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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 112

Written by Leigh Dixon, Directed by Brendan Maher, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 20/08/85, BBC One: 03/04/87, UK Gold: 06/04/93

Des and Julie bickering with each other
Shane is annoyed that Daphne let Colin into the house
Daphne realises that someone is inside the house

Daphne's House - Back Garden: As Daphne opens the door, a young girl bolts out. She heads into the trees, but gets caught up, and Daphne grabs her. She demands to know who she is and why she's there. The girls says that she's been there for ages, and she bets that Daphne thought that the house was haunted. Daphne says that she actually thought she had a prowler, and asks her again who she is. She threatens to call the police, but the girls says that she's been watching, and the police didn't believe her last time. Daphne wants to know why the girl is picking on her, and she eventually tells her that her name is Rachel, and she was sort of squatting in the house, but she wasn't stealing. Rachel then says that this is her home, and Daphne is intrigued, so she asks her to come inside for a chat.

Max's Bedsit: Max asks Shane about Liz, and Shane explains that he met her through work. Max complains that he never meets any decent women at work, and Shane thinks that he needs to find himself a woman, and not give up after things went wrong with Amy. Max isn't convinced, but Shane believes that some socialising will do Max a lot of good - and he doesn't just mean chatting to Jack the barman. Shane tells him that he doesn't need to commit to one woman - and says that he hasn't, although Daphne has become special to him. Max says that all he needs at the moment is to get going to work.

. . .

Daphne's House - Kitchen: Daphne suggests that maybe Rachel should just get things off her chest, and then maybe she won't throw her out. Rachel then says that her surname is Burns, and a moment later, Daphne realises that's the name of the man who she's renting the house from. Rachel says that Mr Burns is her father, but she's living with her mum and stepfather now, however she hates her stepfather as he treats her badly. Rachel explains that she was trying to get away from him, and she thought this house would be empty. Daphne believes the story, but is upset with the way Rachel tried to scare her into leaving. Rachel angrily declares that this is her home. Daphne then asks her if her mother has tried to find her - Rachel says that she phoned one day, when Daphne was out, and she answered and changed her voice, pretending to be Daphne. Daphne is very annoyed to hear this, but Rachel still thinks that this is her home and she has every right to be there.

Daphne's House - Living Room: Later, Daphne admits that she was starting to feel sorry for Rachel - who tells her to 'stuff it'. Daphne asks her not to speak like that, and goes to phone her mother - but Rachel doesn't think her mother will care. Daphne says that she's not accepting responsibility for an underage girl in her house, without at least telling her mother where she is. Rachel stops the call, claiming that she needs to phone someone herself - the estate agent, to tell him that Daphne had a man staying there last night. Daphne is furious, and Rachel asks if she's still planning to phone her mother.

. . .

Daphne's House - Kitchen: Later, Daphne is preparing food, and asks Rachel how old she is. Rachel says that she's 15, but most people think she's older. Daphne says that she's decided to let her stay, as she seems to have a good reason for leaving home, and she needs time to sort things out. She tells Rachel that she has to keep her informed of where she is, and who she's with, at all times, as she's still underage and is her responsibility. Rachel isn't impressed with being treated like a kid, but grudgingly agrees to go along with it. Daphne also wants to know where she can contact Rachel's mother, in case of an emergency, as the number she tried earlier was an old one. Rachel goes along with this too, and Daphne says that it might be nice to share with a female. She then complains that Shane is late, and Rachel declares that men are nothing but trouble.

Daphne's House - Kitchen: Shane knocks on the back door, and apologises to Daphne for being late, claiming that he was giving a friend a driving lesson. Daphne says that she just kept adding water to the casserole, to stop it from drying out, and asks why his friend couldn't use a driving school. Shane says that he just wanted to do her a favour, and says that Daphne would really like Liz. Daphne is clearly jealous to hear a woman's name, but Shane says that he's looking forward to a quiet night in, just the two of them. Rachel then walks in, and Daphne introduces them. Shane realises that this is the 'intruder' and is furious that she had him searching the house and sleeping on the couch. Daphne explains that Rachel is a 'sort of friend of the family' and will be staying for a few days. Rachel says that she might be staying forever.

. . .

Smugglers: Max and Jim are having a drink, chatting about life. Max admits that he's lonely, and Jim agrees that he has no social life outside of his business dealings. Jim asks Max if he's going to the school reunion, but Max admits that he's worried about running into Amy Medway. Jim starts reminiscing about Amy, and Max explains that he ran into her last week, and she looked like the back end of a bus. Jack the barman then comes over, asking Max why he did a runner last week, when that beautiful woman was looking for him. Max is confused, but Jack says that she was a real stunner - her name was Amy Medway.

Daphne's House - Kitchen: Shane has just about had enough, wondering why Rachel is being so rude to him. Daphne thinks that it's just her age, and it's nothing personal. They hear Rachel coming, and Daphne pleads with Shane to be nice - Rachel then walks in, and Shane walks out. Rachel says that Shane is very rude, but Daphne points out that Rachel started it. Rachel is annoyed to realise that she has to help with the washing-up, and Daphne says that they'll be drawing up a roster for the other chores too. Rachel threatens again to call the estate agent, so Daphne says that she'll call Rachel's mum. Rachel backs down, then when Shane returns, she decides to go to her room. Shane wants to know where Daphne met this kid, but Daphne just says that circumstances brought them together - she thinks that all the rudeness is just a cover, and she wants to help this girl.

Smugglers: Max is mortified about the mix-up with Amy, but Jim thinks that he should just call her and explain, as she was always a nice person. Jack points out that Max and Jim are both lonely, and when a perfectly good woman comes along, Max just runs in the other direction - Max decides to go and call Amy. While he's gone, Jack admits to Jim that he was worried about Max after he split from Maria, but he seems to be sorting himself out now. A glum Max then returns and says that Amy hung up on him - Jim takes the number and says that he'll try calling her tomorrow.

. . .

No 28: Eileen has bought some new shirts, as a treat for Des, and absentmindedly starts talking about what a lovely person Joan was. She soon realises how tactless she's being, and apologises. Eileen then says that Des is very similar to his father, and shouldn't let women walk all over him - before then telling Des that the new shirt doesn't suit him, and she'll take it back. Des admits that he hasn't thought about his dad in a long time, and that he never seemed like the sort of man who'd let a woman push him around. Eileen gives him some socks, saying that they'll help to keep him warm in bed, and Des tells her that he's giving up on women anyway. He then tells Eileen that, when his dad left, he asks Des to go with him - Eileen wonders if Des is sorry that he didn't accept that offer, and he admits that sometimes he is, but he's very happy to have Eileen around, especially at the moment. He says that it's terrible to be on your own when you're depressed, before realising what he's said, and pointing out that Terry still lives with him, and he has lots of friends and neighbours and work colleagues. Eileen says that it's still not the same as having family around, and declares that she's going to move back in with him.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Jim Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Myra De Groot as Eileen Clarke, Nadine Garner as Rachel Burns, Sidney Jackson as Jack the Barman

Trivia Notes
Brenda Clarke (Liz) is credited for this episode, but does not appear

Summary by Steve