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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Jess Fielding Elisha Gazdowicz

Jessica [Jess] Fielding 2001
Lived: 30 Ramsay Street
Siblings: Mary
Occupation: Student

Jess joined the year 12 class at Erinsborough High with a huge chip already present on her shoulder. She arrived at a time when Tad was just returning after making the decision to quit school and work as a builder. Tad quickly believed he stood a chance with the new girl, but she made it clear that she was no pushover, speaking back to her teachers and making a firm enemy of Susan Kennedy. Although Susan was at first eager to help Jess with extra classes, it was obvious that Jess had no interest in academic success.

When Jess finally agreed to a date with Tad, it quickly became clear that it was on her terms. The pair were assigned a piece of work to do together and Tad was shocked when he went to Jess’ home and realised how wealthy her family were. While Tad and Jess got closer, the reasons behind her erratic behaviour emerged. It seemed that her sister, Mary, had recently given birth and her parents were pretty much ignoring her and spending all their time with Mary and the new baby. As Jess grew in confidence at the school, her behaviour worsened and when the school received a bomb threat, Jess was immediately a prime suspect. The following week, a bomb actually went off in a bin on the school playing field and Jess found that Susan was straight on her case about it. Even Tad and Paul were suspicious about why Jess hadn’t been around that day and had been making suspect phone calls, but the truth later came out when it was revealed that Flick’s stalker, Colin Rogers, had actually been behind the incident.

Jess was angry at everyone who had accused her and, a few days later, she ended up in a physical fight with Mrs Kennedy. When Susan gave her a C+ in an assignment, Jess felt hard done by and confroned the teacher in front of everyone. Susan was not riled however and, after the class, she took Jess aside to ask her about her behaviour. Jess got more and more worked up, until she violently lashed out at Susan and, as Susan put her arm up to defend herself, Jess fell to the ground. The troublemaker quickly made sure word got out about the attack and her mother threatened to file a complaint. With the investigation under way, Susan was suspended, while Tad tried to get through to Jess, desperate to know why she was pursuing a threat which could ruin Susan’s career. In the end, Jess was forced to admit that Susan wasn’t to blame and she dropped the complaint, meaning Susan could be reinstated.

Shortly afterwards, Jess turned up at number 30, where Tad was staying while Harold was in Paris, asking to stay. It seemed that she’d had a huge bust-up with her parents and was determined to go home. Under pressure from Toadie and Dee, Tad talked Jess into phoning home and she managed to patch things up. However, it seemed that she was now becoming too serious for Tad and he realised that he couldn’t cope with someone so problematic, so he ended their relationship once and for all.

Biography by Steve



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