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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 155

Written by Helen Townsend, Directed by Chris Langman, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 18/10/85, BBC One: 05/06/87, UK Gold: 04/06/93

Harry teaches some self-defence moves to Daphne
Danny is disappointed that he didn't get the job at the bank
Wally agrees to bet half the coffee shop in a poker game with Harry

Wally's Coffee Shop: The poker game is progressing, and Daphne is still trying to get Harry to stop. He insists that he likes the shop, and it's only money. Wally then suggests that they raise the stake to $51,000 or a 51% share in the shop - Harry agrees, realising that would make him the boss. Wally lays down a full house, but then Harry has four kings and he wins, declaring it to be beginner's luck.

No 28: Daphne and Shane arrive back, and she's beginning to wonder if her grandfather realise is the amateur poker player that he makes himself out to be.

Wally's Coffee Shop: Harry is already making plans to fix up the shop and attract a new clientele, though Wally thinks that it would be a mistake to turn away the teenagers. Harry wonders if Wally is just trying to put him off, because he's annoyed about losing half the business, but then Wally breaks the news that it really isn't that great a win, as the shop is mortgaged to the hilt, and it's going to be very difficult to turn a profit from it.

. . .

No 28: Terry calls by, urgently wanting a word with Daphne. Once she's got rid of Shane, Daphne asks what's going on, and Terry explains that she saw Charles' car parked at the end of the street earlier, and last night he called and said he was going to get someone she cares about. Daphne thinks that he's just trying to scare her, and asks where the tape is - shocked to hear that Terry left it at the Robinson house. Terry says that she wasn't thinking about the danger she was putting the family in, and Daphne tells her to get the tape in the morning and take it straight to a solicitor, who can take it to the police if anything should happen to Terry.

Charles Durham's House: Barbara arrives back, and Charles pours her a drink as she tells him about her observations of Terry on Ramsay Street. Charles is grateful for her help, but they both agree that they're going to have to do a little more than stalk Terry if they're going to get the tape back. Charles declares that, if they don't get the tape the next day, then it's the end of Terry.

No 28: The next morning, Harry is looking for Des, but Daphne explains that he's already left for work. Harry says that he wanted to ask Des if he could help hang some new wallpaper at the coffee shop that evening, and Daphne then confronts him about whether he was being honest about being a beginner in the poker game. Harry admits that he wasn't entirely honest, but he's ended up with $50,000 of debt for his trouble. Eileen then calls by looking for Des, and Harry joins her in complaining about how the youth of today are never around to help their elders. Daphne leaves them to their complaining, and Harry introduces himself to Eileen and asks her opinion on the wallpaper. She compliments his choice, but when she hears that he's opening a 'coffee palace', she suggests that he should choose something washable. He asks if she's in the catering business, and she explains that she recently resigned as the Ramsay housekeeper, but is going there now to return her key - Harry suspects that Max Ramsay will be begging her to return, though Eileen isn't so sure.

No 24: Eileen wanders in through the back door, and finds Shane doing the washing-up. She says that she's just called by to return the key, and she puts it down on the counter. She also picks up one of her cookbooks, and admits that she's sorry about the way things turned out. Shane says that Max is known for his quick temper, even when someone is just trying to help - Eileen then says that she's going to miss working there, and wonders if she could persuade Max to give her the job back. Shane suspects that Max will be holding a grudge for some time to come, so Eileen asks Shane if he could have a word. Shane doesn't think that it would work, so Eileen decides to leave it, and says a sad goodbye.

. . .

Wally's Coffee Shop: Harry is showing the wallpaper to Wally, and talking about his plans for the shop, completely ignoring some customers who've just come in. Wally suggests that he should think about dealing with customers before he makes any other changes, then leaves Harry alone to run the place.

No 26 - Lounge: Terry sneaks in and goes straight to the tape collection. She finds the case, but opens it and sees that the cassette is missing.

No 26 - Lounge: A little later, Daphne and Terry have gone through all of the cassettes in the house, but can't find the one they're looking for, and Terry is becoming increasingly frantic that there's nothing to stop Charles coming after her now. Daphne tells her to calm down, and insists that they'll find a solution to the problem.

. . .

Wally's Coffee Shop: Harry is busy serving customers, when Eileen calls in, saying that she thought she'd come and see his new business. She asks for a coffee, but then another customer comes over complaining that they've been given a meat sandwich, but they're vegetarian. Harry brushes it off, and is similarly flippant when Scott arrives and finds smoke coming out of the grill. Lucy follows her brother in and orders a hot chocolate, telling Harry that he's never going to make any money when he ignores her to deal with Eileen. Scott then tells Harry that perhaps he should find some extra staff - he says that he used to help out Wally, but Harry could probably use someone full-time at the moment. Harry looks over at Eileen, and says that's a very good idea - he goes over and joins her and asks if she spoke to Max. She says that she didn't, but she'd already decided that the housekeeping job was unsuitable. Harry compliments her on her cooking and hosting skills, and wonders if perhaps, as he's making the coffee shop a more upmarket establishment, she'd like to come and work for him. She says that she would love to.

No 30/Charles Durham's House: Daphne thinks that Charles might leave Terry alone, now that the tape has vanished, but Terry points out that she knows what was said on the tape, so her life is still at risk. Daphne says that Terry should just go to the police, as it's a simple choice between spending some time in prison and fearing Charles Durham for the rest of her life. Terry then says that there must be a third option, and half-seriously suggests bumping off Charles. Daphne jokes that she can't be serious about that, and then leaves to get to the shops. A defeated Terry sits down, but then the phone rings - it's Charles, who asks Terry if she was too scared to spend last night on her own. She says that she hadn't expected to hear from him again, but he tells her that he won't leave her alone until he's got what he wants. She says that, if he does kill her, it'll leave a trail that leads straight to his door, but he simply asks her again for the tape - she says that she thought he already had it, and he, believing that she's stringing him along again, hangs up. He then says that he's had enough, and gives Barbara the car keys, sending her off to do his dirty work.

Wally's Coffee Shop: Eileen is becoming slightly concerned that there isn't an ordering system at the shop, and nor is there any food. Harry tells her not to worry, insisting that he'll deal with it, and then goes to ask Lucy if she wants another milkshake. Eileen points out that there's no milk to make one, so she takes money from the till and goes out to the shops. Harry wonders if Eileen always takes things so personally, and Lucy and Scott tell him that she's like that most of the time, and maybe it wasn't such a good idea to employ her.

Park: Scott and Lucy are joking about Eileen working for Harry. As she demonstrates her skipping to Scott, Lucy says that she wishes that Helen wouldn't get married, as they might end up with someone like Eileen looking after them. Lucy then asks Scott to take her bag and tell Helen that she's staying at the park for a bit longer. Lucy spots Barbara, who says that she's lost Rufus, so Lucy offers to help find him.

Ramsay Street: Harry is chatting to Shane, realising that he made a big mistake in hiring Eileen, as she's already driven away most of the younger customers. Shane suggests that Harry should find someone younger with a bit of fun - Harry says that he knows the perfect person, but he'll just need to talk her into it.

No 28: Daphne is working on her bonsai trees, when Harry comes up and says that he'd like a little chat. He says that he's concerned that her line of work isn't really suitable - she should be doing something with the general public. Daphne quickly realises what he's hinting at, and he explains that he has to find someone to replace this awful, bossy woman he's employed. Daphne says that she sounds a lot like Eileen - Harry says that it is Eileen, and Daphne suddenly has very little sympathy for him. Terry then knocks at the door, and Daphne gets rid of Harry. Terry then explains that Charles called, and he says that he doesn't have the tape. They realise that one of the Robinsons must have it, and they might have listened to it, or recorded over it. Daphne wonders what to do now, and Terry says that Charles is probably coming to get her now, as he said he was going to kill someone. Scott then bursts in, looking for Lucy who should have been home ages ago, and both Daphne and Terry look very worried.

. . .

Park: Barbara and Lucy are still looking for Rufus the dog. Lucy worries about him being stuck out all night on his own, and Barbara suggests looking up the road. Lucy says that she has to go home now, but Barbara persuades her to come along...

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Shane Ramsay, Terry Robinson, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Johnny Lockwood as Harry Henderson, Myra De Groot as Eileen Clarke, Ross Thompson as Charles Durham, Louise Le Nay as Barbara Hill, Reg Gorman as Wally Walters, Unknown as Complaining Customer

Trivia Notes
The guest characters were not credited for this episode
Lucy dressed as a cowboy for dress-up day at school, but came second to Neil Frost, who was dressed as Mr T
Past character Gordon Miller is mentioned

Summary by Steve