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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 145

Written by Reg Watson, Directed by Mandy Smith, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 04/10/85, BBC One: 21/05/87, UK Gold: 21/05/93

Terry hangs up when Charles calls her again
Charles turns out to be an old friend of Daphne's
An upset Terry tries to warn Daphne off of Charles
Eileen comments to Max that a house is incomplete without a woman
Eileen tells Shane and Danny that she's their new housekeeper

No 24: Max is surprised to find Eileen in the house, preparing breakfast for Shane and Danny. She starts to make bacon and eggs, as Max realises that he only asked her to do a little cooking and cleaning from time to time. She tells him not to worry about anything, and gives him some bran to eat whilst she cooks. Neither Danny nor Max is taken with the idea of bran, but Eileen says that their health is important to her, and then she gets Danny to stick out his tongue, telling him he'll be as regular as clockwork in no time. Max tries to get Eileen to slow down a bit, explaining that they've got their wires crossed, but she doesn't listen. He then tells her to forget about their conversation last night - Eileen says that he doesn't seem like the sort of man who would go back on his word, which riles him. He is furious with her for questioning his integrity, then realises that he's been outfoxed and sits back down. Eileen then comes over and tries to feed Danny's bran to him.

No 28: Sarah is preparing breakfast, and is playing loud music, which wakes up an irritated Daphne. Daphne then sits down and starts eating some toast, which Sarah says is hers, but Daphne points out that she bought the bread. She then goes over and says that the orange juice is hers too, and that things had been running very smoothly in the household until Sarah moved in. Sarah apologises if the music woke Daphne up, and says that, if she had to do what Daphne does at night, then she'd be in a bad mood in the mornings too. A chirpy Des appears, just as Daphne looks ready to strangle Sarah, and Sarah makes her escape to the bathroom. Daphne offers to make scrambled eggs for Des, and he asks if she was working last night, but she says that she's ready to move on from Shane and was actually out on a date last night. She says that he's good company and he's absolutely loaded. Then, the phone rings and Des answers - it's Julie...

. . .

No 26: As Jim tries to do his accounts, Julie sits on the desk, talking to Des, and asking if he can give her a lift to and from work today. She asks about Sarah, and then hangs up, telling Jim and Helen that Des is so lovely, and it's such a shame he can't find the right woman, pointing out his three failed engagements. Helen reminds Julie that she used to date Des too, but Julie says that was more of a friendship, not love. Jim comments that there's a big difference between friendship and love, and Helen wonders if they're still talking about Julie, or him. He says that it could refer to any of them, then makes a quick exit as Eileen makes a loud entrance through the back door. She asks Helen if she can borrow four eggs and some flour - and Helen obliges, but is shocked to hear about Eileen's new job as the Ramsay housekeeper.

No 24 - Kitchen: Shane and Danny are waiting for Max, and with Eileen next-door, they confront him about hiring her as housekeeper. Danny says that she made him make his bed this morning, but Max doesn't see the problem, and says that the boys have been falling into some bad habits lately. Shane points out that Max didn't make his bed, but Max replies that he's given Eileen his word, and she's only here on trial. Shane says that he doesn't remember any mention of a trial, but Max says that it's a one-month trial, and he'll tell Eileen about it when she gets back. Eileen then walks in, and Shane and Danny quickly leave, telling Eileen that their father wants a word with her. Max can't quite find the words, so from the other side of the kitchen, Danny blurts out that she's on a month's trial.

Pacific Bank: Julie is impressed with how quickly Sarah is taking to the new systems, but Sarah tells Julie that it's all thanks for her help. Julie asks how things are going at Des's place, but Sarah explains that she's hardly seen him, and he had offered to show her the town. Julie then approaches Des and tells him that he's taking them both out tonight, and they need to find another guy to make up the foursome. They spot Larry, another employee, and decide to ask him. Larry thinks he's going to get fired if he says no, but explains that he has to go to choir practice.

No 26: Helen is doing some painting, when there's a knock at the door, and she finds a picnic basket left on the doorstep. As she pulls out a bottle of wine, Douglas appears from around the corner, and says that it can only be drunk during a trip to the country. She invites him in, and he gives her ten minutes to get ready, but then he sees that she's painting and she tells him that she can't just leave it. He points out that, in 500 years' time, when the painting is a collector's item, it won't make any difference to her that she took a break whilst painting it. She then rushes off to get ready.

. . .

Park: Helen and Douglas are sitting by a lake with their picnic, and she says that, if anyone had told her that their meeting at the bank would lead to them having champagne together, she would have been very surprised. She asks if he does this sort of thing very often - he says that it's been a while, not since his wife died. He talks about how he and his wife wanted children, but she couldn't have them. They talk about Jim's children, and Helen admits that she loves them, but there are times when she would kill for some peace and quiet. He says that he can't tell her how much it's meant to him, having her in his life, and that she's become very special to him.

Ramsay Street - No 28 Front Garden: Daphne arrives home, and runs up the steps to the front door.

No 28: Daphne walks into the house, and puts down her dry cleaning, then Terry arrives. She asks about the dinner with Charles, but Daphne doesn't want to argue about it - Terry then says that she's sorry about yesterday, and adds that, as they're friends, they should be honest with each other. She explains that Charles isn't the nice guy that people think he is - Daphne doesn't believe a word of it, so Terry says that Charles was responsible for the break-in and for the bomb threat at the wedding. Daphne still doesn't believe her, but Terry begs her to listen, so Daphne asks her to come and sit down. She tells Terry to stop all of this nonsense and concentrate on her marriage instead of lashing out at innocent people. Terry realises that Daphne doesn't believe her and says that, next time she sees Charles, she should ask him about all of this and check the look on his face. Daphne agrees to do it, that evening, as Charles is coming over for dinner.

No 28: Later, Shane arrives at the house, having been roped in as the fourth person on Des, Julie and Sarah's night out. He's surprised to hear that Daphne has a dinner date and tries to find out who it's with, but they're interrupted by Des, and then Julie's arrival. Julie shares the news about Eileen becoming the Ramsay housekeeper - Des is surprised to hear it, but Shane explains that it's only for a month's trial. Sarah then appears, and she, Julie and Des leave, but Shane sneaks back and asks Daphne if she's serious about this new guy. Daphne wonders if he's jealous, and says goodnight to him.

No 28: Later, Daphne is serving the starter, and Charles says that Des is very lucky to share his house with such a nice woman, but Daphne thinks that she's the lucky one. He then drops Terry into the conversation, mentioning that she's just moved out to get married, and Daphne says that Terry appears cool on the surface but there's something troubling her that she won't talk about. Daphne explains her belief that some guy is hounding her and sending her funeral wreaths - Charles looks a bit annoyed when Daphne says that he must be a real nutcase. He suggests that her husband sent it, and Daphne realises that he knows more than he's letting on, as he quickly tries to cover up, saying that Daphne mentioned on their first date that Terry has an ex-husband in prison. Daphne then realises that she's caught him out.

. . .

No 28: Daphne and Charles have been having coffee, and she starts to yawn, apologising and saying that she's had a few late nights recently. He thinks that she should be used to those, and asks her to come over and sit with him. She stays where she is, and he says that they're all alone and he doesn't like to be disappointed, but Daphne says that he came for dinner - and that's all he's getting. He then says that it's been a while since he's paid for sex, but he's happy to. A furious Daphne tells him to leave, and he says that she's just made a very big mistake, as nobody gets away with telling him what to do. He strokes her cheek and says 'pity about the face' before leaving. Daphne then rushes over to the phone and tries to call Terry, but there's no answer, so she runs out of the house.

No 26 - Kitchen: Jim is getting a drink when Daphne runs in the back door, looking for Terry. Jim explains that she's just putting Lucy to bed, and calls her. As Jim goes to put the kettle on, Daphne apologises to Terry and says that Charles slipped up, when he mentioned Gordon Miller. Jim then returns and starts asking Daphne about her romantic dinner - she says that it wasn't romantic in the least and she won't be seeing him again. Helen then comes in, apologising for being so late, and she explains that she and Douglas hired a boat on the lake, but it broke down and they had to wait hours to be rescued. She says that it was the most fun she's had in ages.

. . .

Pacific Bank: The next morning, Julie arrives for work, and she and Sarah talk about their wonderful night out, and how nice Des and Shane were. George calls Des over, as head office are on the phone, and Des takes the call before asking Julie for a word. He says that he has some bad news - there's been an accident...

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson, Terry Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Myra De Groot as Eileen Clarke, James Condon as Douglas Blake, Julia MacDougall as Sarah Richards, Alan Cassell as George Young, Ross Thompson as Charles Durham, Elwyn Bradshaw as Larry Spencer

Trivia Notes
Past character Gordon Miller is mentioned

Summary by Steve