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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 107

Written by Rick Maier, Directed by Andrew Friedman, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 13/08/85, BBC One: 27/03/87, UK Gold: 30/03/93

Joan asks Geoff not to ruin her happiness with Des
Joan tells Des that she still likes Geoff - and she did love him once
Helen refuses to have her sister, Gwen, on the wedding invitation list
Des asks Joan if Geoff's return is going to cause problems between them

No 28 - Lounge: Joan hesitates, then tells Des that there's nothing between her and Geoff now, it's all out of her system. She says that he's just going to see the kids briefly and then leave, and she no longer feels anything for him. Des wonders if they should really be lying to the kids about who he is, but Joan just wants to protect them. Des agrees with this, and apologises for overreacting. Joan admits that sometimes she has to pinch herself when she realises how lucky she was to have found him, and they kiss.

No 26 - Lounge: Terry is going through the newspaper, looking for a new flat, when Paul comes and sits with her. He thinks that they can worry about a flat after the wedding, and he tells her that his bosses have given him four days off. Terry suggests that they drive to the country for their honeymoon.

. . .

Langdon House: Geoff arrives to visit the kids - Joan introduces him as Uncle Geoff - and gives each of them a gift; a car for Rodney and a doll for Susan. Geoff is amazed by how much they've grown - he asks if maybe they could all go for a walk together. Joan isn't sure, but gives in and tells the kids to go and put their coats on.

Park: As Geoff pushes the kids on one of the rides, Joan sits on a bench and watches, with a concerned look on her face.

Langdon House: Geoff is again apologising to Joan for abandoning her for so long, and he says that his day with the kids has meant the world to him. Joan just wants him to leave - he wishes that he could make it up to her and the children, but she says that they wouldn't understand, and she can't face going through it all again either. He asks if he could come back for their birthday next month, but she refuses. He then suggests that they go out for dinner, somewhere nearby, and he'll pay for a babysitter - he just wants to talk. She agrees, if she can find a babysitter.

No 28: Des is trying to call Joan, but just ends up speaking to the babysitter. Meanwhile, Terry has cooked for him, and Paul complains about the price of flats these days. Des thinks that the solution is obvious, and Terry agrees - she should go back to work once they're married, so they have double the income. Paul says that he doesn't want her working, and they start to argue, so Des leaves them alone and takes his food elsewhere. Terry tells Paul that he's being childish, and Paul points out that his own parents managed just fine with only one of them working. Terry says that this is them, not his parents, and Des re-emerges from the bedroom, telling them to either leave or shut up. Paul leaves, and Terry refuses to go with him, instead sitting with Des on the couch.

. . .

Restaurant: Geoff admits that he thought he was only coming back to see the kids, but now he's realised that he needed to see Joan too. He says that only walked out because he couldn't cope, but he never stopped loving her. She gets upset, saying that it's very easy for him to come back now, when the kids are growing up and are healthy and well-adjusted, but he says that he can't go on paying for what he did - he'll never forgive himself for walking out, but he needs to have the kids back in his life. Joan refuses to listen, reminding him that she's engaged and about to start a new life. She walks out, suggesting that Geoff find someone else to help ease his conscience.

No 26 - Kitchen: Jim is drying the dishes, when Paul comes in and tells him about his argument with Terry. He says that he wants to provide for her, but he isn't earning enough money. Jim says that he foresaw this problem, and has spoken to the accountant about a loan, which will help set up Paul and Terry after the wedding - and they're also eligible for a Government Home Savings Grant. Paul is delighted.

Langdon House: Geoff turns up on Joan's doorstep, asking for one last chance. He says that he's leaving for the country tomorrow, and didn't want to leave things the way they were. She tells him that she'd be happy for him to write to the kids, as Uncle Geoff, but nothing more. He also asks her about Des, and what he's like, but she doesn't want to discuss that. She confirms that the kids adore Des, but when pressed, she admits that she loves Des, but she isn't in love with him. She then slams the door.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge: Joan calls by to see Helen, apologising for it being so early, and admitting that she really needed someone to talk to. As Helen pours some coffee, Joan explains that her ex-husband turned up, and at first he just wanted to see the kids, but now he's said that he still loves her and he wants to make amends. Helen asks what would be best for the children, and Joan admits that Des is wonderful with them, but he can never be their father. Helen thinks that the children - and Des - will be resilient if they need to be, and Joan asks what she should do. She realises that someone is going to get hurt, whatever she does. She tells Helen that she's loved Geoff since they were young, and however much she tries to hate him, she can't.

Pacific Bank: Geoff is standing in the bank, pretending to read a leaflet, but watching Des. Cathy, one of the tellers, asks if she can help him, and he makes an enquiry about term deposits. She goes over to get Des to give him some advice. Des then chats to him, unaware of who he actually is.

Beach: Paul has told Terry about the grant, and that if she were working full-time, they probably wouldn't qualify - she points out that if she were working full-time, they wouldn't need a grant in the first place. He then talks about their three cars, yacht and private jet and whether they'll be able to find somewhere with the space. He tells Terry that they have to start thinking big.

Langdon House: Joan answers the door to Geoff, who's surprised that she wanted to see him again so soon. She says that he stirred up a lot of memories for her, and she never wants to see him again - she was happy before he turned up, and she wants to feel that way again. He asks if he can still see the kids, but she says no. Geoff then becomes upset and suggests that they should just give the kids some credit and tell them who he really is. Joan screams at him to leave. He tells her that he loves her, and walks out.

Pacific Bank: Des and Joan are laughing about Paul and Terry's argument, and he asks her where she was last night, as he was trying to call her. She explains that she was busy, and she went out for some food. She tells him that the kids are at home now, with a new babysitter, and Des tells her that she'll have no trouble finding babysitters amongst the neighbours once they're married. Joan goes quiet, and Des realises that she went out last night with Geoff. Des offers to go and speak to Geoff, if he's causing problems, and tells Joan that he loves her more than anyone else in the world. She starts to cry, and says that things are getting on top of her, and Des hugs her.

No 26 - Lounge: Jim wonders if he's spoiling Paul by giving him the loan, but Helen thinks it's a perfect idea. They talk about Anne, how much they miss her, and how much she would have enjoyed seeing Paul about to get married. Jim quickly snaps out of it, and says that he needs to go out and sort out the paperwork for the loan.

Ramsay Street: Paul, Scott and Lucy are playing football, and they tell Lucy that she could be the next Pele. Scott mentions that Paul won't be around much to play when he gets married, and an upset Lucy runs off. Paul admits to Scott that he hadn't really thought much about how all of this will affect Scott and Lucy - and that he's going to missing sharing a room with his brother. Scott and Paul then spot a grumpy Lucy, and chase her around the street.

. . .

Langdon House: Angela the babysitter is watching TV, when Joan arrives home. Angela says that the kids weren't any trouble at all, but when Joan asks if they're in their room, she says that they're not - a man came and picked them up ages ago...

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Des Clarke

Guest Cast: Catherine Lynch as Joan Langdon, Daryl Pellizzer as Geoff Langdon, Nerolee Vernon as Susan Langdon, Glendon Vernon as Rodney Langdon, Elizabeth Crockett as Cathy, Desiree Smith as Angela

Trivia Notes
Jim and Helen talk about Anne, and how she always cried at a wedding
Angela is watching Wheel of Fortune

Summary by Steve