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Colin Rogers 2001
Occupation: Student

Nerdy Erinsborough High student Colin Rogers developed something of a crush on Felicity Scully, which began when she asked him, as a last resort, to take her to the schoolís debutante ball. Unfortunately, Colin had already asked another girl named Greta, but it was the beginning of an obsession for Colin. A few weeks later, he spotted Flick in the Coffee Shop and attempted to start up a conversation, but she wasnít quite so keen to be seen with him. However, when nasty new girl Jess Fielding started picking on Colin one day in class, Flick was quick to defend him and when she later let him help her dissect a rat in biology class, he stepped up his campaign to win her over.

Colinís first, and most shocking, attempt to impress Flick was to plant a home-made bomb in a bin at the school. Although the explosion didnít harm anyone, nobody suspected that mild-mannered Colin could be behind it, and suspicion actually fell on new girl Jess. Meanwhile, Flick was busy moving on with new boyfriend Joel Samuels, but was also desperate to keep him a secret from her parents, so was alarmed when she started receiving anonymous notes telling her that Joel wasnít good enough for her, little realising that Colin was behind it. He then sent another anonymous note, asking her to meet at the yellow beach hut at Sunset Bay. Believing that it was from Joel, Flick went along, but was alarmed to find Colin waiting for her, having created a shrine to her. He admitted to sending the notes and making the bomb, and told a disturbed Flick that they were meant to be together.

Fortunately, Flick had told her friend, Tad Reeves, about her plans and where she was going. When Tad then mentioned it to Joel, he realised that something was wrong and raced to Sunset Bay where he found Colin blocking the door, trying to stop Flick from leaving. In the commotion, Colin managed to escape but later returned home, where he was arrested and eventually forced to undertake counselling.

Biography by Steve



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