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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 154

Written by Judy Nunn, Directed by Chris Langman, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 17/10/85, BBC One: 04/06/87, UK Gold: 03/06/93

Lucy listens to the taped conversation between Charles and Terry
The kids complain about Jim's cooking, and that it doesn't match up to Helen's
Julie says goodbye to her dad
Philip tells Julie how lucky he was to find her
Helen tells Jim that she might not be living at number 26 for much longer

No 24: Danny watches from the front window as an angry Eileen storms into the house - he asks her what she was talking to Helen about. Eileen says that it's none of his business and goes outside to hang out the washing. Shane and Max wonder what's rattled Eileen's cage, and Danny suspects that Helen just told her off about something. Max is pleased that someone's finally standing up to Eileen and her interference, but Danny doesn't seem too bothered about it, and he then breaks the news to his dad and brother about his new job at the bank. As they talk about it, and Max takes the news well, Eileen returns and starts tidying up, and then declares that someone has made a big mistake...

No 26: Douglas and Helen are saying goodbye at the front door, and Jim calls out from the kitchen, asking if Douglas is sure that he wouldn't like to stay for dinner. He says that he'll let the family get back to normal for the rest of the night, then tells Helen that he'll call her in the morning. They kiss, and he leaves, then Helen joins Jim in the kitchen and asks if everything really went well in her absence. Jim says that it was fine - except that the steak didn't barbecue too well. Helen tells him that it was stewing steak, and she was planning to make a curry, and Jim admits that running a household is a little more difficult than he imagined. He says that they'll adapt, and that they've taken Helen for granted for too long, but she says that she does have some reservations of her own about such a change in lifestyle, though Douglas does make her happy and she does want to spend the rest of her life with him.

. . .

Pacific Bank: The next morning, Des and Sarah arrive at work, and she says that things are going to be very busy until the new junior clerk arrives - Danny walks in and overhears this, asking if someone mentioned his name. Sarah complains about Danny's cockiness, and Des tells him to come back just before lunch, as there should be a decision by then. After Danny's gone, Sarah says that Danny is completely unsuitable for the position.

Ramsay Street: Shane is outside number 24 doing some gardening and as he goes to throw some cuttings into the bin, Danny comes outside to throw away his school books. Harry is out for a jog and tells the boys that they're both slack and should get more exercise. Shane points out that he's been doing the gardening, and Danny says that he'll be putting a lot of effort into counting money at the bank soon, telling Shane that the job's all but his, and he just has to go and confirm it at lunchtime.

No 28: Shane walks in with Harry, who's telling him a tale about using his kung fu to knock someone out. He's about to demonstrate on Shane, who runs off to the kitchen - Daphne has been listening, however, and asks her grandfather for some tips, as they might help her to deal with the drunks at work. He shows her a move to disarm someone, and then pretends to hit her on the face - when she does the move back to him, she hits him a little too hard. He says that she got lucky that time, and she's going to need some more lessons.

Pacific Bank: Danny arrives and immediately goes over to Des and asks when he starts work - Des breaks the news that Danny didn't get the job, it went to a guy called Alex. Sarah is showing Alex the ropes, and looking very smug about it, and Danny asks why he didn't get it, when he got top marks in the test. Des is annoyed to hear that Harry blabbed about the marks, but says that actually Danny got equal top marks with Alex, and that Alex had a better school report to back it up.

. . .

No 28: Harry is showing some more self-defence moves to Daphne, who's getting a bit carried away with it all. Shane wonders why Daphne is suddenly so eager to defend herself, and asks if someone's been giving her a hard time. She insists that she just thought it might come in handy, and then Shane asks if she'd like to go out with him that evening, but is disappointed when Harry then invites himself along too.

Ramsay Street: Danny is retrieving his school books from the bin out on the street, when Shane catches him. Danny explains that he didn't get the job, so he's going to have to go back to school. Shane says that he's sorry, but he's sure that if they all put their heads together, they'll find Danny a great job in no time. Danny throws the books back into the bin and they go inside.

No 24: Eileen is insisting on cooking a hot meal for Max's lunch, despite him telling her that he'd be happy with a sandwich. Danny and Shane then come in, and Danny breaks the news that he didn't get the job at the bank. Max is sympathetic, but Eileen then pipes up, saying that Danny clearly isn't ready for such responsibility. Max defends his son, and says that he's had enough of Eileen's interference, telling her to keep her nose out, or to get out of his house. Eileen tells him that she resigns from her position as housekeeper, and walks out of the house - Shane, Max and Danny are all delighted to be rid of her.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge Room: Helen and Douglas are preparing to leave for a meeting at the bank, to open a joint account so they can buy the cottage. Helen tells Douglas that he should have some food before they go, as he hasn't eaten all morning, but he suggests that they go for an expensive lunch to celebrate their first adventure together. Helen thinks it's a wonderful idea, and they leave the house.

Pacific Bank: Sarah is showing Alex the ropes, and is irritated when he makes a suggestion to change the system. She then starts showing him the computer system. Over at the counter, George is consoling Eileen as she tells him about her resignation - he asks her exactly what happened, and she says that she was simply trying to offer Max some advice about Danny, when he suddenly turned on her. She then insists that she'll never return to the Ramsay house, even if Max pleads with her.

No 24: Shane and Danny have been cleaning the kitchen, but are struggling to figure out where everything goes. Max then asks Shane for a hand with something, but Shane explains that he's going out for dinner with Harry soon. Danny offers to help Max instead, and Max explains that he just needs someone to do some banking for the business - Danny isn't too pleased with the idea of having to back to the bank today.

Pacific Bank: Sarah is getting annoyed with Alex telling her what to do - he says that he can just see a more efficient way of doing things, but Des then comes over and tells them to stop arguing, as people are noticing. Des then goes over to speak to Douglas and Helen at the counter, and he congratulates them on their engagement. Douglas admits that they might never have met if it hadn't been for Des putting Helen's paintings up at the bank, so they have him to thank for everything. Helen then explains that they want to open a joint account, to buy a cottage in the country, and Des can hardly contain his disappointment at the news that Helen will be moving out of Ramsay Street.

Ramsay Street - No 24 Driveway: Danny is very reluctant to go to the bank with Max, and admits that he might have annoyed a few people there with his over-confidence. Max says that it's nothing to worry about, as youth is the best time to be cocky, but turns down Danny's offer to drive, saying that they've already had enough disasters for one day.

Pacific Bank: Des is becoming annoyed by Sarah and Alex's constant bickering - she complains that he never listens to anything, but he says that she's treating him like a dumb school kid. He says that he didn't have to take this job, as he was offered others, and insists that he can't work with Sarah. As Danny then appears at the counter, Des starts suggesting that maybe a bank isn't the best place for Alex to work, and he should consider taking up one of the other offers. Alex promptly resigns - Des wishes him luck, and then goes over to Danny, welcoming him to his new job at Pacific Bank.

No 28: Shane is very impressed with Daphne's outfit for their night out, but she's disappointed when Harry declares that they're going to Wally's coffee shop. As they're all leaving, Eileen suddenly bursts in, looking for Des, who isn't home yet. Eileen starts ranting at Shane about how she won't be returning to the Ramsay house, but he just leaves.

Wally's Coffee Shop: Wally has been giving Harry a tour of the coffee shop and the apartment that comes with it, and Wally says that his other shops are doing well, so he thought he'd spend a bit of money on this one. Harry tells Wally about his own recent windfall in Las Vegas - Wally admits that he likes a game of cards, and so Harry volunteers Shane and Daphne to keep an eye on the shop, whilst they go and play poker.

No 28: Des arrives home to find Eileen there, and she immediately tells him that she was forced to resign from the Ramsay house, and that Des has to go and speak to Max and make it clear that he can't treat her like this. Des explains that he was just grabbing a quick drink and then he's heading out to the movies - he puts his beer in Eileen's hand and then walks out.

. . .

Wally's Coffee Shop: Shane watches with interest as Wally and Harry's card game heats up. Daphne, meanwhile, is serving tables and tries to get some help, and Shane wonders if Harry can really afford to be throwing away so much money.

Wally's Coffee Shop: Later, the shop is closed, and Shane is trying to get Harry to stop, as he's lost a lot of money. Wally agrees, and wonders if Harry's going to be able to cover his debt, but Harry then breaks the news that he won $50,000 in Vegas. He says that he took a big chance and it paid off. Wally is impressed, so Harry suggests that he put up half of the coffee shop, and Harry will put up his $50,000 winnings. Shane and Daphne step in, saying that this is a stupid idea - Harry ignores them and asks Wally if he's in, and then the game begins.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: James Condon as Douglas Blake, Julia MacDougall as Sarah Richards, Johnny Lockwood as Harry Henderson, Reg Gorman as Wally Walters, Alan Cassell as George Young, Steven Bastoni as Alex Baxter

Trivia Notes
Steve Bastoni, who plays Alex in this episode, would return to Neighbours in 2007 in the regular role of Steve Parker
Myra De Groot is not credited for her appearance as Eileen in this episode

Summary by Steve