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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 115

Written by Lyn Ogilvy, Directed by Brendan Maher, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 23/08/85, BBC One: 08/04/87, UK Gold: 09/04/93

Jim tells Paul and Terry that their home loan has come through
Daphne learns that her intruder is a young girl named Rachel
Terry says that she doesn't have any secrets from Paul
Max drops Maria off at the airport, and says they make better friends than lovers
Maria mistakenly believes that Richard has cancelled their flight

Daphne's House - Living Room: Rachel overhears Daphne on the phone to someone, and immediately assumes that she's dobbed her in to her parents. Daphne reminds her that she promised not to call them, and she's going to stick to that - Daphne goes on to explain that she was talking to Des, and was arranging to collect a few things from her old house. Daphne says that her life doesn't revolve around Rachel, and there's no point in her staying if she's going to react like this to a private phone conversation, and says that they have to learn to trust each other. Rachel reluctantly accepts this, and even apologises as they go off to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

No 24 - Lounge: Danny is at home alone, when Maria comes in the door. He asks her why she's back already, and asks if she saw his note. She finds the note, on the floor, and realises that Richard is going to think that she stood him up. Danny can hardly hide his delight at the situation, and suggests that he puts Maria's bags away. She calls the airport, and tries to get a page out to Richard, though Danny thinks he'll have gone by now. Maria starts to wonder if Danny deliberately hid the note, but accepts it when Danny says that he didn't. She then hangs up the phone, disappointed, and Danny tells her how sorry he is that her trip didn't work out.

. . .

Daphne's House - Living Room: Rachel and Daphne bring their food through from the kitchen - Daphne goes to sit down, but Rachel stops her, saying that's her chair - it was where she always sat when she came to visit her dad. Daphne moves to a different chair, and asks Rachel about her visits to her dad - she says that she didn't come often, but one day she arrived and he'd gone overseas without saying anything - she only found out because she spoke to a neighbour. Daphne asks her about school and her future, but Rachel says she isn't going back to her mum's place, so she might go on the dole, or get a job, save up and go travelling. Daphne asks about her career ambitions, but Rachel says that she doesn't want to worry about kids and a mortgage - she just wants to grab what she can, when she can. She says that she doesn't want to study, and would rather just start getting out and earning money now. She mentions a friend who was 14 when she started working as a stripper, and it sounded great. Daphne thinks that the men would eat Rachel alive, and then admits that she works as a stripper, and it's no fun. Daphne thinks that Rachel should stop dreaming and start planning a proper future, like the adult she claims to be.

No 26 - Lounge: Jim and Amy are laughing about Scott's terrible guitar playing. He asks if she's happy just to go to the pub for dinner, and she says that she'd rather remember him as he is, than all dressed up in some stuffy restaurant. They're interrupted by Scott, who's clearly a little awkward with how close they are, and he asks if they've seen Danny, who was supposed to be staying the night. Scott leaves to find him, and Jim and Amy head out to the pub. He tells her that he's going to miss her, and they share a kiss.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge: Danny is packed and ready to go to the Robinson house. He finds Maria sitting on the couch and asks if she's going to be alright at home by herself. There's a knock at the door and Maria rushes to answer, but it's Scott, not Richard as she was hoping. Danny checks with his mum that it's still OK for him to go, then there's another knock, and this time it's Richard. Maria is delighted to see him, and says that she thought he'd gone without her. He says that he'd never do that, and asks what happened. Danny looks disappointed.

No 26 - Lounge: Richard says that he's rebooked them on the 10pm flight, so there's no harm done. Scott thanks Richard for the concert tickets, and Danny is getting annoyed at how well everything's worked out, and he quickly leaves the house. Richard says that if they hurry, they can get some food at the airport, but Maria starts to worry that, by pushing Danny away, she's just making him more insecure. Richard wonders if Danny is deliberately trying to make Maria feel guilty, and she agrees to wait until after the concert, and see how Danny is feeling then.

Daphne's House: Daphne is trying to get Rachel to make contact with her mum, but Rachel insists that she isn't wanted, and that her mum actually said she didn't want her around. Daphne asks for an explanation - Rachel says that they had an argument about clothes, and Daphne suggests that maybe Rachel's mum said some things she didn't mean, in the heat of the moment. She thinks that Rachel should at least call her mum, and let her know she's OK. Rachel agrees. Daphne then needs to go out to collect her things from Des, and Rachel decides to go with her.

No 26 - Kitchen/Lounge: Scott suggests that he and Danny should start a band, but Danny's still in a bad mood about Richard. Scott thinks that Danny's jealous, but Danny says that everything was fine until Richard came along, and he only bought the concert tickets because he was worried that Danny would split them up. Scott points out that Danny hasn't done a very good job with the splitting up thing. Danny says that the sooner they form a band, the sooner he can move out, and then Richard can have Maria all to himself.

Smugglers: Jim and Amy are having dinner, and she says that she'll forever keep a photo of him on her noticeboard, to remind her of the man who taught her that she could be loved again. He tells her to write to him, but she doesn't think it would be such a good idea. Jack the barman comes over, asking if they're going to eat the food, but they say that they've been otherwise occupied, so he takes it away and says he'll bring some coffee for them. Max then comes in, and is furious when he learns from Jack that the gorgeous woman Jim is having dinner with, is Amy Medway.

. . .

No 26: Julie hears from Helen that Maria's gone away for a couple of days, so they'll be keeping an eye on Danny. Julie thinks it's terrible that Maria is going off with another man, when her first consideration should be her own family. Julie then starts to pester Helen about Gwen again, saying that they're too old to be bearing grudges. Helen tells Julie to keep out of it, but Julie says that Gwen has never been to any family celebrations and it doesn't seem fair. Helen tells her granddaughter that Gwen will never be coming to visit, and storms out of the kitchen. Julie, however, goes and puts Gwen's name back on the guest list.

Ramsay Street: Daphne and Rachel pull up outside number 28. Daphne says it's not as expensive as Rachel's dad's house, but she still enjoyed living there. Daphne explains that she moved out because Des was going to get married. Rachel asks why she doesn't just move back in, but Daphne tells her that she's signed a three month lease on the other house.

No 28: Rachel is a bit underwhelmed as they go in the door, calling the house 'crummy'. Daphne reminds her that money isn't everything, and Rachel tells her that mum's new husband is even richer than the last one, but she's never happy - she always needs a quick trip away to Hong Kong to refill her jewel case. As Daphne looks around the house for things, Rachel admits that she knows she's not very nice to her mum and stepdad, but she just keeps hoping that they might show some emotion, even if it's anger. Daphne suggests that, just because they're adults, it doesn't mean that Rachel's mum and stepdad know how to deal with every situation. Rachel then jokingly asks Daphne if she'd like to adopt her.

Smugglers: Jim and Amy are leaving, when Jim spots Max at the bar. Amy is delighted to see him, and apologises for the other night. Max is less than enthusiastic, and Jim explains that Amy has a flight to catch, so they should leave. They say their goodbyes to Jack, and Amy tells Max that she'll see him next time she's in town. Max then asks Jack for a pen and paper, and starts furiously writing things down, as he rants about all the bad things Jim has done to him in the past. He walks out, saying that he's not going to let Jim get away with these things any longer.

. . .

Airport/No 26: Amy is telling Jim that she'll be furious if he doesn't look her up, next time he's in London. She then says that she hates goodbyes and want to get it over with, so they kiss and she runs off. Elsewhere in the airport, Maria and Richard are having a heated discussion, and she goes over to a payphone. She phones the Robinson house and asks for Danny - she then tells him that she loves him. On the other end of the line, Danny gets annoyed with his mum treating him like a kid. He says that he doesn't want to fight, and that everything would be fine if she just got rid of Richard. She hangs up, and walks off with Richard.

Daphne's House: Daphne and Rachel return to the house, and they're chatting about the coffee lounge and the barman, when suddenly a man follows them in, and introduces himself as Ian Burns, Rachel's father.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Jim Robinson, Scott Robinson, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Peter Flett as Richard Morrison, Nadine Garner as Rachel Burns, Paula Duncan as Amy Medway, Jon Sidney as Ian Burns, Sidney Jackson as Jack the Barman

Trivia Notes
Paula Duncan is credited with 'Guest Appearance by Paula Duncan'

Summary by Steve