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Father Capetola 2003, 2005-2008
Occupation: Catholic Priest

Local Catholic priest Father Capetola conducted the baptism of baby Oscar Scully in 2003 and, eighteen months later, was in contact with the family again when he conducted the funeral of Lyn Scully’s father, Charlie Cassidy. The event almost turned into a farce, as the family was split in two over the circumstances of Charlie’s death, but they managed to briefly unite for the service. Later in 2005, Father Capitola married local police officer Stuart Parker and his fiancee Sindi Watts. This was another Erinsborough event that almost turned into a disaster, as Stu’s best mate, Toadie Rebecchi, attempted to stop the ceremony with allegations that Sindi was mentally unstable. A few months later, Father Capitola performed another Ramsay Street wedding as Susan Smith married terminally ill Alex Kinski before he died on their wedding night.

Several months later, Father Capetola was visiting at Erinsborough Hospital when he bumped into Lyn once more. She explained to him that her daughter, Steph, had recently given birth to a son, Charlie, named after her late grandfather. Lyn was concerned that Steph and her husband, Max, had decided not to have Charlie baptised. Lyn asked Father Capetola to have a chat to the couple and try to change their minds, but was disappointed when it didn’t work. Later, Lyn and the father went to lunch at the Scarlet Bar where he convinced her that it wasn’t all that unusual for people not to have their children baptised these days, and even got her thinking when he mentioned that the ceremony didn’t necessarily need to be conducted in a church by a priest. However, his open-mindedness didn't quite stretch to agreeing to marry a pair of divorcees and so, when Lyn became engaged to Paul Robinson, Father Capetola refused to conduct the ceremony and they were forced to look elsewhere.

The following year, Father Capetola met with young couple Rosetta Cammeniti and Frazer Yeats to talk about their wedding plans, but it quickly became obvious that they hadn’t quite worked out the finer details of their future together. Due to Frazer being paralyzed following an accident at the racetrack, he was unsure whether he’d ever be able to father children, which led to he and Rosie arguing about whether they even wanted a family of their own. Seeing that they were having problems, Father Capetola suggested that they talk things through properly and arrange another meeting once they were sure of what they wanted to do. Fortunately, they did manage to work things out, and, a few weeks later, Father Capetola was happy to pronounce them husband and wife in front of their assembled family and friends.

A year later, it was the turn of Rosie's sister Carmella to marry, but this time under far more sombre circumstances. Carmella's fiance Marco Silvani had been seriously injured, trapped outside during a bushfire, and, in hospital, was given only a short time to live. He kept this information from Carmella, but insisted that they get married there and then, and the small, emotional service was conducted by Father Capetola. Carmella's husband then quietly passed away a few hours later.

Trivia Notes
• Father Capetola had different spellings of his surname in his first three appearances, with Capitola, Capetola and Capotella all being used. In recent appearances, Capetola has been consistently used and so is the spelling used on this website
• Mark Doggett returned to Neighbours in 2013 as Daryl Banick

Episodes Featured
4318, 4635, 4782, 4872, 4941, 5233, 5261, 5488

Biography by Steve