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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 156

Written by Kaye Bendle, Directed by Andrew Friedman, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 21/10/85, BBC One: 08/06/87, UK Gold: 07/06/93

Wally tells Harry that the coffee shop is mortgaged to the hilt
Charles decides that he'll have to get rid of Terry
Terry finds that the tape is missing
Harry offers Eileen a job at the shop
Terry wrongly assumes that Charles has taken the tape
Barbara takes Lucy from the park

Road/Charles Durham's Flat: Barbara stops the car outside a shop, and Lucy gets out and goes inside. Barbara then uses the car phone to call Charles and let him know that she has Lucy with her. Charles tells her to keep Lucy occupied and away from Ramsay Street for as long as possible. Barbara isn't sure how she'll do that, but agrees, as Lucy gets back into the car. Charles then hangs up, and walks past Rufus, who's asleep on the couch.

Row of Shops: Helen is coming out of a shop, when she almost bumps into Sarah, who's in a hurry and carrying a big box. She doesn't seem interested in small talk, giving short replies as Helen talks about her dilemma, trying to choose a wedding dress. Helen asks Sarah if she'd like to get a coffee, but Sarah says that she has a bus to catch, and rushes off.

Park: Lucy suggests that they should try looking over at the other side of the lake, but Barbara says that Rufus hates water, and she'd rather stay close to the car incase anyone calls. The phone then rings - Barbara takes a message, then tells Lucy that the dog's been spotted by some old factories, so Lucy gets into the car so they can go and look.

. . .

No 28: Daphne hangs up after speaking to Scott, and reports that Lucy still hasn't been found. Terry is convinced that Charles has taken her, but Daphne accuses her of being melodramatic. Terry is sure, as Charles has nothing to lose now, so Daphne decides that they should call the police, as they'd never forgive themselves if something happened to Lucy which they could have prevented. As Daphne is about to dial, Terry stops her and says that she has an idea.

No 28/Charles Durham's Flat: A little later, Terry makes a call to Charles. He isn't surprised to hear from her, and says that a little friend of hers will be happy about this call too. Terry, however, tells him that she made copies of the tape and sent them to various people, with instructions to go to the police if anything should happen to her. Charles thinks that was a very foolish thing to do, and says that Terry's little friend won't be happy either. Terry says that she thought it was a good idea at the time, and now Charles has exactly one hour to get Lucy back to Ramsay Street, unharmed.

Wally's Coffee Shop: Harry is doing the cleaning, and dancing around the shop, when Helen walks in. He takes her shopping and sits her down, and starts telling her about his plans to revamp the shop inside and out, and turn it into a real continental cafe. Helen wonders where Eileen will fit into his plans, but he says that he has no idea what to do with her, as she's treating the customers like it's a boarding school, and won't let him speak. Helen tells him that he must take a stand, and suggests that he should try talking louder than Eileen. He then asks for Helen's opinion on the coffee - she says that it's dreadful, so he forces her to wait while he goes and makes a fresh cup.

Factories/Charles Durham's Flat: Lucy is surprised that Rufus would have walked all the way out to the factories, and that anyone lives around here. Barbara explains that nobody lives here, it's just where Rufus was spotted. She sends Lucy off to start looking, then gets in the car and calls Charles - he snaps at her, thinking it's Terry, before apologising. Barbara asks if she should bring Lucy back, but Charles thinks that Terry is bluffing. Neither of them knows what to do next, and they start arguing, but then Barbara has an idea and hangs up.

. . .

No 28: Daphne returns from the Robinson house, and says that this has all gone far enough. She takes the phone to call the police, but Terry stops her and is sure that Charles will bring Lucy back. She says that she loves Lucy, but if Daphne calls the police then she's finished. Terry storms out of the house, and Daphne phones the police to report a kidnapping.

Charles Durham's Flat: There's a knock at the door, and Charles answers to find Daphne, along with a couple of police detectives, on the doorstep. One of them explains that they've had a report that Charles is detaining a young girl in his house, and they ask to come inside. He lets them all in, and insists that it's just him and the dog. He's surprised to hear that Lucy has only been missing for a few hours, and says that he's happy to help in any way he can, but he's been at home all afternoon, listening to tapes. Daphne glares at him, and the detective asks her again for her version of events. Daphne remains silent, and Charles says that he believes that he can explain - he and Daphne used to be close, but they had a falling out, as he just couldn't cope with her job as a stripper...

Wally's Coffee Shop: Harry has been attempting to perfect his coffee, with Helen growing tired of testing them. He then gives her some cake to try, explaining that he made it himself, though Helen doesn't want to spoil her dinner, he insists that she at least try the latest coffee, which she does and is very impressed. Harry is delighted, and starts talking about his plans to feature live music. Helen thinks that Scott and Danny might be good, as they've been practising for the talent quest. Harry knows nothing about a talent quest, and Helen points out the poster on the wall, though she's slightly alarmed when Harry then offers his services as a singer at her wedding.

. . .

Charles Durham's Flat/Factories: Daphne is insistent that she wouldn't have called the police without good reason, but Detective Thomas reminds her that Lucy is just a little late home from school, and they have no reason to believe that Charles is involved. Daphne becomes annoyed that nobody will believe her, and Charles continues to make barbed comments, until finally the detectives decide that they should all leave. Once Daphne and the detectives have gone, Charles phones Barbara, but there's nobody in the car to answer.

Wally's Coffee Shop: Helen is now trying the cake, and says that she deserves danger money, but she does admit that the cake is very nice. Harry then declares that he'll make her wedding cake, and that they can have the whole event at the coffee shop. As he starts making plans, Helen stops him and says that they're just going to have a quiet ceremony at the registry office, with absolutely no fuss. Just then, Sarah walks in, still carrying the box. Harry asks her what she wants, and then makes her sit with Helen, who says that she thought Sarah was going home. Sarah explains that she didn't have time, and thought she'd better get some food as she's going out later, so won't have time to cook. Harry hears this and assumes that she's going on a date, so he starts teasing her about it.

No 26: Terry is sitting on the couch, as Daphne comes in and asks if there's any news. Terry admits that she hasn't heard anything, and has decided that, if Lucy doesn't show up in the next five minutes, she's going to call the police. Daphne is about to confess that she's already called them, when Lucy suddenly walks in.

No 26: Terry and Daphne are questioning Lucy about where she's been - Lucy explains that she was helping her friend to find her missing dog. She describes Barbara and explains what happened, and Daphne tells Lucy that she should stay away from Barbara, as she isn't a nice lady; she explains that she's seen Barbara hitting her dog. Helen then walks in, wondering why nobody's started making dinner yet - Daphne explains that Scott is out looking for Lucy, who's been missing all evening and only just got home. Lucy rushes over to her gran and says that she was just helping Barbara to find her dog, but she'll never go near her again.

Charles Durham's Flat: Charles has been explaining the events of the day to Barbara, and asks why she didn't answer the car phone. She tells him that she was out with Lucy, searching the old factories, and worries that, now the police are involved, she's going to be questioned. Charles says that Lucy went with her of her own accord, so he can't see it being a problem. Barbara wonders how they're going to get the tape now, but Charles is quite confident that Terry will still provide it.

No 24: Max is about to sit down to dinner, when Des comes in, wanting a chat about Eileen. He talks about how Eileen is lonely, and the ideal situation would be if George were to propose, but he doesn't know how to suggest it. Max wonders how exactly he's going to help, but Des says that Eileen and George are a perfect match.

. . .

No 30: Terry is furious that Daphne contacted the police, as she knows that it won't take them long to make the link between her and Charles. She says that she's going to end up in jail, but Daphne can't believe that Terry was ready to sacrifice Lucy's life to save her own. Terry insists that Daphne involving the police didn't scare Charles into sending Lucy back, and now he's just got free reign to do whatever he wants. Daphne is furious that Terry is talking like this, and says that she's had enough, before storming out of the house.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Terry Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Johnny Lockwood as Harry Henderson, Julia MacDougall as Sarah Richards, Ross Thompson as Charles Durham, Louise Le Nay as Barbara Hill, James Patrick as Detective Thomas

Trivia Notes
James Patrick would return in three further Neighbours guest roles, in 1988 as Barry Hawkins, in 1990 as Alan Stewart and in 1996 as Peter Lenten

Summary by Steve