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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 57

Written by Penny Fraser, Directed by Mark Callan, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 04/06/85, BBC One: 16/01/87, UK Gold: 19/01/93

Paul says that he doesn't want to see Scott get hurt by Kim again
Maria wishes that she'd never told Max the truth about Danny
Kim says that Josie's advice about the baby didn't make sense
Max finds out that Jim accidentally told Shane about Danny not being his son

Street: Scott is running to the halfway house, but is unaware that he's being followed by Brad, who waits outside on his motorbike.

Halfway House: Kim lets Scott in, and he gives her some money to get some decent food. He again tries to get her to find some help, but she gets upset and says that she wishes she'd never met Brad. Scott reminds her that she'll need to take some responsibility for what's happened, but she reminds him of what happened when she went to the doctor last time. When she tells him that he might as well go if he's just going to hassle her, he insists that he isn't going to leave her to fend for herself. She tells him that Josie's coming over later, and will tell her what to do. Scott realises that he's going to be late for school, so he leaves.

Street: Scott leaves the building, glancing at Brad as he goes. Brad then goes inside...

Halfway House: There's a knock at the door, and Kim thinks it's Scott again, so is shocked to see that it's Brad. She tries to stop him from coming in, and he apologises for losing his temper with her, but the baby news came as a shock. She lets him in, and he tries to talk her into returning to the squat. He asks about the kid he just saw leaving, but Kim doesn't want Scott dragged into this. He explains that Josie told him where Kim was hiding - she was just looking out for her friend's best interests. Kim is annoyed, but surprised when Brad says that he doesn't want her to get rid of the baby. He tells her to get her things together and they can go back to the squat, where he'll explain everything. Kim doesn't want to go with him, so he tells her to stay, and Josie will explain the plan later. He kisses her and leaves.

. . .

Halfway House: Josie arrives, and Kim is furious with her for giving Brad her address. Josie says that she knew it was the best thing for her - Kim says that she'd rather make her own decisions. Josie tells her that Brad's got himself together and has worked out all of their problems - he's arranged for them both to sell their babies. Kim is horrified, but Josie thinks it's a good idea - they don't want the children, and there are people out there who are desperate for a baby of their own. Kim isn't convinced.

Mr Evans' Office: Daphne is leaning over the desk, sorting out some files, when Mr Evans comes in and brushes his hand against her bottom. She's angry with him, and he then asks if she's still moonlighting as a stripper. She tells him that what she does outside of the office is none of his business. He comes over to her and leans in close, saying that he might have to tell the managing director, and she says that's not a problem, as she isn't moonlighting. He then puts his hand on her neck and tells her to go home and put on a nice dress and he'll take her out to dinner. She reminds him that they are supposed to have a strictly business relationship. He's disappointed, but tells her to keep dinner in mind - if she still wants to have a job.

. . .

Halfway House: Kim has made Scott a cup of tea, and then tells him that Josie's going to sell her baby to a childless couple. Scott is stunned, and thinks that Kim must have misunderstood, and is even more shocked when he hears that Brad is planning to do the same with Kim's baby. She says that Brad's coming over later but not to worry, as he won't hurt her - she's worth a lot of money to him now. Scott suggests that he could get a job, so she won't have to sell it, but Kim doesn't want to wreck both their lives.

No 28 - Kitchen: Julie has come to pick up a book that she leant to Des, and is shocked to see the mess that the kitchen is in. Des explains about Daphne's new job, but Julie starts cleaning, and says that plenty of women manage a home and a family and a full-time job. Daphne comes in and overhears this, slamming her book down and storming out. Julie wonders what she said wrong, and thinks that Daphne clearly doesn't like other women in her kitchen. Des is surprised by Daphne's outburst, as she's not normally like that. Julie then suggests that she and Des go to a work dinner together the following month, but he's not really listening to her. She then tells him that there've been some rumours about him and Daphne around the office - not started by her! - and she wonders about his true feelings. He jokingly says that, every night when she comes home, Daphne normally rips off all of her clothes and they make mad, passionate love on the kitchen floor - she was clearly upset tonight because she didn't think Julie would want to join in. Julie calls Des sick and walks out.

No 26 - Kitchen: Helen is laying the table for dinner, and she tells Jim that him accidentally telling Shane the truth about Danny was the best thing that could have happened - she thinks that Shane will be back soon too. She says that a lot has happened to Shane lately, and he just needs time. Jim says that a lot's happened to everyone - with Paul leaving university and Scotty growing up fast. Helen wonders if Scott might be up to something, as he's been going out early and coming home late. Julie then walks in - Helen asks her about her day, and she says that it was fine until Daphne Lawrence showed up.

. . .

No 28 - Kitchen: Daphne is drying the dishes, ranting about how 'Miss Holier Than Thou' Robinson was all she needed after a day with 'Mr Don Juan' Evans. She wonders if she should introduce them to each other, as they're such opposites that they might cancel each other out. Des asks why she's in such a bad mood tonight, and she explains that it all boils down to sex. Des asks her to be more specific. She doesn't think that Des can help, but explains that it's about work - Evans has been hassling her since he realised she was a stripper. Des thinks that she should threaten to call a solicitor if he tries anything - Evans wouldn't have a leg to stand on.

No 24 - Lounge: Danny is trying to hang some new net curtains, but falls over when Max sneaks in and surprises him. Danny is annoyed with him, and points out that he had to do it as there's a shortage of men in the house right now. Maria is out, so Max offers to give a hand, and asks Danny if he still thinks he knows where Shane might be. Danny thinks that he might have gone to the campsite - the one they went to after Shane's accident, as there's nowhere else cheap and easy to get to. Max thinks about this, sending Danny off to make him a coffee.

Campsite: Shane has been washing in the river and is walking back to his tent when he bumps into a girl. She introduces herself as Loris and her friend as Cindy, and apologises for Cindy's guitar playing the night before. They ask Shane to join them for breakfast, but he says that he's already eaten, and that he's about to go to the shops. He asks if they want anything, and tells them to make a list and he'll come back to collect it. The girls smile at each other as he walks away.

. . .

No 26 - Kitchen: Helen comes in with the washing and tells Scott that he's going to be late. He says that he has a free study period and nobody will notice if he misses it. Jim reminds him that he has exams coming up, and asks if there's anything he needs to talk about. Scott insists that he's fine, and Jim wonders if it's money problems, as Julie mentioned that she lent him $20 the previous night. He then mentions Kim, as it was her who had him in such a dark mood last time. Scott clearly doesn't want to talk, but Jim tells him to come to him if ever needs to talk.

Campsite: Shane comes back with the shopping, and Loris sits him down, telling him that they've made lunch to say thanks. Cindy brings the food out, and the girls tell him that they ditched their office jobs to go travelling around Australia in the campervan, picking up casual work when they need to. Shane thinks it sounds like a great life, and Loris suggests that he should join them. Shane is tempted by the idea, and says he'll think about it. Max then suddenly arrives. Shane introduces him to the girls, and Max asks if they can have a private chat. They wander down closer to the river, and Max explains that Jim told him everything, and that he's sorry Shane had to find out like that. Shane doesn't think that Danny should know yet. Max agrees, but says that he's come to talk to him about Maria - Shane shot through before he could get all the facts - he needs to know the truth, and it's not just all Maria's fault.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Helen Daniels, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence, Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson, Max Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Shane Ramsay

Guest Cast: Jenny Young as Kim Taylor, Peter Stratford as Mr Evans, Rick Ireland as Brad, Cindy Lee as Josie, Verity Higgins as Cindy, Jenny Robinson as Loris

Trivia Notes
Julie leant the book Hollywood Wives by Jackie Collins to Des
Off screen, Maria has gone late-night shopping

Summary by Steve