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Christopher Reynolds 2007
Occupation: Prosecution Lawyer

During his court case for running over and killing Cameron Robinson, Max Hoyland was represented by Toadie Rebecchi, with Christopher Reynolds as the prosecuting lawyer. Although Max had only run over Cameron because he thought he was his psychotic twin, Robert, Reynolds made it clear that Robert had actually been in prison at the time and posed no real danger. He then forced Max to admit that he had deliberately swerved towards Cameron with the intention of hurting him. With all this evidence piling up, things were looking bad for Max, until Toadie called Robert himself as a witness, and provoked him into lashing out in front of the entire courtroom, proving how crazy he was and causing Max to get an 8-year sentence, with 5 years suspended and no jail time.

A few months later, Christopher was the prosecuting lawyer when Sky Mangel was accused of murdering con artist Terrence Chesterton, who had been pretending to be a spiritualist in touch with her recently deceased boyfriend, Stingray Timmins. Though Sky had hit him, Terrence’s partner in crime, Charlotte Stone, had been the one to deal the fatal blow. Sky had blocked the events from her mind but suddenly remembered that she only hit him once – and the autopsy results had shown that a second blow to the head had been what killed him. Having resigned herself to life in prison, this memory caused Sky to have fresh hope but, at the prison, Christopher refused to listen to Toadie, who was representing Sky, and pointed out that he would still be pressing for Sky to be charged with murder, as there was nothing linking anyone else to the crime, and she could face up to 12 years in prison.

Biography by Steve



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