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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 49

Written by Craig Wilkins, Directed by Russell Webb, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 23/05/85, BBC One: 06/01/87, UK Gold: 07/01/93

• Daphne tells Shane she will be handing in her notice
• Shane confronts Max over his split with Maria
• Paul plans to continue his studies while he waits for a steward's job
• Danny is glad Max has moved out

No 26 - Kitchen/Airline Office: Helen is cooking breakfast as the phone rings. Kathy Woodfield from the airline informs Paul that the company is expanding and he has another interview for that morning. Helen tells Paul he should tell Jim that he has another interview. Paul argues that it is just an interview and a few days won’t hurt Jim. Helen gives Paul a look and Paul agrees with her.

Bedsit: Max awakes to his doorbell when he realises he has overslept. Mrs Harris has come around to wake him as she knows he always leaves for work early. In Max’s sleepy state, he thanks Mrs Harris who tells him to call her Edith. On her way out of Max’s room she tries to guess his name “Let me guess, George?” On correcting her, Edith begins rambling about a budgerigar she once had that lost all its feathers called Max. As Edith leaves, Max tries to fix his alarm clock and finally gets it ringing, throwing it on the bed in shock and frustration.

. . .

No 26 - Dining Table: During breakfast with Julie, Jim and Helen, Scott comments on Paul being a steward – “Well I think it’s great! He gets to earn good money, see the world, not to mention all the fun he’s going to have with those sexy hostesses.” Julie retorts by saying Scott has an immature attitude. Paul enters dressed for his interview. Julie tells Paul that being a steward is not him. Jim agrees, arguing that the day before Paul was going to continue his studies. Paul comforts his father by saying that he is going to continue with his studies and that the interview is not a big deal. Julie says goodbye for work as she tells Helen she won’t be home for dinner as she is going to a party with a guy from work – Greg Arnold. Paul tells her to watch herself with ‘that creep’.

Bedsit: Max finishes his coffee and is just about to leave for work. When he opens the door, an elderly woman enters pointing her finger at him. She asks him “Where are they?” Max has no idea what the women is talking about and tells her he needs to go to work. She continues by saying that everything started disappearing when Max arrived at the bedsit. The woman accuses Max of stealing her milk and then accuses him of stealing her underwear from the clothesline. Max laughs as he tells her she has made a mistake. Edith enters and establishes that this woman is Miss Logan. Miss Logan then tells Edith that Max stole her underwear. Edith explains that she was the one to take her clothes from the clothesline as she thought it was going to rain. Edith apologises to Max and suggests that he comes over for breakfast. Max declines and finally leaves, commenting “It’s a nuthouse, a flaming nuthouse”.

Restaurant: Greg Arnold and Julie order their dinner and Greg comments that he is still sore from Des’ punch. Julie can’t believe that Des would resort to violence but states that a lot of people have changed since ‘our exotic dancers have moved in’. Julie comments that Des thought Greg was in the wrong. Greg thinks Julie is trying to get him to admit he got the credit analysis wrong. Julie asks when the party will be starting. Greg tells her that it started that morning and that his friends are maniacs and like a rage.

. . .

Bedsit: Edith is cooking dinner for Max as he gets home. Max is annoyed because he has had a bad day and has come home to someone in his room. Edith apologises by saying that she doesn’t want to be alone for another year on her birthday. Max calms down and apologises for getting upset and wishes her a happy birthday. He comments on the nice smell of dinner and can’t believe that Edith has managed to cook a lovely meal in his tiny stove. Max tells Edith to take a seat as he pours her some champagne.

Party: Greg and Julie arrive at the party. Daphne says hello to Julie who can’t believe that Daphne is friends with Greg’s friends. Daphne explains that she is working at the party. Greg flirts with Daphne before they all walk inside.

No 26 - Lounge: Helen, Jim and Scott are sitting in the lounge room as Paul returns from his interview. Paul is excited about how well his interview went and that he will find out how in went in a few days. He will also start training straight away. Jim becomes annoyed when Paul tells him he won’t continue with his course to become an engineer. Paul tells him that he wants to see what else is out in the world from him to do. Annoyed, Jim tells Paul he has changed. Paul agrees saying that he is finally making his own decision. Jim is angry with Paul and storms out.

No 26 - Lounge: Later, Jim answers the door to find Nick. Nick apologises for causing the fight between Paul and Jim. Jim tells him that it’s not Nick’s fault and that Paul made his own decision. Nick tells Jim that Paul can always go back to his engineering course whenever he wants to. Jim admits that he overacted slightly to Paul’s decision and that he is jealous of Paul’s freedom of choice.

. . .

Party: Greg calls after Julie as she leaves the party, calling her a nerd. She tells him if she has to sit through another drinking game she is going to be sick. Greg argues that the stripper [Daphne] hasn’t even started yet. “I don’t care! I see quiet enough of her in our street and I don’t want to know what else there is”. Greg thinks this is Julie’s way of getting them to ‘party’ on their own. As Greg moves closer to Julie she tells him she wants to go home immediately. Julie tells Greg that she doesn’t like his friends. They get into an argument that ends in Julie slapping Greg across the face and running off.

Bedsit: Max and Edith are finishing their meal. Max talks about how Shane is coping after his accident and that Danny is the rogue of the two of them. Edith wishes that she had had children. She then asks if Max has enough room for baked lemon cheesecake. Max’s eyes light up at the thought.

No 28 - Lounge: Paul, Des and Shane are watching boxing on TV. Paul comments on Jim being stubborn – Des and Shane have no idea what he is talking about. Daphne returns home slightly upset saying that she had a rough night dodging heaps of hands. She tells Des that she met Greg and that he was the worst. She starts to cry. Shane hugs her and tells her to sit down. Daphne explains that the party made he sick of being a stripper as the guys were treating her badly. Paul is worried about Julie but Daphne thinks she went home before her show. Shane and Des want to teach Greg some manners but Daphne thinks there’s no point. “If you can’t stand the sleaze, get out of the business”. Des and Paul leave to sort out Greg.

No 26 - Lounge: Helen is reading as Julie arrives home. She comments on how disgusting the party was. Helen is glad that Julie had the sense to leave before things got too bad. Julie just feels stupid as Paul was right about Greg being a creep. She wishes that she understood men as she also misjudged Des. Helen says that she had to put up with a lot of ‘no-hopers’ before she found Julie’s grandfather [her husband]. She then tells Julie to go have a nice bath and she will bring her some warm milk – “That sounds like heaven”.

. . .

No 28 - Lounge: Shane and Daphne are lounging on the couch. Daphne tells Shane that she will miss him. Shane thinks she is crazy for wanting to leave. He tells her that the problem isn’t where she lives; it’s what she does for a job. She agrees to think about changing her job.

Party: Paul and Des pull up at the party. The police are there and Des and Paul watch on as they arrest Greg. Feeling happy with a good job done, Des decides to head back home. Paul suggests that they check out the party.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Des Clarke, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson, Julie Robinson, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Vic Hawkins as Nick Burman, Kerreen Ely-Harper as Kathy Woodfield, Eve Godly as Mrs Edith Harris, Alethea McGrath as Miss Logan, John Higginson as Greg Arnold

Summary by Victoria