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Vernon Wells 2001
Occupation: Sailor, Marine Biologist

When marine biologist Vernon Wells began work on a dive up the coast from Melbourne, his biggest fan Joel Samuels decided to go and visit, in the hope of winning a job with him. Along with his friends Matt Hancock and Toadie Rebecchi, they visited the dive site and climbed aboard Vernon’s boat, looking for him. When he finally appeared, he thought the boys were trying to rob him. However, once the misunderstanding had been explained, Joel started begging for a chance to work with his hero, explaining that he’d just completed a marine biology degree. Vernon told him that he was putting together a dive team to go down to the wreck of the Philippa Clare. Vernon simply asked him to clean the deck whilst he thought about it. Back at home, Joel started researching the Philippa Clare, and went back to Vernon, impressing him with his knowledge. Vernon explained that a museum was financing the dive, in order to try and find an Elizabethan tea set which had belonged to the Duchess of Everingham, who had been aboard the ship.

After lying that he had his deep sea diving certificate, Joel was delighted when Vernon called and offered him a place on a practice dive the following week. When Joel’s girlfriend, Dee Bliss, found out about his lie, she grew concerned about the danger he could face if things went wrong. She followed him to the dive site and, with Vernon listening, she mentioned an ear infection that Joel had suffered from, knowing that Vernon wouldn’t risk sending him down with that knowledge. Her plan worked, thought Vernon was forced to cancel the entire dive as he didn’t have a full team. After completing the deep sea diving course, he went to Vernon for a second chance and was happy when he got it. But things went wrong as Joel failed to surface with his diving partner, Blake Heath, and Vernon was furious, until Joel suddenly appeared, complete with the teapot they’d all been searching for. A suitably impressed Vernon then offered Joel a coral research job with him in Queensland.

Notes: Vince Gil previously played Running Rivers, the leader of a bonding camp attended by the men of Ramsay Street in 1995.

Biography by Steve



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