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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 109

Written by Adrian Van Den Bok, Directed by Mark Piper, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 15/08/85, BBC One: 31/03/87, UK Gold: 01/04/93

Joan asks Geoff to stay
Max receives a letter from Amy Medway
Joan tells Des that she never wanted to hurt him
Terry and Paul argue over whether they should postpone the wedding
Max tells Shane about the letter
Des breaks down in tears

No 24: Maria is in a good mood, cooking a casserole, as Danny arrives home from school. She asks Danny if he'll be joining them this evening, and Danny then remembers that Richard is coming to dinner. He decides to go and ask Helen if he can have dinner with the Robinsons, but Maria says that she'll give him $10 and he can go to the movies. Danny refuses to take it, and then asks what time 'the turkey' is coming. Maria gets annoyed about this, but Danny says that he'll just be in the way. He leaves for the Robinson house, and tells Maria to call him once Richard has gone home.

No 26 - Kitchen: Danny is pacing around the room, as Scott tries to do his homework, and talking about how much Maria has changed since she met Richard. Scott suggests that Danny should come back later, and he'll ask Helen to make extra food - Danny thanks him, then sits down and starts wondering how Maria can date someone else when she's still married to Max. Scott suggests that she's just lonely, but Danny says that she's got heaps of friends. Scott asks if Max knows about it, and Danny doesn't think he does, and wonders if he would try to stop it if he knew. Scott remembers that Danny was pleased when his parents split up, but Danny tells him that Max is still preferable as a father over Richard Morrison. Danny then decides to go and see Max.

. . .

Max's Bedsit: Max is looking at Amy's letter again, and wondering to himself what she looks like now. He's looking at himself in the mirror, when Danny knocks on the door. Danny tries to claim that he's just come to see how Max is, but Max sees through it, and asks if Danny and Maria have had a fight. Danny says that it's Richard Morrison - he's done everything he can to get rid of him, but it hasn't worked. Max says that Danny might just have to face the fact that he and Maria aren't going to get back together, and that she's going to start dating other men. Danny thinks that Max doesn't understand, because if he did, he'd come back home, but Max says that he also finds it difficult to see Maria with other men - but the divorce is still going ahead. Max assures Danny that he'll get used to the idea. Danny asks Max if he'd like to come to the movies, but Max explains that he's got something on. Danny then leaves, and Max watches him go, before calling Amy again. She answers, and asks if he's free tonight - they arrange to meet at Smugglers, and Amy tells him that she'll be wearing a red silk dress.

No 24: Richard and Maria are having a pre-dinner drink, and he asks after Danny. Maria explains that he's gone out, and Richard asks how he gets on with his father - Maria explains that Max doesn't like Danny very much, and they seem to rub each other up the wrong way. Richard thinks that Danny seems to be doing it tough, and says that he'll try to get along with him, if he wants to stick around.

Smugglers: Max goes and sits at the bar, chatting to Jack the barman about current events. Jack thinks that all wars would end if everyone just stopped fighting with their own friends and family. He wanders off to serve another customer, and Max starts looking around for Amy.

Max's Bedsit: Shane gets home from work, and finds a note from Max, telling him not to wait up.

. . .

Smugglers: Max and Jack are still chatting about politics and the human race, when a large woman, in a red silk dress, walks into the bar. Max does a double take, then hides behind his newspaper and leaves the bar quickly. Jack notices this, and asks the woman if he can help her. She explains that she's waiting for someone - Jack thinks that he might have just left, but then her date arrives.

Daphne's House - Living Room: Daphne asks Shane if they're still going out, and he says that they are, but he has to work later. He tells Daphne about Max's date with Amy, and Daphne asks how Shane feels about it - he explains that he encouraged it, knowing that Max needed to move on. They head out for dinner, and Shane tells her that she looks beautiful - Daphne thinks that if Max has half the charm of Shane, he'll be having a great time.

Max's Bedsit: Max walks in and sits down, disappointed with his evening. He looks at Amy's letter and screws it up.

. . .

Smugglers: Amy arrives for her date, and starts chatting to Jack. She thinks that Max must be running late, so Jack gets her a drink while she waits. He asks who exactly she's waiting for - she says Max Ramsay, and Jack tells her that Max was in earlier, then he disappeared suddenly. Amy asks if she can use the phone.

Bedsits - Corridor/Smugglers: The payphone rings as Max is walking to the bathroom, and he answers. He winces when he realises that it's Amy, and tells her that he's a bit tired, and that he'll be going overseas for the next few weeks, but he'll call her when he gets back. She's disappointed, and slams the phone down. Max does the same.

No 24 - Dining Table: Maria and Richard have finished dinner, and they're talking about parenting, with Maria admitting that most people just bluff their way through it. Richard asks if she has any tips for getting along with Danny - Maria suggests the topics of girls, rock music, diving, bike riding and squash, but Richard then suggests that he could help Danny to get his L plates. Maria thinks that sounds like a good idea.

Daphne's House - Living Room/Kitchen: Daphne and Shane return from dinner. They're chatting, when she suddenly realises that the lights were on, and she had turned them off as she left. She then hears music, and goes into the kitchen to find the radio on. Shane suggests that the house is haunted, but Daphne thinks there must be a logical explanation, though they can't understand why someone would break in, just to turn on the lights and the radio. Daphne sends Shane to check upstairs, and she checks that the back doors and windows are still locked. Shane returns and tells her that everything's fine upstairs, and suggests that maybe she just made a mistake, and she did leave the radio and lights on. Daphne agrees, and thinks she's just being paranoid in a new house, and Shane tells her that he'll give her a call tomorrow.

. . .

No 24 - Lounge: Maria is worried about Danny, as he hasn't returned home. Richard tries to reassure her that the movies would only have finished about 20 minutes ago, but Maria says that she's feeling guilty about sending him out. Richard tells her that she'll go broke if she keeps sending Danny to the movies, and assures her that he and Danny will soon be getting on better. He then tells Maria that he's falling in love with her, and asks her how she feels about him. She admits that it's difficult to answer, when she's so worried about Danny - Richard asks what her answer would be if Danny weren't in the equation, and she says that yes, she does love him too. Richard then asks her what she's going to do if Danny continues to disapprove of their relationship...

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Rasmsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Scott Robinson, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Paula Duncan as Amy Medway, Peter Flett as Richard Morrison, Sidney Jackson as Jack (Barman), Dorothy Lawrence as Large Woman, Ken Meyer as Thin Man

Trivia Notes
Paula Duncan is credited with 'Amy Medway - Guest Appearance by Paula Duncan'
James McCray is credited as playing Mr Reece in this episode, but the character does not appear
Max chats to Jack the barman about Ronald Reagan and the threat of nuclear war

Summary by Steve