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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 61

Written by Coral Drouyn, Directed by Max Varnel, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 10/06/85, BBC One: 22/01/87, UK Gold: 25/01/93

Josie tells Kim that she just wants to keep her baby now
Shane agrees not to say anything, but warns Maria that Danny will need to know the truth one day
Kim tells Scott that she doesn't want to sell her baby

No 24 - Kitchen/Dining Table: Maria tells Danny to hurry up or he'll be late - he points out that she says that every morning. She reminds him that it'll be his birthday on Saturday, and suggests a party with a sausage sizzle. She looks disappointed when he says that he's not a kid now, and says that he could organise his own party, with the birthday money from Auntie Anna. He then has the idea of a family barbecue or dinner, with the Robinsons too, and hopes that Shane might come back for it. He heads off to school, claiming that he doesn't want to see his mates anyway, and that Scott hardly ever walks to school with him these days.

Clinic: Kim and Scott wait for their appointment, and he tells her to just stick to the story. The counsellor, Mrs Adams, calls them in. She checks their ages and how far along Kim is, and says that it's rare that the father comes in, but she's glad to see him. They explain that they won't be able to afford to look after their child, and they say that Kim's parents are dead and Scott's can't help. Mrs Adams asks if they want a termination, but Kim isn't sure, and the counsellor reminds her that this isn't a decision to be taken lightly. She explains that Kim could have the procedure at the clinic, and wouldn't need to go into hospital. Kim becomes upset, and Mrs Adams asks if her parents are really dead, suggesting that she might need some support. Scott tells Mrs Adams that they need her help, as they don't know where else to turn.

Street: Danny is walking to school, when Pete Sherwin, the older brother of Danny's friend Eddie, pulls up on his motorbike. He asks Danny to come for a ride, but Danny isn't sure his mum would approve. Pete says that his dad hates the bike, so he moved out of home and got his own place. He mentions Danny's birthday, and Danny says that his mum wants him to have a party with kids' games and streamers. Pete suggests throwing a party somewhere else so his parents don't know about it, and tells Danny to grow up and get on the bike. Danny does as he's told.

. . .

No 24 - Kitchen/Lounge: Max walks in the back door with his new plumbing assistant, Rocky - 'a drongo' - and sends him to sit in the lounge. Maria then takes Max to task about his talk with Shane, when he failed to mention that he'd slept with another woman. Maria laughs as Max says that he didn't think it was all that important, and she reminds him that, if he hadn't done it, she wouldn't have left him and they wouldn't be in this mess now. The argument becomes more heated, and Max accuses Maria of trying to turn Shane against him, which she denies. They agree to drop the matter, and Maria shows Max the plumbing calls she'd had that morning, as Max pulls off Rocky's headphones and tells him to take his shoes off the coffee table. Max is delighted by a big plumbing job that should take most of Friday - day and night - but Rocky says that he's doing the sound at a gig on Friday night. Max is furious. Rocky then starts to leave, and reminds Max that he said he could have the van for the morning. Max tells him to be back by 12. Maria then takes the opportunity to talk to Max about Danny and his upcoming birthday - Max says that he'll give him some money, but Maria sits him down and tells him that they'll all be having dinner together and that Max is going to be nice to everyone. Max reluctantly agrees to come.

Halfway House: Kim has calmed down a bit, and Scott says that she needs to make a decision soon - apart from anything else, the room needs to be paid for, and he has no more money to give her. Kim tells him that he's her only friend, and he says that he could sell something, but that money will run out too. Kim declares that she might as well be dead if she doesn't have Scott, and he promises that he won't let her down.

No 24: Max is pacing up and down as Rocky comes in, an hour late. He doesn't see the big deal, as the old woman won't have had time to find a new plumber. Max gets increasingly annoyed, until Rocky announces that he's quitting. Max then fires him. Rocky leaves, and Maria congratulates Max on losing yet another assistant. Max thinks he'll be better off without Rocky - but Maria reminds him that he can't drive, he had jobs lined up and no money in the bank, so he's going to need to do some fast thinking.

. . .

Street: Scott, now changed back into school uniform, catches Danny as he's walking home. Danny tells him that he told the teachers that Scott had food poisoning, and then he wants to know why Scott's been so mysterious lately. When he hears that it's about Kim, he says that she's bad news. Pete then turns up on his bike, and says that he's booked the hall for Friday night, and it'll cost $25. Danny explains to Scott that Maria has a course on Friday night, so she won't be able to come. Scott clearly think it's a bad idea, and Danny says that he would have discussed it with him, if he hadn't been so busy with Kim. He then tells Scott to keep his mouth shut, and rides off on the back of Pete's motorbike.

No 28: Daphne rolls her eyes as she comes in the door, after a day of job-hunting, to find Squawker making a noise. She kicks off her shoes and throws the newspaper in the bin. Des then appears from the bedroom, explaining that he got a half day as the auditors turned up, and she lies that the interviews went well. She says that at least she had regular money with the stripping though. Des assures her she'll have a job by the end of the week.

No 24 - Kitchen: Maria is surprised to hear about Danny hiring the hall for a party, as she'd already arranged things with the Robinsons to come to dinner. She also points out that she wouldn't be able to come on Friday, as she has the course at the Community Justice Centre. Danny pretends that he'd forgotten all about it, and says that he could have a party with his friends on Friday and then dinner at home on Saturday. Maria thinks that this is a good idea, but says that they'll still need adult supervision at the hall.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge: Helen brings Jim a cup of tea and says that dinner is on its way, and that the troops will be home soon. He compliments her on her new hairstyle. Scott then walks in, and Jim tells him he's late and to check his watch next time. Scott says that he must have lost it, and Jim gets angry, asking Scott if he sold it. Scott acts innocent, but Jim says that he's been borrowing money from everyone and is clearly in trouble. Scott then storms out, saying that he won't need to borrow any more money, as he's quitting school and getting a job.

No 26 - Scott and Paul's Bedroom: Jim walks in, telling Scott that he's not leaving school and there won't be a discussion about that. He asks Scott what's going on, insisting that he just wants to help. Scott then tells him about Kim's pregnancy, that the father of the baby is an idiot, and that he's been paying for a room for her, so she has some space to think. Jim tells him that they'll figure something out.

. . .

No 26: Later, Jim has told Helen, who says that they'll have to tell Kim's parents. Jim agrees, and says that as she's only 15, her parents will still be legally responsible, and should be supporting their daughter right now. They wonder how to get in touch with the Taylors, as they don't have their new address, but Jim remembers a friend who knew Neil Taylor and decides to contact him. Helen goes to have a chat with Scott.

No 26 - Scott and Paul's Bedroom: Scott invites Helen in, assuming she's angry with him, but she says that she's very proud - he could have washed his hands of Kim, but he stood by her. Scott feels bad for telling his family, as Kim didn't want anyone else to be involved, but Helen believes that sometimes people don't know what's best for them. She thinks that Kim needs help, and will be grateful to Scott in the long run.

No 26/Taylor house: Jim has managed to get the number for the Taylors from the operator, after getting the address from his friend, Bill. He's about to dial - Scott wonders if he should be the one, but Helen takes the phone and decides that this needs a woman's touch. Marcia Taylor answers, and Helen introduces herself. Marcia says that she knows who Helen is, and Helen explains that this call is about Kim, though Marcia says that there's nothing about Kim that she wants to hear right now. She declares that she has no daughter and, as far as she's concerned, Kim is dead.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence, Scott Robinson, Jim Robinson, Helen Daniels, Maria Ramsay, Max Ramsay, Danny Ramsay

Guest Cast: Jenny Young as Kim Taylor, Maureen Edwards as Marcia Taylor, Kier Saltmarsh as Pete Sherwin

Trivia Notes
Michael Neaylon is not credited for his scenes as Max's useless plumbing assistant, Rocky
Louise Marryatt is also uncredited for her role as the counsellor, Mrs Adams
Kim is 8 weeks pregnant

Summary by Steve