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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 50

Written by Craig Wilkins, Directed by Russell Webb, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 24/05/85, BBC One: 07/01/87, UK Gold: 08/01/93

• Max is accused of stealing Miss Logan’s underwear
• Jim is angry at Paul's career choice
• Julie slaps Greg Arnold
• Des and Paul go to sort out Greg Arnold
• Greg Arnold gets arrested

Max's Bedsit: Edith and Max’s dinner comes to an end. Max is tired from the music playing next door the previous night. When Edith leaves, Jim arrives. Max explains that Edith cooked him dinner for her birthday and that she is lonely. Jim tells Max about his fight with Paul over him becoming an air steward. Max tells him that he is meeting with Maria the next night to work out what to tell Shane about the breakup.

No 28 - Lounge: Daphne is worried about Des and Paul. Just then they arrive home pretending to have been beaten up. They explain that Greg Arnold got arrested and that they made sure Julie had gone home. Before they left, they gave some women a lift home. With all the joking, Daphne decides not to move out.

. . .

Max's Bedsit: Max is tossing and turning with noise going on next door. He tries to read as music begins playing. He knocks on the wall saying its 2 in the morning and it told to get lost. He goes out and knocks on the door threatening to call the police. As he is yelling, Mrs Logan accuses him of disrupting the entire building. To get rid of her, he makes out that he was sleep walking and she tells him to see a psychiatrist. As she leaves, he tries to get back in his room but he is locked out.

No 26 - Kitchen: Jim and Julie are talking about Greg Arnold. Jim is glad that Julie wasn’t pressured into staying at the party. Helen enters and asks about Max and if he is looking after himself. Jim tells her that he is doing better than they are as he was able to finish off such a lovely meal the night before. Helen tells Jim to take the complaint up about her cooking with the budget committee. The phone rings. Paul enters and tells everyone that he got the job at the airline and that training starts immediately. Helen asks how long the training is and Julie says that it shouldn’t take long to learn how to carry trays and hand out drinks. Jim says the Julie has a point and Paul gets upset. He says that if Jim thinks he is a disappointment he will move out. Helen says there is no reason to move out as long as she is living there. Helens forces Paul and Jim to make a truce.

Pacific Bank - Car Park: Greg Arnold and his father pull up just as Des arrives. Greg gets a talking to from his father and Des watches in his rear-view mirror. Des approaches asking how the party was. He turns to Mr Arnold and tells him he looks like he had a late night. He replies by saying that he had a lot of paperwork to do. As Des leaves, Mr Arnold tells Greg to have another look at the credit analysis program.

Bedsits - Hallway: Edith knocks on the door of a new tenant and introduces herself to Steve O’Donnell. She welcomes him and tells him to pop by whenever. Edith asks him if he would like her to clean his room. He awkwardly says he will manage. Edith thinks he is embarrassed because he has a young lady over. She offers again to clean the room but he tells her that he has a running bet with his mother that he can look after himself.

. . .

Max's Bedsit: Max is packing for work and is obviously running late. Edith knocks just as he is about to leave and asks how he slept. Max quickly tells her about how next door was playing music, how Miss Logan abused him, how he only managed to get three hours of sleep and that now he is late for work. Edit states that she didn’t hear any noise the previous night and that Max has a new neighbour – Steve. Max hopes he doesn’t have a stereo. Edith states that he looked very nervous as edgy and seems worried about the man and that he is hiding sometime. Mex couldn’t care less and heads off to work. When he leaves, Edith goes up to Steve’s door to see is she can hear anything in the room.

No 24 - Kitchen: Danny discovers a puncher in his bike tire as Shane watches on. As Paul enters through the back door, Shane exclaims that they could call the headmaster and tell him that Danny will be late to school – Danny just laughs. Paul exclaims that he is about to head off to his orientation lecture for his new job and that he has had another fight with Jim. Danny, trying to fix his puncher, hopes that Paul has thought his decision through and asks where you go from being an air steward. Paul has no idea and plans to worry about that when the time comes. Danny still doesn’t buy it and Paul asks him if he thinks about his own future. Danny says that the two would be surprised about what Danny has thought about and goes on to say that he wouldn’t throw away an engineering degree to fly from airport to another as a ‘glorified waiter.’ Paul becomes angered and begins to head off, stating his a sick and tired of people making digs at him for being a waiter. Danny makes the argument that he gives out food and drinks which makes him a waiter. Paul asks him what happens when the plane crashes, trying to make his job more than being a waiter. Danny leaves, asking the same question, knowing Paul doesn’t know the answer.

. . .

Pacific Bank: Des and Marilyn laugh as Des tells her that Greg was arrested the night before. Julie enters and Marilyn tries to get her to talk about what happened at the party. Marilyn can’t blame Julie for not wanting to talk, saying she has been waiting for Greg to show his true colours. Greg then enters, exclaiming that the future of the bank has a dark cloud over it because he just has resigned. Des tells him that he is sure they will be able to muddle through without him. Greg tells Marilyn that the two would have been great and tells Julie that his friends have invited her to another party as a guest of honour. Julie tells him he is disgusting and he says goodbye, telling Des that his father wanted to see him. Des enters Mr. Arnold’s office and tells him he won’t be public about the events of the previous night. Arnold goes on to apologise to Des, stating that Greg had made mistakes with the analysis program and that he shouldn’t have commented on Des’ ‘domestic arrangements.’ Des accepts his apology and Arnold offers him Greg’s job. Des does not accept, instead handing him his letter of resignation.

Bedsits - Hallway: A police car pulls up out the front of the bedsit as Steve watches, worried, from his room. He attempts to sneak out of his room but finds the police being led around by Miss Logan, who assumes the police are there about her missing things and are going to arrest Max – she has now lost her pension check. Edith was the one who called the police but Miss Logan goes on to say that the police shouldn’t trust her either as she is friends with Max. The police are actually at the bedsit as Edith called about the tenants of number 18 (Max’s noisy neighbours) clearing out while owing two months’ rent. The police believe the couple are who they have been looking for and wish to contact Max. Miss Logan continually butts in, trying to get them to do something about Max as well.

No 26 - Kitchen: Daphne and Paul can’t believe Des has resigned. Daphne argues that it was a good job and Des is stupid to quit. Des explains that the job was lousy and he now has a job selling real estate.

. . .

Bedsits - Hallway: Steve, again, attempts to leave his room but is again interrupted by Miss Logan who is now walking with Max. She exclaims that he has just missed the police and that she has reported him. She states she is not pressing charges but may in the future. Max isn’t fazed in the slightest. Max enters his room and begins reading the paper while getting a drink. He sits down at the table and turns around to find a baby girl sitting on his bed.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Julie Robinson, Daphne Lawrence, Des Clarke

Guest Cast: Althea McGrath as Miss Logan, John Higginson as Greg Arnold, John Murphy as Mr. Arnold, Kassie McLuskie as Marilyn Temple, Greg Fleet as Steve O’Donnel, Amaile Rozsa as Christine O’Donnell

Trivia Notes
• Amalie Rozsa is credited as playing Christine O’Donnel, however we do not yet know that this is the name of the baby found in Max’s room
• Greg Fleet, who appears as Steve O'Donnel, would later play Dave Summers, one of the men responsible for Daphne's death

Summary by Victoria