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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 56

Written by Reg Watson, Directed by Mark Callan, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 03/06/85, BBC One: 15/01/87, UK Gold: 18/01/93

Helen introduces Maria to Mr and Mrs Novak
Maria talks to the couple, but is horrified when they mention murder
Danny admits that he doesn't know why Shane left
Danny tells Max that he thought Shane might have left because of Nick Burman
Daphne is horrified when her new boss, Mr Evans, recognises her as a stripper
Scott tells Kim that she should go home if she needs money that desperately. She then blurts out that she's pregnant

Park: Kim tells Scott that she met Brad, the father of her child, at the squat and he wants her to get of it. She explains that she wants to get away and go up north, and she promises that she'll pay Scott back once she's got a job. Scott points out that she's underage and pregnant, so she's unlikely to find work, but she tells him that she didn't know what else to do or who else to turn to - Brad went crazy when she told him, and her parents would be just as bad if she went home. They sit on the swings and he says that he can't get her the money, encouraging her to go to a counsellor instead. She gets annoyed at this and threatens to run off, as she doesn't want anyone else running her life. She becomes upset at the mess she's in, so Scott agrees to go home and try asking Paul for the money. He tells her to wait on the swings.

No 26 - Kitchen: Helen sneaks up on a daydreaming Lucy, who says that she was just debating whether to take Basil for a walk. Helen reminds her that she agreed to look after the dog when they got it, so Lucy takes her out. Paul then returns home, and Helen tells him about Maria's argument with the Czech couple. Paul thinks that she's remarkable - she looks after the family and still finds time to help at the Community Justice Centre - he wonders if his life will be so fulfilling. He says that he wants to be an air steward so that he can see the world, rather than being stuck in a humdrum life in an office with a wife and kids by the time he's 50. Helen points out that 50 isn't that old, and threatens to smack him - he remembers a time when she did just that, and says that he would have reported her if the Community Justice Centre had been around in those days. She then proceeds to chase him with a wooden spoon, just as Scott comes in. He asks for a private talk with Paul.

. . .

No 26 - Scott and Paul's Bedroom: Scott asks Paul for some money - Paul only has $20 and Scott says that'll have to do. Paul wants to know why he needs it, and Scott explains that it's for Kim - she's in trouble with a guy named Brad and she just needs somewhere to stay so she can think things through. Paul offers $15, and Scott only has $25, and he realises that it won't be enough. Paul tries to make him see how much trouble Kim has caused for him, and that she only seems to come to him when she needs help. Scott says that Paul was the one who went to the squats to find her, but Paul says that he's beginning to wonder if Kim is on the level.

Halfway House: Kim and Scott go into her room, and she's very subdued. Scott tells her to get in touch with him if she needs anything and she thanks him. He tells her that he has to go, and leaves her sitting on the bed.

No 24: Maria is getting ready to go out, when Max comes in the back door. He asks if he can leave the van in the garage there overnight, as someone stole some piping from it when it was outside the bedsits. He says that he called the police, but he doubts it'll do any good. Maria agrees that he can leave it there from now on, and he'll find a way to get home. She tells him that she's on her way out to do some interpreting for some fighting neighbours, and they talk about how everyone seems to be fighting these days. Helen arrives - Max says that he's leaving, and Maria tells him that there's food in the fridge if he wants it, but he says that he won't be coming back into the house. After he's gone, Maria admits to Helen that she wishes that she'd never told Max the truth about Danny. She asks Helen if she might find someone else to interpret, as she doesn't feel like it, but Helen drags her off out of the door anyway.

. . .

Community Justice Centre: Tom Warren shows Mr and Mrs Collins to their seats, just as Helen and Maria arrive. Helen introduces everyone, and Tom goes to get Mr and Mrs Novak. Mr Collins is suspicious of Maria, but she explains that she only met the Novaks yesterday and is not their friend. Helen then starts the mediation, explaining that things are so bad that Mrs Novak thinks that one of the couples should move out of the street - the Novaks wants the Collinses to go, and vice versa. Mr Collins thinks that the Novaks should go back to their own country. Helen asks what relations were like before 'the incident' and Mrs Collins and Mrs Novak both agree that they were friendly enough - they would smile at each other. Mr Collins explains that he got a new car and his wife was cleaning it, with the doors open, when Mrs Novak suddenly turned the hose on it and soaked the interior. Mrs Novak insists that it was an accident, and Mr and Mrs Collins want to know why, if it was an accident, Mr Novak came to their home and started swearing and threatening them. When Maria hears what Mr Novak was yelling at them, she explains that he wasn't swearing; he was apologising. Mr and Mrs Collins are quite embarrassed.

. . .

Community Justice Centre: Later, Mr Novak is telling Maria that he offered to pay for the damage, but he couldn't make himself understood. Mrs Collins explains that the car soon dried out and there's nothing to pay for. Helen tells the Collins couple that the Novaks have been working night and day to pay for their house, and haven't been able to go to language classes yet. Mr Collins realises that the language barrier is what's been causing all of the problems, and the Novaks agree. Mr Collins then apologises to Mr Novak - in Czech.

Halfway House: Kim is lying on the bed when her pregnant friend from the squat, Josie, arrives. Kim lets her in, and Josie welcomes Kim to the club - she heard about the pregnancy from Brad. Josie explains that she left it too late to terminate her own pregnancy, and Kim wonders who she'll bring up a baby in the squats. Josie says that being pregnant has its advantages - but their conversation is interrupted by Scott arriving with some food. Josie quickly leaves, but says that she'll be in touch. Scott asks about Josie, and Kim says that she needed to talk to another girl, about being pregnant, but nothing Josie said made any sense.

No 26 - Kitchen: Lucy comes in, with Basil, interrupting Paul's study as she dumps the dog on him. She goes to get some food for Basil, reminding Paul that studying is like rowing upstream - 'once you let go, you start going backwards'. Paul is impressed with this pearl of wisdom, and Lucy says that it was her school motto of the day. She takes Basil, and says that dogs seem to like people, but people don't always like other people - referring to the Ramsay marriage splitting up.

. . .

Community Justice Centre: Jim arrives and asks if he can have a word with Helen. Tom says that he needs to go anyway, as he has to pick up some dry cleaning for his wife. Jim then tells Helen that he's going to go and speak to Max about Shane, and Helen is pleased. She thinks he's doing the right thing, and offers him luck as he goes.

Bedsit: Max is making baked beans on toast when Jim knocks on the door. Max tells him to come in, and offers him some food, but Jim thinks that he should maybe come back to the street soon, for a proper meals. Jim then says that he accidentally told Shane the truth about Danny's parentage, thinking that he already knew. Jim goes on to say that Shane came to see him again, and asked him not to tell anyone that he knew. He says that Shane was very shocked at the news, and he apologises again. Max says that it's fine; Shane's an adult and he would have needed to know sooner or later, but breaking the news to Danny is Maria's problem.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Helen Daniels, Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay

Guest Cast: Jenny Young as Kim Taylor, Cindy Lee as Josie, Michael Rowan as Tom Warren, Lucy Uralov as Mrs Novak, Macky Smatana as Mr Novak, Norman Haddock as Mr Collins, Marie-Therese Byrne as Mrs Collins

Trivia Notes
This episode marked the first guest appearance of Marie-Therese Byrne, who would go on to play other guest characters in 1987, 1990, 1992, 1996, 2005 and 2012
Although it is included in the recap at the beginning, Daphne's story with Mr Evans does not feature in this episode

Summary by Steve