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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 28
Written by David Phillips, Directed by Russell Webb, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 24/04/85 BBC One: 03/12/86 UK Gold: 09/12/92

• Scott lies to the police to protect Danny over Carol Brown’s mugging
• Carol becomes hysterical when Max confronts her
• Jim is furious with Scott for lying to the police and calls Sgt. Hawkins, intent on Scott telling the police the real truth, whatever the consequences for Danny

No 26 - Kitchen: Julie is buffing her nails watching Jim and Scott exchange words in the lounge. Lucy makes it clear to all, seeing her sister buff her nails as she eats breakfast has lost her, her appetite. Helen warns Julie off from getting involved with Jim & Scott’s argument and Julie informs her grandmother she is eating with Des that evening after accepting his dinner invite. Lucy teases Julie about the fact that Paul told her she ‘fancies’ Des but Helen is not impressed by Lucy’s behaviour. Helen mentions to Lucy that while she was in the shower earlier she received a call from the mother of her friend, Peggy Thornton, asking if Lucy was going to Peggy’s fancy dress party. Lucy is not impressed when Helen tells her she has accepted Mrs Thornton’s invite for her but Lucy refuses to explain why she doesn’t want to go. Lucy leaves the kitchen in a strop and Helen mentions to Julie she knew something was bothering Lucy. Julie puts it down to worrying over petty things and Helen remarks how Julie did and still does the same.

. . .

. . .

No 26 - Lounge: Jim finishes his call to Sgt. Hawkins and informs Scott they are going to the police station on his way to school for him to amend his statement. He tells him it doesn’t mean the charges have been dropped and Scott remarks his father has made things worse but the truth is that Carol has set Danny up. Jim tells his son he has doubts he knows what ‘truth’ means. Scott storms out of the house, feeling this is grossly unfair. Jim follows, knowing they are in for a ‘frosty’ drive to the police station.

No 28 - Kitchen/lounge: Des tries to be quiet to allow Daphne to sleep in as he prepares his breakfast. But he stubs his toe on the coffee table and rushes to the bedroom to shout in pain. As he hobbles back into the lounge, Daphne arrives back from an early morning aerobics session. Des doesn’t mind so much that his efforts were in vain when she calls them ‘sweet’ and he asks why she is up so early. Daphne admits the new ‘fit’ aerobics instructor is the main reason. Des jokes about how conniving ‘women’ can be. Daphne offers to cook for Des after he confirms Julie is still coming over. Des eagerly accepts and jokes Julie is on of the ‘101 possibilities for fun’ he has stored in his little black book. Daphne, seeing a way to snip any romantic notions that Julie may have, suggests he use the evening to consult Julie about some of their mutual female friends in his little black book for possible romance. Des thinks it is a great idea and Daphne promises him she’ll cook up something really special for Julie.

. . .

. . .

No 26 - Lounge: Julie is all dressed and ready for her dinner date. Helen remarks to her about how much effort she is making for dinner with a friend and suggests Lucy is right about her feelings for Des. Julie however won’t allow anything to spoil her night and after greeting her father as he returns from work, leaves. As she goes Max arrives wanting to talk to Jim. He’s angered that Jim made Scott change his story and put Danny into deeper trouble. Jim reminds Max that Scott was lying to the police but Max cannot see why they could not have discussed things first.

. . .

. . .

No 28 - Kitchen/lounge: Des opens the door and is impressed with how fantastic Julie looks and asks her in. Julie spots that the dining table has been laid out with flowers and candles and remarks to Des she is impressed to with all his effort. Des unwittingly admits Daphne did it but Julie is thrilled to learn she has Des all to herself as Daphne explains although she has cooked dinner; she has to go out to work. As Daphne leaves, she kisses Des on the cheek to tease Julie and Des makes things worse by remarking how wonderful Daphne is. Julie tells Des she is glad they are alone and he mentions he has something to ask her after dinner. Julie has convinced herself he must have romance in mind!

No 24 - Kitchen: Shane arrives home and interrupts Max reading the newspaper, as he wants to talk about Danny. Max doesn’t deny he believes Danny may be guilty of the mugging but vows in public he’ll do anything he can to clear Danny to protect the family name. Shane tells him he believes Danny is innocent and Max calls him naïve. Shane promises he will prove Danny is not guilty and remarks that even that clearly would not enough for Max to trust Danny again.

. . .

No 24 - Danny's bedroom: Shane suggests he & Danny return to the shopping arcade the following day, to see if they can find anyone who may have seen the real mugger. Danny thinks it is pointless after Scott changing his statement and decides to go and see Scott to find out if he really did ‘dob’ him in. Shane isn’t happy about it as Danny climbs out of the bedroom window and he is forced to cover for his brother’s absence if their parents ask.

No 26 - Scott and Paul's bedroom: Scott lets Danny in through the window as Scott explains how Jim realised he was lying. Danny fears he could be ‘locked up’.

. . .

No 28 - Dining table: Julie & Des toast to ‘good friends’ and Julie confides that she feels partly to blame for his recent misfortunes with Lorraine & Eileen. Des tells her it is all the past and he wants to look to the future. Julie’s confused when he suddenly asks after two of their friends Maggie Chisholm & Kath Fredericks relationship status. Des explains how Daphne suggested he use the evening to get her help in going through his little black book and Des goes to get it. Julie manages to stay calm as Des mentions Marilyn, a colleague they work with at the bank but when Daphne arrives home Julie decides it’s time to leave. Des is surprised but accepts Julie’s explanation of her being tired. Des only makes matters worse when he thanks her for her help as she leaves. Daphne takes great delight in seeing how well the evening has gone for Des and for her.

. . .

No 26 - Kitchen: Helen is enjoying the evening quietness at home by painting when Julie arrives home crying and throws her shoes onto the floor. She explains she feels humiliated by Des & that she blames Daphne. Helen tells Julie the home truth that she is partly upset, as she didn’t get what she wanted. Seeing she isn’t going to get any sympathy Julie snaps back that everyone is against her and Jim still blames her over Anna too.

. . .

. . .

Ramsay Street: Daphne returns from a morning jog to see Shane doing so also. She catches up with him and she asks how he is. Shane explains he is still coaching at diving to keep busy. Daphne clearly wants Shane to realise she would like to see more of him and tells him not to be ‘a stranger’. Shane runs off to No.24 and after watching him for a moment Daphne makes her way home too.

No 28 - Lounge: Des is pleased when Marilyn Temple agrees to have dinner with him after work. Daphne comes into the house to overhear his invite on the phone and congratulates him but announces he’ll have to take his date out as she has someone coming to dinner tonight. Des objects and they compromise on both couples eating together at home. Daphne agrees to cook but reminds Des he owes her a big favour.

No 24 - Danny's bedroom: Danny packs his school bag as Shane suggests that a witness could have seen Carol’s mugger from a window and have yet to be found. Danny suggests Daphne & Father. Barry could help, if the mugger was a kid from the squats. Shane reluctantly agrees to talk to Daphne but scoffs at Danny’s suggestion he has a problem with Daphne. Max calls out to Danny to hurry up for a lift to school. Danny tells his brother he thinks he is mad not to want to be with Daphne.

No 26 - Kitchen: Jim & Scott leave the house as Julie arrives for breakfast. Lucy teases her sister about her date with Des, which annoys Julie, telling her sister to ‘shut up’. Helen changes the subject and asks if Lucy if she has confided in her father what she is worried about yet. Lucy feels Jim has no time for her these days.

No 28 - Lounge/kitchen: Daphne is delighted to see Des & Marilyn together as she sets the table for dinner. Marilyn jokes about how untidy the house was when Des lived alone and all agree domestic bliss is down to compromising when sharing. Daphne answers a knock on the door and introduces her date Leo Mason. It is apparent Leo & Marilyn already know each other as there is a moment of silence and Marilyn explains she used to go to Leo’s aerobic classes. Daphne dryly remarks she did to. Marilyn & Leo sit down at the table in silence. Des looks over to Daphne wondering what the hell is going on.

. . .

No 24 - Lounge: Max returns to the lounge after getting a beer and is joined by Shane. Max reminds Shane he’d like to know if any of his detective work at the shopping arcade proves fruitful. Danny comes into the room and Max explains their solicitor has warned that the fact that the assault on Carol the fact her purse was stolen and the lie to the police has made the situation worse. Max tells him if he returns the purse and apologises then possibly the magistrate will be lenient. Danny begs Max to believe he is innocent. Max tells him they are likely to lose the case if Danny sticks as being innocent.

No 28 - Dining table: Daphne tries to provoke conversation around the table, joking about how Leo’s aerobic classes at first were tiring and asks about the reason why Marilyn gave up Leo’s classes. Both Marilyn & Leo go to answer but stop in their explanation. Frustrated, Daphne suggests she gets them all more wine.

No 26 - Scott and Paul's bedroom: Helen is collecting the dirty laundry when Scott arrives with more for her. He is concerned for Lucy after hearing her crying but Helen assures him she was just having a nightmare. Helen can see Scott is angry still with his father and Scott admits he feels Jim hates him. Helen assures Scott it isn’t the case and adds she knows he & Danny are innocent. Scott asks her to convince Jim of that.

No 28 - Lounge: Everyone has retired to the lounge for coffee but the conversation hasn’t improved. Daphne is still trying to keep conversation going and even asks Des about work at the bank. Marilyn decides she needs to get home and Leo agrees he too has to go. Des offers to take Marilyn home as does Leo and Marilyn eagerly accept Leo’s offer. There is an awkward moment as Leo & Marilyn thanks them for a ‘lovely night’. Alone, Des & Daphne laugh at the night’s events.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge/kitchen: Jim is still working and only half listening to Helen as she tries to explain how upset Lucy was over her nightmare. Jim brushes it off as probably her eating too late but Helen suggests it is more likely to be about the fancy dress party. Jim snaps back that he more important things to worry about than that and Helen admits he has been making that clear ever since Anna left. Jim is furious at Helen for mentioning Anna and storms into the kitchen. Undeterred, Helen follows to make it clear to Jim that whether he wants to admit it or not, the subject of Anna is continuing to dominate the family. Helen explains how Lucy & Julie feel they cannot talk to him and even Scott feels rejected. Jim warns her he doesn’t have to listen to what she has to say. Helen agrees but warns him back that if he continues to wallow in self-pity over Anna marrying someone else, then one day he’ll wake up and find all his children are strangers to him.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Helen Daniels, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Kassie McLuskie as Marilyn Temple, Justin Gaffney as Leo Mason

Trivia Notes
• Helen mentions Lucy’s friend Peggy Thornton
• Lucy’s age is mentioned for the first time, confirming her to be 10 years old
• On the back of the cereal box in scene 1, there is an advert for the film Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom
• Des mentions two former girlfriends Maggie Chisholm who is now engaged to a football player and Kath Fredericks who is still single
• Off screen, Lucy suffers a nightmare
• Daphne met Leo Mason when he took over as her aerobics instructor. Leo previously dated Marilyn Temple, again through aerobics

Summary by Paul