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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 166

Written by Penny Fraser, Directed by Max Varnel, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 04/11/85, BBC One: 23/06/87, UK Gold: 21/06/93

Daphne is almost hit by a car
Daphne realises that Terry was the intended target of the hitman
Max and Charles start to fight
Jim tells Helen that there isn't going to be a wedding

No 26: Helen asks Jim what he means, and then asks if there's been an accident. Jim tells her to sit down, and says that Douglas has conned all of them. He explains that his company solicitor tried to contact Douglas's solicitor, but he doesn't exist. Helen thinks that there must have been a simple mix-up with the name or address, but Jim sits next to her and explains that he went to see Douglas to find out, but his unit was empty and he'd gone. Helen refuses to accept this, saying that she and Douglas are buying a cottage together, and she was with him earlier at the bank when they received the cheque. She then runs from the room.

Charles Durham's Apartment: Max is being held back by a security guard, but is still ranting about how Charles uses people. Charles tells the security guard to take Max away.

Charles Durham's Apartment - Exterior: Shane and Daphne pull up outside the building, though Shane doesn't think that Max will hurt Charles. Daphne says that she's more worried about Max getting hurt, but then they watch as the security guard throws Max out onto the street. An amused Shane calls his father over, and offers to give him a lift home.

. . .

Charles Durham's Apartment: Barbara arrives back and asks Charles to pour her a drink. He says that, after they've dealt with Terry, they should leave Australia - Barbara agrees to organise their passports, but is shocked by Charles' bruised face as he turns to her. He explains that Terry's been shooting her mouth off again, and one of her friends came over to defend her. Barbara asks how they're going to explain things to Robert - Charles says that he'll say they're getting married and going away on an extended honeymoon. Barbara is rather taken with that idea, and Charles tells her to book flights at the end of the day, which will give him enough time to deal with Terry.

No 26: Jim is helping Lucy with her homework, but he's clearly distracted, and she asks if Helen is unwell. Jim explains that she's just a bit upset - Lucy wants to go and cheer her up but Jim says that they should leave her alone for now. Lucy decides to go and help Daphne with the party preparations instead. Just then, Helen appears from the bedroom and rushes out of the front door, saying that she's going to the cottage, as that's where Douglas will be.

Cottage: Helen arrives at the cottage in her car, pausing briefly as she passes the 'Sold' sign. She continues along the driveway, and sees a van parked outside the cottage. She goes over to the front door and calls out, and a man appears - she asks him if he's bought the cottage. He explains that he and his wife just bought it, and he's come to do some cleaning, as his wife is pregnant. He says that they wanted to live in the country because everyone is so friendly, and then he notices that Helen has started to cry and asks her inside. She insists that she's fine, and says that she hopes he'll be very happy in the cottage, before returning to her car.

Ramsay Street: A taxi drops Terry and Paul outside number 30, and they're discussing their idea of getting away from Charles by moving overseas. They spot Jim across the street, and decide to go over and tell him their news.

. . .

No 28: Lucy has come over to help with the party preparations, and Sarah comments that hopefully everyone will turn up and then she'll be rolling in money. Daphne reminds Sarah that the donations are going to charity, and Sarah takes offence at the implication. Des says that he's going to get the drinks and suggests that Sarah should take a long bath, but she decides to go with him instead. After they've gone, Lucy pulls down the flour bin and opens it before Daphne can stop her - she says that she's never seen a gun before. Daphne says that guns are very dangerous and makes Lucy promise not to touch it again. She then says that they need some more flour, and Lucy offers to go to Terry's house to borrow some.

No 30/Charles Durham's Apartment: Lucy calls by, happy to see Terry and tells her that they're making cakes and have run out of flour. She then tells Terry about Daphne's gun - Terry is surprised to hear about it and warns Lucy not to tell anyone else, as the wrong person might find out and hurt someone with it. She sends Lucy back to number 28, and says she'll come over with the flour. The phone then rings, and Charles asks Terry if she told Paul all about her past. She says that Paul knows everything, and then Charles asks for the tape - Terry says that she'll bring it to him that evening, and she and Paul are leaving the country soon, so Charles needn't worry about her talking to the police either.

No 28: Terry calls by with the flour, and tells Daphne that she and Paul are moving overseas. Daphne tells her to go as soon as possible, and explains that Charles tried to have her run down, after mistaking her for Terry. This makes up Terry's mind about what she has to do, and she says that Paul knows everything now, so Charles can't hurt them. Daphne hears a car outside, and goes to help Des and Sarah with the drinks. Terry then quickly takes the gun from the flour bin and manages to put it back just before Lucy walks in. Daphne joins them, and says that Terry should leave while she can, before Sarah ropes her in to help with the party.

No 26: Jim is cleaning up the mess that Lucy has made, after coming home to find some flour, when Helen comes in. She laughs about the state of the kitchen, but then tells Jim that the cottage has been bought by someone else. Jim offers to make some tea, and Helen says that it might not solve this problem - Jim says that he wishes he could think of a way to help. Helen admits that she feels like another 'old girl' who's been taken for a ride - Jim reminds her that they were all taken in by Douglas and his lies. He says that he doesn't want to cause her any further hurt, but they should probably call the police. Helen agrees that it's the only way they might see their money again, then she becomes teary and says that she needs to lie down.

No 28: Sarah has managed to talk Des into getting one of his customers to give a dinner for two at Grizabella's, as the door prize for the party. Des and Daphne are getting sick of Sarah's behaviour, but then Jim turns up, and Sarah turns her attention to him and whether he's coming to the party. He says that he'll try to pop in, and Des tells Sarah that she really should be getting ready. She rushes off, and Jim says that he needs a word with Des - he then explains to both Des and Daphne that Douglas has done a runner with the money, and he asks Des if there's any way they can cancel the cheque. Des explains that he could try, but it would have to be in the morning, and if that didn't work, he could find out which bank accepted it.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge: Helen is sketching a portrait of Douglas, as Jim returns, with Des, who wants to offer his sympathy. He admits that he feels guilty, as it was his fault that Helen met Douglas in the first place. She shows them the sketch, saying that it might help the police - Douglas always refused to have his photo taken, and now she realises why. Des then suggests that she should come to the party that evening, but as he tries to force the issue, Helen becomes upset and rushes from the room.

No 30: Paul isn't very keen on going to the party, but Terry says that she's already promised Lucy. She then says that she needs to go to the shops for Daphne, and Paul wants to go with her, but she insists that he stays at home to unpack. Once he's taken the bags to the bedroom, she takes the gun and puts it in her handbag.

No 26: Jim calls Lucy to hurry up, and she runs out, asking him to tie the back of her dress. She says that she could hear Helen crying through the door, and asks if she had a fight with Mr Blake. Jim says that it was something like that, and Lucy insists that she's going to stay at home and give Helen a hug. Jim says it's a lovely idea, but sometimes adults need to be on their own to think through a problem. Lucy accepts this and rushes off to the party. Before Jim can catch her up, Helen appears, still a bit tearful, and Jim asks if she'd like him to stay with her. She says that she'd prefer to be alone, and that this is all her own fault anyway. Lucy then starts calling for Jim, so he leaves, but says that he won't be gone for long.

. . .

Charles Durham's Apartment: Charles is calling Barbara to hurry up, as he doesn't want her to be there when Terry arrives. She says that the bags are downstairs and the taxi is on its way, but she wonders if she should stay and help. Charles says that he doesn't need two women fighting, and that he's dealt with a dead body before. He explains that Frank is waiting for his call, and he'll come and tidy everything up afterwards. There's a knock at the door, and Barbara leaves via the fire escape, whilst Charles opens the door to Terry. He comments on her bag of shopping and how she's becoming very domesticated. Seeing two glasses on the table, she checks that they're alone, and Charles assures her that they are. He then asks for the tape, but is stunned as Terry pulls the gun from her bag and points it at him...

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Paul Robinson, Terry Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Julia MacDougall as Sarah Richards, Louise Le Nay as Barbara Hill, Ross Thompson as Charles Durham, Brad Lindsay as Security Guard, Unknown as Cottage Owner

Trivia Notes
The new owner of Helen and Douglas's cottage is not credited

Summary by Steve