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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 110

Written by Adrian Van Den Bok, Directed by Mark Piper, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 16/08/85, BBC One: 01/04/87, UK Gold: 02/04/93

Maria and Danny argue about Richard Morrison
Max arranges to meet Amy Medway
Max mistakes a large woman in the bar for Amy
Richard asks Maria what she'll do if Danny continues to disapprove

No 24 - Lounge: Maria can't answer Richard's question, but he tells her that one day, she's going to have to. She wishes she could solve the issue, but Richard tells her that if she continues to allow Danny to dictate what she does, then she'll never be really happy. He asks her what she wants, and she admits that she's never really thought about it - it's always been what's best for the family. Richard reminds her that the family is just Danny now, and he's almost grown-up - and he'll never get the chance to properly grow up unless she learns to let him go. Danny walks in on them, disappointed to see that Richard's still there, and he says that he'll come back later. Richard tells him to wait, and asks for a chat - he mentions that Danny must be about ready to get his learner's permit, and suggests that he give him some lessons. Danny thinks it's a good idea, and mentions that there's a concert on Sunday - about 30km away - and they could drive there. Richard even gives him the $30 for the ticket, and then another $30 when he says that it'd be great if Scott could come too.

No 26 - Kitchen: Danny comes in and declares that Richard is a crawler, and has just given him $60 to go to the rock concert at the weekend. Scott is pleased to hear that he's invited, but feels a bit awkward about the whole thing. Danny then says that he's going to be driving them there, in Richard's new car, and Scott almost chokes on his drink.

. . .

No 24 - Lounge: Maria is seeing Richard to the door, and he admits that he doesn't want to go home. They start to kiss, but then Danny walks in. He says that Scott is very grateful for the ticket to the concert, and he says that he'll go and get the tickets and his learner's permit in the morning. He tells them that he's going to bed now, and ignores Richard saying goodnight to him. Richard is pleased that they've made a little progress, and they start to kiss again, and are once again interrupted by Danny, coming out with the excuse that he didn't thank Richard for the driving offer. Richard leaves, and Maria tells her son that she wishes he'd use his brains for his schoolwork, instead of plotting against her. Danny just thinks that Richard is trying to pay him off, but doesn't really care about him. Maria points out that Danny is the first consideration of her and of Richard, but Danny thinks she's just trying to keep him on side, just in case this new relationship doesn't work out. He accuses her of using him, and goes to bed.

Daphne's House - Exterior: The next morning, the milkman walks over to Daphne's.

Daphne's House - Living Room/Kitchen: A half-asleep Daphne notices that one of the windows is open. She closes it, and wanders into the kitchen. She's just taken some orange juice out of the fridge, when some toast pops up, making her jump. She hears something in the living room and runs in to find a lamp has been knocked over. She then hears a noise upstairs and notices the chandelier is moving.

Daphne's House - Exterior: Daphne goes outside, and the milkman suddenly appears, making her jump again. She tells him that she thinks there's someone in the house, and asks him to come and check. The milkman quickly leaves, saying that his wife would kill him if she found out.

. . .

Bedsits - Corrior/Phonebox: Shane is telling Daphne, who's called him from a phonebox, that there'll be a simple explanation, and that she should call the police. He says that he'll be straight over. Daphne thanks him - a woman outside the phonebox is getting annoyed, but Daphne hangs up and then starts to make another call.

Max's Bedsit: Terry and Max are having breakfast, and Shane walks in, explaining that Daphne thinks there's an intruder at her new house. Terry mentions the wedding, and says that Shane and Daphne will be next, but Shane insists that their relationship is just no strings attached. He finds his keys and leaves, and Max thinks that 'the stripper' is probably blowing the whole thing out of all proportion.

Daphne's House - Exterior: Daphne is sitting in the back garden, waiting for Shane or the police to arrive. A man pops his head over the back wall and says that he thought the owners were away - Daphne explains that she's housesitting for Mr Burns. He asks if she's OK, and she tells him about her suspicions that there's an intruder. He offers to go and check, but she says that it might be dangerous. She also turns down his offer to go back to his place. He introduces himself as Colin, and says that it's nice to see someone less snooty in the neighbourhood - he explains that his family moved there a couple of years ago, when his dad won the pools. She hears a car horn out the front, and says that it must be the police. Colin asks her to come to his place later, and she accepts.

Daphne's House - Exterior: Daphne is just finishing explaining things to Constable Wills, when Shane arrives. He asks if they've found anything, but the constable sarcastically says that all they've got is an open window. He suggests that Daphne call again if she spots anyone hanging around outside, and the police leave. She tells Shane that they clearly didn't believe her, and she thinks that the intruder must have hidden somewhere when she was outside. Shane thinks it's a bit unlikely, and Daphne wonders if he also thinks she's making this up. He admits that it seems odd that she didn't see anyone leaving, and she gets upset that nobody seems to believe her. She asks if he could stay over tonight - in one of the spare bedrooms if he thinks it's just an excuse to proposition him. She admits that she's scared of being in there alone, so Shane agrees to come over after work. He then leaves, and Daphne goes back into the house.

. . .

Daphne's House: Daphne wanders in, and is looking through the rooms, when she hears a noise outside.

Daphne's House - Exterior: Daphne goes into the back garden, and finds Colin, who's come to surprise her with morning tea. She smiles.

No 24 - Back Garden: Maria tells Danny that he was right - she is using him to avoid making a commitment to Richard. She says that she's scared that she'll end up failing again, and says that she has to let Danny go. He thinks she's throwing him out, but she explains that they just need to start living separate lives. He asks if this means he'll have to keep on making his own meals, and she says that she can't fulfil his needs all the time, and he has to look after himself. He turns on her, as she says that her future might lie with Richard, and he says that she hasn't even divorced Max and she's already 'hooking the next one'. He storms off to school, and Maria picks up his breakfast bowl from the table - then puts it back down again.

Ramsay Street - No 24 Driveway: Max and Terry get out of the plumbing van - he tells her to load up, while he goes inside to check for messages. At the front door, he bumps into Danny. They makes small talk, and Danny asks if he can have a word - Max says they can talk later. He goes inside, and Danny walks down and speaks to Terry - he tells her that life is terrible, and wanders off.

No 24 - Dining Table: Max comes in and starts tidying up - he asks Maria if she's on strike. She explains that it's Danny's mess and he needs to start learning to clean up after himself. Max agrees with her as she says that it'll do him no good in the long run to be so reliant on her. He asks if there's anything he can do to help, and Maria asks him to talk to Danny, as a father. She tells Max that he's a good man and a good father, even though he doesn't always feel like he is, and they both agree that the divorce was the best decision for everyone. Max asks about Richard, and Maria says that he's kind and thoughtful, and has a good sense of humour. She then tells Max that she loves him and always will, and Max puts his hand on hers, and says that he'll always love her too.

Max's Bedsit: Max is making some food, but Shane doesn't want any, as he's heading over to Daphne's. Max asks for Shane's opinion on Richard Morrison - Shane thinks he's OK, but Danny doesn't seem to like him. Max explains that Danny's coming over for a chat later, and he has no idea what he's going to say to him - Shane points out that Max might find it easier to speak to Danny now, as a lot of other things have improved for him since he moved into the bedsit. He also thinks that going out with Amy will help take Max's mind off things, but Max says that he won't be going out with Amy, because she was 'built like a bus and had a face like a ferret'.

. . .

Daphne's House: Shane arrives, but explains to Daphne that he can't stay as he needs to pick someone up from the airport, though he'll be back later. Daphne is glad he's coming back, as it's been freaking her out since it got dark. She asks Shane to sit down, and tells him that she wants to know where she stands with him. He admits that he's been avoiding talking about their relationship, and was worried that the fun would go out of it, if they started trying to define things. He says that he'd rather let things take their natural course, and admits that he's being very careful because of what's happened to his parents, and to Des and Joan. Daphne tells him that she's just an old romantic, but Shane tells her to just stop worrying. He leaves for work, but tells her to scream if the boogie man turns up. Once Shane has gone, Daphne puts on some music, and sits down to read, but the door slowly starts to open, and something suddenly smashes against the wall next to Daphne.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Rasmsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Scott Robinson, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Peter Flett as Richard Morrison, Peter Craig as Colin, Bill McLorinan as Constable Wills, Bob Jewell as Milkman

Summary by Steve