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Marcus Stone 1992

An old flame, and business associate, of Caroline Alessi, Marcus Stone visited his old friend at a time when Lassiter’s owner Paul Robinson was missing and the business was in serious trouble. When Marcus mentioned that he was looking for a new hotel chain to move all of his business to, and he was trying to make up his mind between Lassiter’s and Parkside Pacific, Caroline realised that he could be the key to saving the hotel. She arranged a dinner meeting that evening, before her twin sister, Christina, reminded her that she had another crucial meeting that night, with important investor, Mr Udagawa. Realising that both meetings were extremely important, Caroline begged Christina to meet with Marcus and pretend to be her, as he wasn’t even aware that she had a twin, but Udagawa knew both girls well. After Caroline agreed to brief Christina on her past with Marcus, Chrissie reluctantly agreed to the plan.

That evening, Marcus arrived at 22 Ramsay Street for an intimate dinner with Caroline, unaware that he was actually schmoozing her married twin sister. Although Chrissie was nervous, she quickly settled into the role of her business-minded sister, and Marcus was none-the-wiser as they sat down to share a bottle of champagne. However, as he approached her to top up her glass, Marcus made it clear to Chrissie that he was looking for more than just dinner. She quickly explained that she had no intention of visiting their old relationship, and Marcus suddenly turned nasty, telling her that she’d have to rethink her attitude if there was any chance of Lassiter’s getting his business. An uncomfortable Chrissie tried to excuse herself and go upstairs, but Marcus followed. As she tried to stop him, Marcus tripped backwards down the stairs, where he passed out on the floor. Soon after, Caroline returned home, having completed the deal with Mr Udagawa, and a furious Chrissie filled her in on what had happened.

The girls were forced to think quickly and, when Marcus woke up a couple of hours later, Caroline was sitting by his side. He struggled to piece together the evening’s events, so Caroline explained that after he fell down the stairs, he picked her up and took her up to the bedroom. Marcus claimed that he remembered the whole thing and that it had been wonderful, before signing the contracts and leaving, telling Caroline that he was beginning to wonder if he was too getting too old to be drinking champagne and romancing women.

Notes: Only fours months after playing Marcus, Ian Rawlings returned in the regular role of Philip Martin, a part he went on to play for seven years.

Biography by Steve



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