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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 150

Written by John Smythe, Directed by Mark Piper, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 11/10/85, BBC One: 29/05/87, UK Gold: 28/05/93

Mrs Gibbs tells Daphne that both she and her partner were sorry to see Helen's exhibition cancelled
Danny makes plans for his and Scott's band
Terry makes plans to get the tape to a solicitor
Charles realises that Terry and Daphne are plotting against him

No 24 - Lounge Room: Max turns the TV up, sick of the noise coming from Danny's room. He then goes over and shouts to the bedroom, telling him to keep it down. Shane points out that this is the most Danny has applied himself to anything in ages, and when Danny comes out to join them, Max tries to be nice and asks if he could play something a bit quieter. Danny says that he really thinks that he and Scott can do well in the talent quest, if they practice, and it would be nice to get some support from his family.

Ramsay Street: The next morning, Douglas arrives to see Helen, just as Jim is about to leave for work. They have a chat about the weather, and then Jim says that he doesn't want Douglas to feel like he and the Robinson family are in the way, or stopping Douglas and Helen from being together. He says that he'd love to see them make a go of it together, and Douglas is very grateful.

. . .

No 26: Douglas knocks on the door and Scott answers as he's leaving for school. Douglas joins Helen in the kitchen and he kisses her, just as Lucy walks in. She immediately asks Helen if she's planning to move out - Helen says that she isn't, but Douglas adds that he thought that he might whisk her away to the Bahamas for a few months, once his private jet is fixed. They all laugh and then leave the house.

No 24 - Kitchen: Max is in a good mood as he prepares to leave for work, but he notices Danny doing his homework and warns him that, if this rock star stuff is going to interfere with school, then he'll put an end to it. After Max leaves, Danny gets annoyed, and tells Shane that he's sick of people acting like he's a little squirt who knows nothing. He takes off his school jumper and announces that he's changing his life, as of today.

No 28: Terry arrives, through the back door, and says that she waited until she saw Des and Sarah leave for work. Daphne is about to make them some coffee when Des comes in the front door and Terry quickly hides. Des says that he forgot a folder containing the IQ tests for the job applicants, which Daphne finds and hands to him. He says that he missed her at breakfast this morning, realising that she's still avoiding Sarah, and then Daphne asks if he's going to Paul's party tonight, suggesting that he could go there straight after the pub. He concludes that she wants the house to herself, which she doesn't deny, and then she sees him out. Terry then returns, and Daphne wonders if all this secrecy is necessary, but Terry explains that she doesn't want anyone to know that she and Daphne aren't really fighting. Daphne then starts to plan what she's going to say to Charles that evening - Terry thinks that it'll be fairly easy to flatter his ego. They then fine tune the details of their plan, and Terry thanks Daphne for all of her help.

Park: Douglas and Helen are going down a slide and having a wonderful time, and he admits that Jim made him feel like a teenager this morning, when he gave him his fatherly seal of approval. Helen is surprised to hear about that, and says that she's not sure she's enjoying feeling young again.

. . .

Pacific Bank: Des is interviewing a job applicant, Tom, who is very enthusiastic and says that it seems like a nice place to work, and he likes money. He then admits that his vocational course at school suggested that he should work in a bank, and he has to do something with his life. Des tells him that he'll be in touch, and the clerk brings over the next applicant - Des is very surprised to see that it's Danny.

Road: Max has changed out of his work overalls and is standing by his van, putting on some aftershave, when Kate comes along with a picnic basket. He's a bit self-conscious about eating outside, but Kate tells him to get in the van and drive them to the nearest park. As he gets in, he mutters about how Danny must have to put up with her bossiness all the time. He then tells her that the lunch smells very nice, and she explains that it's his reward for fixing her pipes.

No 24: Danny is wearing headphones and practising the electric guitar, when Scott and Lucy walk in and watch. Danny asks if she's come to audition for their new vocalist, but she says that she just wanted to know what it's like having a housekeeper. Danny says that it's awful, especially as it's Eileen, and then Lucy leaves. Scott asks Danny why he wasn't at school, but Danny doesn't want to say anything until he knows for certain. Scott then tells Danny that he's had an idea for a song.

No 26: Helen arrives back to find Terry and Lucy making the cake, but Lucy has overwhipped the cream, and Terry is struggling to make chocolate curls. An irritated Helen sends Lucy away, just as Jim comes home to find his youngest daughter sulking on the couch. Lucy says that she thinks Helen is ready to move out, as she seems to like Mr Blake very much, which means that she'll probably want to marry him. Jim agrees, but says that these things happen and everyone has to be strong and get used to change. Helen comes in and apologises for snapping at Lucy, who hugs her and tells her that she loves her. She then leaves to join Julie and the Martin kids at the park. Helen then asks Jim what he's been saying to Douglas, but Jim insists that everything is fine and they've all realised that it's time for her to start making her own way in life.

. . .

No 24: Danny and Shane are performing their song for Shane, who's quietly impressed. Max comes in and listens from the kitchen, and then says that he doesn't want to hear that sort of racket when he gets home from work. Shane tells Max to give the boys a break, but Max says that they need to consider other people, as not everyone wants to have to listen to them. When he hears that their practising drove Eileen to leave work early, Max is impressed, he sits down (with Shane asking him if he's been eating garlic) and asks to hear another performance from Shane and Danny.

No 28: Daphne waits by the window and, as she sees Charles' car pull up outside, she goes to call Terry to let her know.

No 30: Helen has finished cleaning, and Terry then says that she has to go out and buy a bottle of French champagne for Paul. Jim offers to lend her his car, but she says that she'll borrow Daphne's, as they made up that afternoon. Terry rushes off, and Helen and Jim are left wondering why she wants French champagne so desperately.

No 28: Daphne is surprised when Des walks in the door, realising that it was him pulling up outside and not Charles. He says that he's just popped home to change his shirt, but he won't interrupt her date. As he goes to the laundry, Danny knocks on the door, looking for Des, who returns with a clean shirt - Danny asks him not to say anything about the job application until there's a decision about it. Des agrees, and then Daphne quickly gets rid of the pair of them.

. . .

Charles Durham's House: Terry rushes into Charles' house and puts on the lights. She then goes over to a big tribal mask hanging on the wall, and takes the tape from behind it. Charles then suddenly appears and says that he'll take that from her.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Terry Robinson, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: James Condon as Douglas Blake, Ross Thompson as Charles Durham, Susanna Lobez as Kate Drew, Andrew Thompson as Tom Hargraves, Mary Sajnovics as Bank Clerk

Summary by Steve