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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 113

Written by Hugh Stuckey, Directed by Brendan Maher, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 21/08/85, BBC One: 06/04/87, UK Gold: 07/04/93

Max realises that he missed out on a date with Amy Medway
Des is horrified as Eileen says that she'll move in with him

No 26 - Lounge: Everyone has been helping Scott to find props for a Chinese theme night at the coffee shop. He rushes off out the door, just as Terry arrives. Terry has some sketches for her wedding dress, which Julie snatches from her and starts criticising. She's then disappointed to see that some designs have been made for bridesmaid dresses, without her consultation. Paul points out that they can always find another bridesmaid, and Jim tells Julie that she's being extremely rude, so she walks out. Jim says that she can't keep using Philip Martin as an excuse for her behaviour. Lucy then says that she'd wear the dress, but they'd have to wait a few years.

No 28 - Lounge: Paul and Terry walk in, and find Des sitting on the couch. Terry complains about the mess, and Des tells her that it won't stay this way for long, as Eileen is moving in. Des explains that he had no choice in the matter, and Terry tells him that he'll just have to say no to Eileen. Des says that he tried and failed, and he's thinking about asking Daphne to do it. He wonders why Terry is so calm about this, as she'd have to live with Eileen too, but Terry points out that she'll be getting married and moving out soon - though Paul says that they'll only go ahead with the wedding if Des is OK with it. Des says that they can get married tomorrow if they want, and he'll be happy for them. They rush off to tell Helen that everything's back on schedule.

. . .

Daphne's House - Kitchen: Des is banging on the door, waking Daphne up in the process. She lets him in, and tells him to be quiet, as it's late. He offers to come back tomorrow, but she asks him what's wrong, and he explains that Eileen is moving in. He says that he needs a plan to get rid of her, before she's even had a chance to move in, and wonders if Daphne might help. She says that it would do him no good, and he needs to learn to deal with Eileen himself. Des then suggests that Daphne should move back to Ramsay Street, but she tells him that she has someone living with her now - Des assumes that it's a man, but Daphne explains about Rachel, and her parents being away overseas, so she's become her responsibility. Des says that he'll keep Daphne's room for when Rachel's parents return, but Daphne has no idea when that'll be, and so Des leaves.

No 26 - Lounge/Hotel Room: The next morning, Jim makes his call to Amy Medway. She answers, and is surprised that it's Jim - he explains that he got her number from Max, who sends his apologies. Jim explains that the night Max came to meet her turned into a comedy of errors. Jim asks if she'd like to meet for lunch, and they arrange a date at midday at Smugglers.

. . .

No 26 - Kitchen: Jim joins the rest of the family for breakfast, where Julie is cleaning the toast crumbs out of the butter, and everyone is waiting to use it. Paul then comes in, and says that he's thinking about taking Terry to the Chinese night at the coffee shop, and Jim explains that they may still have an extra guest for dinner, as he's seeing a friend for lunch, and may invite her over later. Julie wants to know who it is, as she's cooking, but Jim says that it's just an old friend from school. Terry then arrives, having spent half the morning digging a trench for Max, and Paul leaves to walk back to number 28 with her. Julie, Scott and Lucy all leave too, and Helen asks Jim about his mystery date, but he refuses to tell.

Ramsay Street - No 24 Driveway: Danny finds Scott sitting at the bottom of the steps, and the two head off to school. Scott tells Danny that Jim has a date - someone he went to school with, so she must be pretty old. They realise that she would have gone to school with Max too, and start to worry that she might be like him. Scott starts to worry about the situation, and Danny says that he can offer advice any time, as he's in the same situation - he also says that it's a pity this woman isn't a bit younger, as he could try introducing her to Richard Morrison.

. . .

Smugglers: Jim is chatting to Jack the barman, who insists that Jim isn't going to be disappointed when he sees Amy. She then walks in, and gives Jim a big hug. They go to get a table, and Amy says that Jim hasn't changed a bit, but Jim admits that he was still imagining her as the 'sexy' kid she used to be in class. She reminds him that she had braces on her teeth. They make a toast, and Amy says that they just need Max to show up, and it'll be like old times. She explains to Jim that she's about to be divorced, but the marriage just wasn't meant to be. She also tells Jim that she's just back to tie up some business, then she'll be returning to England in a few days.

Ramsay Street - No 28 Front Garden: Des is walking out of the house, when Eileen gets out of a taxi and trots up the garden path, telling him that she has terrible news - she's spoken to the real estate agent, and she has to give one month's notice to vacate her unit, or pay a fine of $300. She says that she then spoke to a solicitor, who charged her a fee, just to confirm what the estate agent had already said. Des pretends to be disappointed, as Eileen says that she won't be able to move in for another month.

No 26 - Back Garden: Helen is doing some gardening, when Paul and Terry return from househunting, with the news that they've found somewhere. They start to talk about their plans to decorate and renovate, and Helen is sure that it'll look wonderful with a lick of paint and some imagination. Paul mentions that he just saw Eileen leaving Des's place - Helen worries that she's on the way to the Robinson place, but they don't think she was. They go off to see how Des is doing after his mother's visit.

No 28: Des is watching the cricket, when there's a knock at the door. He almost ignores it, but then answers and it's Daphne, who's come to apologise for being so off with him the night before. Des insists that he's fine, and asks her in - she promptly turns the television off, and asks why Des is in a better mood now. He announces that Eileen isn't moving in, just as Paul and Terry come into the house. They all congratulate Des on this news, but when they hear the finer details, they wonder what Des is going to do in a month, when Eileen still wants to come and live with him. He says he'll worry about it in a month, and goes back to watch the cricket.

No 26: As Danny once again attempts to teach Scott to play guitar, Lucy goes into the kitchen and asks Helen about 'daddy's new girlfriend'. Helen says that it's just a friend, who happens to be a woman. Lucy says that it might end up like Danny and Mr Morrison. Julie then walks in, annoyed to find Scott and Danny loudly playing the guitars (badly) - they're joined by Helen and Lucy, and Scott says that they won't be laughing when he's rich and famous - though Julie thinks someone might pay him millions to shut up. Into this scene of chaos comes Jim, with Amy - Helen is delighted to see her. They share a hug, and the kids all look a bit worried.

. . .

No 26: Later, Lucy has been demonstrating some of her dance moves for her family, and Amy. Jim goes off to get something he wants to show to Amy, and Julie asks Amy what it's like to meet up with someone after 20 years. Amy says that he seems more interesting now than he used to. Julie asks about Amy's husband, and Amy explains that she's getting a divorce. Julie quickly leaves to clean up in the kitchen. Jim then returns with a photo album, and Amy is shocked to see some photos of her at school - she tries to stop him from showing them to the kids. In the kitchen, Julie chats to Helen about Amy, saying that she seems very nice, even if she's getting a divorce. Helen tells Julie to keep her nose out, but Julie says that this is different from Anna, as she actually quite likes Amy. Jim announces that he's going to take Amy back to the hotel - she says her goodbyes to everyone, and Helen sends Lucy off to bed. Helen then starts looking at the finalised list of wedding guests and is annoyed to see Gwen's name is still on the list. Julie explains that it all seems a bit silly - she's Helen's sister, and Helen won't give a good reason for her not to come. Scott points out that Paul wants Gwen at the wedding, and it should be his decision, so Helen stands up and says that, if Gwen comes to the wedding, then she's leaving this house.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Danny Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Myra De Groot as Eileen Clarke, Maxine Klibingaitis as Terry Inglis, Paula Duncan as Amy Medway, Sidney Jackson as Jack the Barman

Trivia Notes
Paula Duncan is credited with 'Guest Appearance by Paula Duncan'
Helen's daughter Rosemary Daniels is mentioned

Summary by Steve