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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 106

Written by Robert Guillemot, Directed by Andrew Friedman, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 12/08/85, BBC One: 26/03/87, UK Gold: 29/03/93

Daphne is amazed by the place where she's been asked to house-sit
Des tells Joan that he's had another argument with Eileen
Julie is annoyed that Daphne gave Squawker the parrot to Lucy
Joan is shocked to see her ex-husband, Geoff, on her doorstep

Langdon House: Geoff asks if he can come in - Joan wants to know how he found her. He tells her he looked on the electoral role, and he hopes that she doesn't mind him turning up like this. He picks up a photo of the kids, and Joan tells him that he isn't going to take them away from her, but he insists that he doesn't want to. He says that he knows he should have come back years ago, but he wants to explain things, as he can't go on feeling guilty for the rest of his life. Joan thinks that he deserves to feel guilty, and tells him how meaningless her life felt when he walked out on her. He says that he was young and stupid, and it's taken a lot for him to come and face her today. He notices her fiddling with her engagement ring, and says that he saw Des leaving, and asks what he's like. Joan says that he's a good man, and he's given her a way out of this life, so she doesn't want Geoff to ruin that.

Pacific Bank: Des is surprised when Eileen shows up, all dressed up, and she realises that he's forgotten about her interview today, with an accounting firm. Des asks why she's going, as she has no accounting experience and she can't type, but none of that seems to have fazed Eileen. Des gives her some money, and she thanks him, and says that she really is looking forward to the wedding - he and Joan are lucky to have found each other.

. . .

Langdon House: Geoff looks at a photo of Des with the kids, and he asks where they are. Joan explains that they're at school, but they've only just gotten used to Des, and she doesn't want to confuse them more. Geoff says that he could just tell them he's an uncle, so Joan agrees to a brief, supervised visit. The phone rings, and it's Des, asking if Joan would like to come over with the kids later. She says that the kids are going to the play centre, but she agrees to come on her own. She then tells Des that she has to go, as she has a visitor, but she doesn't mention who it is. Geoff then asks Joan when he can see the kids, and she says that she'll arrange something - he tells her where he's staying, then leaves.

Allied Accountants: Eileen arrives for her interview, and is told to take a seat, and Mr Hemmings won't be long. She sits next to another applicant, who says that she looks very experienced, and asks her what her speed is. Eileen replies that she doesn't drive a car. The other applicant then tells her that she can type 80 words a minute, and Eileen asks to be pointed in the direction of the ladies' room. As she gets up from her chair, she's told that Mr Hemmings is ready to see her now.

Ramsay Street: Danny arrives home on his bike, and runs into the house.

. . .

No 24: Danny rushes in, calling out for Maria, but she isn't home. He looks in his mum's bank book, and sees that there's only $10.50, so he goes into the kitchen and pours himself some milk. He then looks at some cookbooks and picks out one called Cooking on a Shoestring. He starts reading a recipe, then goes over to the fridge.

Allied Accountants: Eileen is having a very loud conversation with Mr Hemmings, much to the amusement of the secretaries and the other applicants. She is telling him that she has life experience, unlike the young girls out in the waiting room, and she feels this is very valuable. Mr Hemmings walks her out, thanking her for her application, and her advice. She sees everyone looking at her, and walks out.

. . .

Ramsay Street - No 24 Driveway: Maria arrives home, and finds Danny's bike dumped at the bottom of the steps.

No 24: Maria walks in, and finds the kitchen in complete chaos. Danny tells her that he's cooking, as they had a load of meat in the fridge, but Maria explains that she was going to use that to make a casserole. She says that she's grateful, but would prefer it if Danny left the cooking to her in future - and also reminds him to clean up after himself. He then starts cleaning, and she wonders why he's behaving like this, asking if he's in trouble at school. She then realises that he's trying to make up for his behaviour over Richard - and she says that she wishes he could just have told her that, so they could have avoided all this mess. As she starts putting food away, he asks how they can afford it all, and she realises that he's been looking in her bank book. She declares that she can no longer trust him, and storms out of the house.

No 24 - Back Garden: Maria is taking down the washing from the line, and Danny comes outside to apologise to her. She says that she can't stand people sneaking around, and that they have got to stop fighting like this. Danny says that he's sorry for how he treated Richard, and he says that he'll be nice to any of Maria's other friends, implying that she won't be seeing Richard again. She says that it was just a weekend away that got cancelled, but she'll still be seeing Richard - and he's coming over for dinner. Danny then accuses her of sneaking around, and spending Max's money on expensive dinners for other men. Danny accuses Maria of having no pride, and she runs off in tears.

No 28: Joan has just let herself in, when there's a knock at the door, and it's Eileen, wanting to talk about her disastrous job interview. They've just sat down when Des arrives home from work, pleased to see them both. Eileen explains that the interview went badly, as the accountant simply wanted a young dolly bird for a secretary, and isn't amused when Des then suggests that her next interview should be as a bus driver. Joan then tells him that Geoff has come back, as he wants to see the kids. Des thinks that she should have sent him packing, but Eileen believes that there is a strong bond between a father and his children. Des then throws her out of the house. He asks Joan why she's allowing Geoff to see the kids - she says that he has legal rights, and he isn't even going to tell them who he really is. Des then worries that Joan still likes him - she admits that it was like seeing an old friend, and she did love him once, so she can't just switch it off. Des then realises that she's never said that she loves him, and Joan insists that there's nothing to worry about - Geoff will be gone soon. Des, however, isn't convinced.

No 26 - Kitchen: Jim and Helen are chatting about Eileen, who's just been to visit, and how she seems to have mellowed lately - quite the opposite of Julie, who seems to be getting worse since she lost Philip. Helen suggests that Jim should find a task for Julie, to take her mind off things. Julie then comes in, in a terrible mood, and Jim goes to help Lucy with her homework. Helen then has a brainwave, and as Julie complains about Des's bad moods at work, Helen admits that she's been struggling lately too, with all the planning for the wedding. Julie quickly offers to help, and goes to make a list of people to invite, as Helen smiles to herself. Lucy comes in to help, and both she and Julie notice a change in Helen's mood when Lucy suggests that they should invite Auntie Gwen.

. . .

No 28: Des is still angry about Joan allowing Geoff to see the kids, worried that he's going to come back into their lives, then just disappear again. Joan doesn't think she's done anything wrong, but Des wonders why she didn't consult him, and asks whether he'll have any say once he's adopted Rodney and Susan. Joan says that hasn't happened yet, and they're not even married, and she'd rather be able to think for herself. Des apologises, and Joan explains that Geoff has clearly grown up a lot lately, and it would have taken a lot of courage for him to show up like this. Des then asks if Geoff's return is going to cause any problems for them and the wedding...

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Maria Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Des Clarke

Guest Cast: Myra De Groot as Eileen Clarke, Catherine Lynch as Joan Langdon, Daryl Pellizzer as Geoff Langdon, Tony Porter as Mr Hemmings, Amanda Colliver as Secretary, Joanne Canning as Applicant

Trivia Notes
Joanne Canning returned to Neighbours in 1998 in the guest role of Jean Dalton
Tony Porter would later return as Phillip Reynolds in 1990, Brian Scott in 1991, Bernard Seaton in 1993, Trevor in 1994, Peter Hill in 1995, Joe Duggan in 1997, Peter Reece in 2005 and Martin Tilson in 2007
Geoff is staying in room 106 at the Imperial Hotel
First mention of Helen's sisters Laura, who lives in Charleville, and Gwen

Summary by Steve