's sister, her Auntie Madge and her husband, Harold Bishop in Ramsay Street (named after her great grandfather) in order to take her HSC at Erinsborough High School. She adapted to the Bishop household quickly as she felt part of the family. Madge gradually became a surrogate mother figure for Gemma, and Harold doted on her as she brought out a sense of fun in him.

Gemma turned plenty of male heads on her arrival in Ramsay Street. But she was slow to commit to a relationship since she had just broke up with her childhood sweetheart, Aidan Devlin, before leaving Brisbane. However, after a brief romance with Ryan McLachlan, Gemma fell in love with Matt Robinson. Madge disapproved of the relationship, fearing it would interfere with Gemma's studies but the couple defied their elders and continued seeing eachother. Eventually, Madge became more lenient with Gemma after remembering her own daughter, Charlene, had been in a similar situation at that age.

But when Matt took Gemma for a ride on his new motorbike, they crashed and Gemma was rushed to hospital where she nearly lost a leg. Tom rushed back to Erinsborough to be with Gemma in her hour of need, and held Matt responsible for ruining his daughter's life. But after Gemma was given the all-clear, Tom got to know Matt better and apologised after realising he was a decent guy.

Soon afterwards, Gemma's ex-boyfriend Aidan arrived in Erinsborough determined to win Gemma back. When Gemma admitted to Matt that she still had feelings for Aidan, Matt packed his bags and left Gemma behind, returning to his native Adelaide. Gemma tried to make a go of things with Aidan, but the chemistry that once existed between them was no longer present, and he returned to Brisbane.

After successfully completing her HSC, Gemma considered a number of careers, including nursing, physiotherapy and science before getting a job at the local zoo and realising that her vocation was with animals. But Gemma nearly lost her job after protesting against the use of animals in circuses.

After a brief romance with Glen Donnelly, Gemma fell in love with student doctor Adam Willis. But their relationship was threatened when Gemma was offered a job at an animal sanctuary in Newcastle, New South Wales. The job was perfect for Gemma and was just what she wanted. But the thought of leaving Adam behind in Erinsborough was the only thing holding her back. However, after Adam arranged to get a transfer to a university in Newcastle as soon as possible, Gemma felt more comfortable about going and she accepted the job. After a tearful goodbye to Madge, Harold and Adam, Gemma left Ramsay Street behind for a new life in Newcastle, where a month later, she was joined by Adam.


Magic Moments
Episode 1350: The 1990 Season Finale

Biography by Moe