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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 116

Written by Patrea Smallacombe, Directed by Peter Andrikidis, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 26/08/85, BBC One: 09/04/87, UK Gold: 12/04/93

Rachel suspects that Daphne has called her parents
Danny talks about leaving home, so Richard and Maria can be together
Max is shocked to see Jim on a date with Amy Medway
Rachel's father, Ian Burns, arrives

Daphne's House - Living Room: Rachel thinks that Daphne called her father, and is furious, but Daphne insists that she did no such thing. Daphne introduces herself to Ian, who turns on her for allowing Rachel to stay. Ian then looks to Rachel for answers, and says that he's had to rush back from Hong Kong to find out what's going on, and tells her that her mother contacted him - he knew where she was, from the phone call the other day, when she pretended to be Daphne. He calls Rachel childish, and she storms off to bed. Daphne suggests that Ian is handling this situation very badly, and she also goes to bed.

No 26 - Kitchen: The next morning, Danny is having breakfast with the Robinsons, and Lucy is making comments about him eating all the toast. Jim comes in, asking if Maria and Richard got away alright, and Danny walks out, closely followed by Scott. Julie thinks it's a shame to see the Ramsay family becoming more and more fractured, and wishes that they could all just get back together again. Lucy goes to feed Basil, and Julie leaves for work - and Jim again tries to broach the subject of inviting Gwen to the wedding. He suggests that Helen could just forgive and forget, but Helen thinks that Gwen should come to her looking for forgiveness, particularly as she didn't even bother to turn up when Anne and Bill died. Jim believes that Gwen might have come, if she'd been living in the country, but Helen doesn't want to talk about it.

. . .

Ramsay Street - No 26 Front Garden: Scott and Danny are heading to school, and Scott mentions that the concert might be cancelled due to the weather - Danny is very disappointed. Danny is also annoyed with Scott for sucking up to Richard the night before, and Scott says that Danny is becoming a real pain with all his complaining about Richard. Danny says that Scott's not been much better, getting upset over Jim and Amy, but Scott tells him that he's going to make it up to his dad tonight. Danny thinks it's completely different anyway, as Amy has left the country.

Daphne's House - Living Room: Ian is sitting at the table, going through paperwork, when Daphne wanders in with her breakfast, and says that Rachel is still in bed. Ian says that things need to be sorted out around here, and quickly, but Daphne can't see why Rachel would want to talk to her father, when he didn't go after her last night. Ian reminds her that she is simply his tenant - she reminds him that she didn't choose to get embroiled in his domestic life - it was forced on her. She says that she's become a friend to Rachel, who's started to confide in her, and she'll share those problems with Ian, if he's interested. He's surprised at how outspoken Daphne is being, but agrees to listen - Daphne tells him that the problem seems to lie with her parents; she doesn't get on with her stepfather, and Ian gives her little reassurance that he loves her. Ian explains that Rachel has made no effort with Don, her stepfather - Daphne doesn't blame her, as she was only 10 years old, and had a replacement father appear in her life. Ian thinks that Rachel should have come to terms with things by now, but Daphne believes that, unless he does something soon, he's going to lose Rachel for good.

Daphne's House - Kitchen: Rachel pokes her head around the door, to see if her dad's there, but Daphne explains that he's gone out for a few hours. Rachel worries that her dad is going to send her straight back to her mum's place, just as she's finally starting to do things for herself. Daphne says that they'll do their best to work things out - and she'll always be there for her. Rachel says that she isn't used to people meaning what they say, but Daphne insists that she does.

. . .

Building Site: Max and Terry are at a plumbing job, and Max is still working on his grudge list against Jim. Terry is surprised when she hears what he's doing, and wonders how far back the list goes - this gives Max an idea, and he writes down some comics that Jim borrowed and never gave back, when they were kids.

Daphne's House - Kitchen: Ian returns, and Daphne tells him that Rachel's gone out for a walk. He hopes that she won't be long, as he doesn't have much time, and Daphne points out that it's little wonder that Rachel feels unwanted. Ian tells her that he didn't want to drag Rachel through the courts to get custody - and besides, he's overseas so much that she would have been brought up by a housekeeper. Daphne wonders if Rachel knows all of this. Rachel then returns, and Ian asks her if she'd like to spend the following day together. She reluctantly agrees, and then he has to go out again, for some more meetings. Rachel suspects that he's just doing this to shut her up, and that he'll suddenly have to cancel their day out. Daphne thinks Rachel should give her dad a chance, as there might be more to the story.

Max's Bedsit: Max checks himself in the mirror, adds something else to his list of grievances with Jim, and then leaves the bedsit.

No 26 - Lounge: Scott goes to speak to his father about the way he spoke to Amy Medway, and apologises. He says that he wouldn't have minded if she'd stayed, it would have just taken a bit of getting used to. There's a knock at the door - Scott goes back to his room, and Jim goes to answer. It's Max - he says that he's made a list of things that annoy him about Jim, puts the list into Jim's hand and leaves, as Jim looks a little perplexed.

No 26 - Kitchen: Having looked at the list, Jim is now expressing his annoyance to Helen, who thinks it must be a joke. Paul then returns home from a flight. As Jim continues to read the list, he gets more and more irritated, decides he's going to sort this out and leaves the house. Helen shows the list to a confused Paul, as Jim then returns with a box from the garage, and starts sorting out the Phantom comics from it. He then mentions that Max will need to chop down the apple tree in his garden, as its roots are starting to mess up number 26's plumbing. Paul and Helen try not to laugh.

. . .

No 28 - Kitchen: Des and Terry are doing the washing-up, and she's complimenting him on the meal, when Paul turns up and says that he's just got his schedule, and he has two days off before the wedding. Terry tells him that she's made an appointment with a solicitor about their new unit, and Des admits that he's not sure he wants to get another lodger, once Terry moves out. Paul suggests that he should sell the house and find somewhere smaller, then changes the subject - to Max's list. Terry has already had enough of the list for one day and goes to bed, so Paul starts to tell Des all about it...

Daphne's House - Exterior: The next morning, Daphne is getting back from a run, when she hears the phone ringing, and quickly goes inside the house.

Daphne's House - Living Room/Office: Daphne makes it to the phone, and it's her agent, wanting her to do a stripping gig. She says that she doesn't want to, but he convinces her to think about it - and gives her the details of his new office unit, so she can pop by later. Rachel listens from the door, and Daphne tells her who it was, and says that she doesn't really want the work at the moment, but Frank is short of girls. Daphne wonders if Ian was woken by the phone ringing too, but Rachel suspects he'll already have left, as he usually goes into the office at about 7am. Daphne hopes that he's just gone in to clear the decks, before spending the day with Rachel.

No 26 - Kitchen: Jim walks in, complaining about Julie using all of the hot water. He asks Helen where his hedge cutters are, and she believes that Maria borrowed them, and realises that he's still trying to think of his own grievances with Max. Danny then comes in with the newspaper, and reports to Scott that there's a chance of showers on the day of the concert. Paul then comes in, complaining that nobody woke him up, but excited that today's the day they're seeing the solicitor and settling on the unit. Paul then asks what all that old junk is doing out on the driveway - and Jim doesn't look too happy...

Ramsay Street - No 26 Driveway: Jim is loading all of the junk into his car boot - Scott and Danny come down and ask him what's going on, but Jim just tells them to get into the car.

Max's Bedsit - Corridor: Jim has dumped all of the junk in the corridor outside Max's room. He puts a note on top of the pile, and then leaves.

. . .

Daphne's House - Living Room:Ian comes in, after a busy day, and late to spend time with Rachel. Daphne suggests that he's got his priorities wrong, and says that they need to talk about what's going to happen with the house - she suggests that she tell the agent that they're terminating the lease, and then she can look for somewhere else. Ian admits that it's a shame, as she gets on so well with Rachel, but hopes that they can work things out once they're alone. Rachel hears all this from outside the room, and is devastated.

Max's Bedsit: Max is dragging all the junk in from the corridor, as Paul arrives to collect Terry for their appointment - Max is annoyed that he forgot about giving Terry the afternoon off, and they have a big job to do. Paul jokes that he feels like he's seen all this junk somewhere before - then runs off when he gets a nasty glare from Max.

Solicitor's - Exterior: Paul and Terry arrive for their appointment - she's nervous, but Paul says that it'll only take a few minutes, and then they'll have their own home and can go back and celebrate.

Daphne's House - Living Room: Rachel checks that nobody's around, then goes and copies down the address of Daphne's agent, from the notepad by the phone. Daphne comes in and says that she has to go out, taking the address with her. Once Daphne's gone, Rachel grabs her bag and also leaves the house.

Daphne's House - Exterior: As Daphne drives away, Rachel leaves the house, closes the gate behind her and walks off down the road.

Solicitor's - Waiting Room: Paul and Terry wait nervously, but the secretary finally calls them in.

Solicitor's - Mr Manning's Office: Mr Manning apologises to Paul and Terry for the wait, and explains that there's been a bit of a hitch with their deal - he's been talking to the owner of the unit and it looks like there's a major problem...

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Maxine Klibingaitis as Terry Inglis, Nadine Garner as Rachel Burns, Kristopher Steele as Mr Manning, Jon Sidney as Ian Burns, Simon Clews as Frank Barker

Trivia Notes
Mr Manning's secretary is not credited for her appearance

Summary by Steve