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Episode Summaries > 2014 > Episode 6875

Written by Jutta Goetze, Directed by Scott Major, Produced by Jason Herbison

Channel Eleven: 02/05/14, Five: 16/05/14

• Paul smashes up Charlie’s and Terese is making sure the renovation goes ahead
• Doug goes missing from the Willis house and is seen walking down the road confused and disorientated
• Doug is in hospital with Josh saying something still isn’t right with him
• Brad refuses to believe that Doug may have Alzheimer’s disease
• Matt has signed up to be the nude model for Lauren’s art class
• Matt is shocked to see a full art class waiting for him to get naked!

Erinsborough Community Centre: Matt says he wasn’t expecting so many people whilst gripping his towel. Lauren can’t believe this has happened as it was supposed to be just her but Susan realises that Lou has bolstered the numbers as he wants to win his bet with Lauren. Matt is sweating and being asked when he is going to pose, Lauren tells him he doesn’t have to do it but he insists he is fine. He is saved by the bell when the fire alarm goes off!

Erinsborough Commmunity Centre - Exterior: Sheila is ushering everyone out of the building as she is the fire warden. Lou and Matt are discussing the situation and Matt says he isn’t the prude Lou thinks he is. Matt tries to get back inside to get his clothes but Sheila won’t let him. Bailey arrives and sees Matt has been saved by the bell. Sheila leaves Matt in charge as she leaves them all standing outside waiting for the fire crew to arrive.

No 32 - Back Garden: Josh and Amber are talking about Amber’s photography gig at the renovated bar tonight. Terese has let Josh look round and he says it looks great. Amber and Josh were thinking of having their birthdays there and decide to have a joint party. Amber thinks it will be the best party ever.

No 22: Doug is doing Sudoku in the paper. Brad comments he didn’t think the puzzles were Doug’s thing but he says you need to “use it or lose it” which prompts Brad to ask if Doug is still worried about his memory loss. Doug is worried but Brad says it doesn’t mean anything is wrong. Doug can’t remember things he did yesterday and names and at first he put it down to drinking but it still happened after he gave up drinking. Doug explains what it feels like and Brad says it’s good he is doing puzzles then as the brain is a muscle and needs exercising too. Brad doesn’t think Karl is right and it will be something like stress or just old age. Doug agrees to come to the bar opening, Brad is happy as he thinks it will be a great party and just what Doug needs.

No 32: Lauren is quizzing Matt on how he set the alarm off but he maintains he didn’t do it. Matt says he would have gone through with it if the alarm hadn’t gone off. Bailey walks in and confesses it was him who set the alarm off – he knew Matt didn’t really want to do it with half the smart phones in Erinsborough there. Matt agrees he has a point. Bailey also says Lou wasn’t playing fair to win the bet, which Matt didn’t know about. He asks Lauren about it but is happy she believed in him. Bailey is told not to do anything like that again but Matt thanks him too. Matt tells Lauren he would have gone through with it just for her and they kiss.

Bar: Paul and Terese are discussing what to name the bar when Sheila appears holding a big sign saying “Sheila’s”. Paul won’t name the bar after Sheila but Terese wants to know what Paul is planning on calling it. He doesn’t know but Terese says he needs to get a move on with it. Daniel suggests a name but Paul says it would attract the wrong kind of clientele. Paul tells Daniel the reason he’s having trouble coming up with a name is that he asked Kate to do it before she died but she never got chance.

No 22: Terese is moaning to Brad about opening a bar that doesn’t yet have a name. Brad says it will be fine but Terese thinks she will look ridiculous as she is responsible for the bar. Brad mentions he talked his dad into coming and Terese questions whether that’s a good idea. Terese thinks Brad should tell Doug’s wife, Pam, what is going on but he doesn’t want to until he has more information. Brad gets defensive and says Doug would be ok if everyone just left him alone.

Lassiter's Hotel - Reception: As Daniel and Paul return from the bar they are given a package that Glen the receptionist signed for. It was a delivery for Kate. Daniel takes it from him and opens it to reveal that Kate had organised some artwork along with the new name for the bar. Paul says it’s perfect and takes it up to his apartment.

Bar: The opening party is in full swing. Amber asks Sheila if they can take a photo of her. She poses and as she walks off Rick asks Amber to try to make sure she picks the best looking people as they’re trying to promote the place. The Willis family arrives, Josh and Brad go to get Doug a beer and he wanders off into the way of Rick taking pictures. Rick asks him to move but he gets disorientated and as Rick shouts at him more he accidently knocks over a lens. Josh steps in and Brad tells Rick to back off. Doug is upset and says he shouldn’t have come. He asks for them to ring Pam to pick him up.

Bar: Lou and Terese are talking about Doug. Lou thinks the signs aren’t good for Doug but Terese and Sheila tell him to be more optimistic. Paul makes a speech about the new bar. He is emotional as he reveals the name was provided by Kate and explains that the past is being honoured as he welcomes everyone to “The Waterhole”. Terese breathes a sigh of relief that it finally has a name!

No 22: Josh and Brad are discussing Doug. Brad says that Doug wasn’t making sense just now but Josh says Rick was in the wrong and he should have hit him. Brad explains that punching him wouldn’t help. Brad has finally realised that there is something wrong with Doug. He is upset as he says it feels like he is the father and Doug is the child. Josh says he’ll sit with Brad for a bit longer.

No 32: Matt returns from work and tells Lauren they’ve been making fun of him and shows her the pictures that everyone at the station had taken of him in his towel outside the community centre. Lauren laughs as if Bailey hadn’t set the alarm off she would have been looking at X rated photos! Lauren tells Matt she makes him happy as he’s considerate and supportive. Matt tells Lauren he just wants to stay in her orbit which is why he wanted to do the art class. Lauren tells him she would never let him out of her orbit! They skip the party so Lauren can draw Matt naked. She says she’ll be discreet when doing the drawing. Lou walks in and immediately walks out leaving Lauren and Matt laughing.

No 22: Doug comes downstairs to find Brad still up. Doug and Brad agree they have come to terms with what is happening to Doug. Brad isn’t going to let him go through it on his own and Doug asks where they start. Brad is going to get Pam down asap to get the family together again. Brad hugs a sad looking Doug.

The Waterhole: Paul, Daniel and Sheila are talking about the name of the bar. Amber stops Josh from having a go at Rick. She explains that the lens was broken and worth $4000. She apologises to Josh but asks him to let it go. He is angry and when he sees a camera left on the table he deletes all the Waterhole’s opening night’s images from it.

Featured Regular Characters: Sheila Canning, Lou Carpenter, Lauren Turner, Matt Turner, Susan Kennedy, Bailey Turner, Josh Willis, Amber Turner, Brad Willis, Terese Willis, Paul Robinson

Guest Cast: Tim Phillipps as Daniel Robinson, Terence Donovan as Doug Willis, James Harvy as Rick Blaine, Luke Jacka as Glen Darby, Jaya Jamieson as Art Dealer

Trivia Notes
• Past characters Pam Willis and Kate Ramsay are mentioned

Summary by Nicola

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