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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 144

Written by Jill James, Directed by Mandy Smith, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 03/10/85, BBC One: 20/05/87, UK Gold: 20/05/93

Daphne returns home in the middle of the night, to be confronted by Sarah screaming at her

No 28: Daphne opens a door so she can see more clearly, and asks Sarah what she's doing. Sarah explains that Des invited her, and Daphne apologises if she gave her a fright. Sarah, in her usual irritated tone, says that it's perfectly fine, and she walks away. Daphne then smiles to herself and turns off the lights, only for Sarah to scream again.

No 28 - Dining Table: The next morning, Daphne is cleaning her shoes, as Des comes in and wishes her a good morning. She simply asks what Sarah Richards is doing in their house - Des explains that he asked her to stay the night, but denies that there's anything going on between them. Daphne then notices that Des is moving things out of the spare room, but the conversation is interrupted by Sarah. Des happily greets her and she immediately complains about getting a terrible night's sleep. Des goes to introduce them to each other, surprised to realise that they've already met. Daphne asks Sarah about her work at the bank, then asks her where she's staying - she says that Des has asked her to stay here. As Sarah rushes off to get ready for work, Des notices Daphne's face and decides to leave for work, still dressed in his pyjamas. Daphne calls him back and demands an explanation - Des says that Sarah's his cousin, and that he was going to tell Daphne last night, but she wasn't at home. Daphne wants to know why he suddenly wants to change the living arrangements, as it was all working so well - Des tells her that Sarah's from the country and has nobody else to turn to, plus it's only temporary. Daphne reluctantly accepts this, and Des breathes a sigh of relief.

. . .

No 30 - Kitchen: Paul comes in, looking for his wallet, and is amused to find Terry trying to fix the tap on the sink. He finds his wallet and Terry suggests that they go out and do something crazy for a change, as she's bored of being in the house. Paul suggests calling a friend and going to see a movie, but Terry says that all her friends are working. Paul realises what she's hinting at, and she apologises for complaining, but says that she's tired of being at home every single day. As Paul leaves for work, he suggests that she go and visit Daphne. The phone then rings - it's Charles, and he asks if Terry has changed her mind yet, but she hangs up.

No 24 - Kitchen: Shane is trying to clean up, as Paul arrives to get a lift to work. Paul gives him a hand, as Shane complains about the lack of home-cooked meals, so Paul invites him over to dinner at number 30, though he admits that Terry isn't much of a cook. Max overhears this, and tells them off, reminding Paul that he needs to make sure he looks after his new wife. Max complains that Danny's still in bed, but Shane points out that his brother has a lot of schoolwork, as well as housework, and he deserves some rest too. Danny then runs out to the kitchen, complaining that nobody woke him up. After Shane and Paul leave, Danny is upset that he can't find any clean school shirts, and says that Miss Drew is going to come down hard on him for this. Max tells Danny that Miss Drew won't be in today, as he's going to her house to fix her pipes. Danny is immediately worried that this is all going to end badly, but Max reassures him and goes to make them both a cup of tea.

Kate Drew's Apartment: Max is surprised when Miss Drew answers to the door, as she's young and attractive, and not at all what he was expecting. As she shows him into the kitchen, they speak in French, and he formally introduces himself, before she offers him some coffee and croissants. He's surprised by how bad the pipes are as she runs the tap, and she tells him that if he's able to fix the problem, she'll come to his house and cook him a meal.

Street: Charles Durham is watching from his car, and spots Daphne coming out of a shop. He gets out the car, and she immediately recognises him - they discuss Charles donating to Father Barry and helping the homeless, and Charles asks her if she has time to go for a drink.

Pacific Bank: Des and George are working, but George is very distracted and admits to Des that he's meeting Eileen for lunch and after what happened last time, he's worried about being late. Des tells him to go, and asks George to give Eileen a kiss from him.

No 28: Daphne has just walked in, when there's a knock at the door. It's Terry, who's alarmed that she's just seen Daphne getting out of Charles' car. She accuses Daphne of spying for Charles, but Daphne has absolutely no idea what she's talking about. She tells Terry to sit down and explain, but Terry says that there's no point, as everything she says will just be repeated back to Charles. Daphne explains that all she knows is that Charles is a very wealthy man, who donates a lot of money to Father Barry and keeps his centre open. She says that she likes him a lot, and they're having dinner tonight. Terry then storms out, telling Daphne to tell Charles that he won't be getting anything out of her.

. . .

Outdoor Cafe: Eileen is helping George to the table, as he's still having trouble walking on his broken toe. The waitress comes to take their drinks order, and then Eileen puts her handbag down on George's foot, without realising it. He sees beef stroganoff on the menu, and says that it was one of his wife's specialities - Eileen looks a bit put out, until George then compliments her cooking too. He again starts talking about his wife's skills in the kitchen, but this time he notices the look on Eileen's face, and stops. The waitress brings their drinks, and George decides that he no longer wants the stroganoff, so he orders a tomato sandwich. He tells Eileen that he's going home with Des later, to help him on a work matter, and Eileen smiles to herself then picks up her bag and leaves. The waitress then brings the stroganoff for George, who is quite pleased with the mix-up.

No 30: Eileen calls by to see Terry - she explains that Helen isn't at home and she needs to borrow some herbs from someone, as she's planning a surprise meal for George and Des tonight. Terry finds a rack of dried herbs that she received as a wedding present, and Eileen takes some rosemary. She then has a snoop around and starts tidying up, but quickly leaves after finding a copy of Simone de Beauvoir's The Second Sex on the coffee table.

Kate Drew's Apartment - Kitchen: Kate is delighted to find that Max has fixed the taps. She says that every time a plumber told her they were fixed, they'd start banging again soon after. He tells her to give him a call if that happens, and then goes to see the essay that she agreed to remark. He's still not impressed with the mark, but Kate explains that he would have got higher if he was a student, but he needed to learn a lesson about doing Danny's homework for him.

Kate Drew's Apartment - Exterior: Kate is showing Max out, and tells him that, if there are no problems with the taps between now and the weekend, she'll come over and cook him a French meal. They then say their goodbyes, and after Kate closes the door, Max smiles to himself.

No 28 - Kitchen: Eileen is putting the finishing touches on the meal, and is very pleased with herself.

Pacific Bank: Des and George are still struggling to get to the bottom of the problem at work. Sarah comes over and is introduced to George, and she asks about the problem. Des explains that half of yesterday's deposits didn't show up on the print-outs at head office - Sarah suggests that there might have been a power break, as at her last branch, the cleaner pulled the plug out one night and they lost two days of records. Des and George realise that this is what's happened, and they're going to have to manually add half of yesterday, and all of today's, figures. George says that it's going to be a late night, and Sarah tells Des that she doesn't need a lift home anyway, as she's been invited out for dinner.

No 28 - Dining Table: A disappointed Eileen sits and waits for Des and George to come home.

. . .

Pacific Bank: Des has finished yesterday's figures, but he's losing concentration, so George suggests that they get some take-aways.

No 28: Eileen extinguishes the candle, but perks up a bit when there's a knock at the door. She rushes to answer, but is disappointed to find that it's Max, looking for Des. He explains that he was hoping to chat to Des about some financial matters, and Eileen says that she's most distressed, as Des and George were supposed to be here tonight. She asks Max inside, and tells him that she wants to apologise to him for the things she said about his wife leaving - she realises that he isn't listening to a word she's saying, and he asks her what smells so good. She explains that it's the dinner and it's all going to waste - she then runs through the menu, and Max says that it would be a pity to waste it. Eileen asks if he'd like to stay, then escorts him to the dining table.

No 24: Shane and Danny are waiting for Max to come home, and Danny says that it's typical of Max to be late home, when it's his turn to cook. Danny goes to the kitchen, but can't find much, and they both wonder where Max has got to. Shane says that it must be something important, if it's made Max forget about dinner.

No 28 - Dining Table: Max is very impressed with Eileen's cooking, and tells her that he could get used to 'this French tucker'. She's amused as he asks her what's next.

No 28 - Dining Table: Max and Eileen have finished dessert, and she refuses to let him clean up, explaining that she's never happier than when she's keeping house for a man. She brings over some coffee and port, and Max tells her that she's very sympathetic, unlike his sons, who can't seem to understand why he's unable to cook meals like Maria used to. Eileen comments that a house is not a home without a woman to cook the meals, and that George has been missing out on that since his wife died. Max says that George has certainly missed out tonight, but he doesn't seem like the sort of man who's stand a woman up. Eileen explains that he didn't know about the meal - it was a surprise - but she isn't impressed when Max suggests that George is probably at the pub.

Pacific Bank: Des and George aren't too impressed with their takeaway food, and Des suggests stopping on the way home for an ice cream, deciding that they need a treat after all their hard work.

. . .

No 24 - Kitchen: The next morning, Danny is complaining that he's suffering from malnutrition, but Shane gives him some money to buy lunch, and tells him not to bother Max about it, as he came in late last night. Eileen then suddenly marches in the back door and announces to a shocked Shane and Danny that she's the new housekeeper.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Paul Robinson, Terry Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Myra De Groot as Eileen Clarke, Suzanne Lobez as Kate Drew, Julia MacDougall as Sarah Richards, Alan Cassell as George Young, Ross Thompson as Charles Durham, Unknown as Cafe Waitress

Trivia Notes
None of the guest characters were credited for this episode
George's late wife was called Wilma

Summary by Steve