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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Marcia Taylor Maureen Edwards

Marcia Taylor 1985
Lived: Taylor house
Marital Status: Neil Taylor
Children: Kim
Occupation: Teacher at Erinsborough High School

A teacher at Erinsborough High School, Marcia had very definite ideas about the upbringing of her teenage daughter, Kim. So when she learnt of Kim’s relationship with classmate Scott Robinson, she was furious and banned her daughter from seeing him. Kim was not to be deterred however, and ran away with Scott. Whilst Scott returned home a few days later, Kim refused to go back and went to live on the streets of the city. A frantic Marcia went to great lengths to trace her missing daughter, including taking part in a television appeal, but to no avail. In the end, the Taylors decided to move on from the painful memories, so they sold up and left Erinsborough.

Some weeks later, Marcia received a phone call from Helen Daniels, Scott’s grandmother, who explained that they’d managed to track down Kim. Marcia, however, made it perfectly clear that after all the heartache, she no longer considered herself to have a daughter. Fortunately, she couldn’t live with this decision and went to visit the Robinsons to apologise for her outburst. Scott took her to the squat where Kim had been living for some months after falling pregnant. At first, it seemed that Kim didn’t want her mother around, but then Marcia revealed a surprising secret to her daughter – that she had been forced to give up a baby of her own, Karen, 27 years ago. Marcia made things up with Kim and took her home, but not before thanking the Robinsons for helping to repair her family.

Notes: Maureen Edwards returned to Neighbours in 2002 to play Harold's new girlfriend, Ruby Dywer.

Biography by Steve



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