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Magic Moments > 1985 > Shane and Danny's Car Crash Episode 10

Written by Reg Watson, Directed by Mark Joffe, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 29/03/85, BBC One: 07/11/86, UK Gold: 13/11/92

Paul and Father Barry visit Kim in a squat and she says she’s never going home. Shane and Daphne kiss. Danny tells Shane about the shopkeeper accusing him of theft. A man cases the bank and then goes out to the car and tells his accomplice that they’ll do it in the morning...

Des and Daphne are having breakfast at number 28, and he asks her how work was last night. She tells him not to worry about her and he apologises for interfering. She asks him if he enjoys working at the bank, and he says he does. They both wonder what they’d do with a million bucks and then she asks him if she can transfer her account to his bank, as the accountant’s a personal friend.

. . .

At number 24, the Ramsays are having breakfast in silence. The phone rings and Maria goes to answer, while Danny gets up and Max asks him why he was yelling last night, he says he can’t help having nightmares. Maria says that Max has a client to go to and Max tells Shane he’ll have to get himself to training. Shane and Danny both get up and leave, and Max wonders why they’re being so secretive, he blames Danny. Maria tells him he would have Danny found guilty before the judge had even entered the courtroom.

Shane finds Danny in his room and Danny says that he doesn’t have to lie on his behalf. Shane asks Danny what’s with all the nightmares, and Danny claims that they’re just dreams.

. . .

Out on the street, Shane and Danny meet Julie, to give her a life to work, and all three get into the car.

The man from the bank is in bed, when his phone rings. He answers and tells the caller to come over.

. . .

Shane, Danny and Julie are in the car, and Danny asks Julie if Scott’s coming back to school. Julie says she doesn’t know, but doesn’t blame him for not wanting to face stupid kids. Julie and Danny start arguing and Shane says that it’s going to be a lovely day…

The man is in his room, loading bullets into a gun…

Shane drops Julie off at the bank. He then tells Danny that when they were at school, they used to call Julie ‘Bossy Boots’.

. . .

The man is still getting ready, putting on a shirt and tie…

Shane is practising his dives at the pool, and Max starts shouting at him, when Danny turns up, on his lunch break.

. . .

Marilyn at the bank answers the phone, and tells Julie that someone’s on the phone for Des. Julie explains that he’s busy, and tells Marilyn to always refer to him as Mr. Clarke in front of customers.

The two men are sitting in the car outside the bank. One of them gets out with a briefcase and goes inside.

Shane continues to practice his dives.

. . .

Julie serves a customer, and then calls for the next person in line. The man comes up with his briefcase and puts it down on the counter. He opens his case, while Julie watches him suspiciously…

Shane asks Max how his dive was, and he says it was good.

Julie is still serving the man, when he suddenly spins his case round and points a gun at her. He tells her to just do what it says on the note, and everything will be fine.

Shane dives again.

. . .

Julie starts putting money into a bag.

Shane gets out of the pool and Max says that he has to leave.

Julie is still putting money into the bag, and before she hands it over, she pushes the alarm button with her knee. The man grabs the bag of money and runs out of the bank into the getaway car. They drive off.

Danny is asking Shane for a lift to the beach, but he won’t take him. Danny keeps asking, but Shane still refuses.

. . .

The getaway car drives off. The man inside is pleased that the plan worked.

. . .

Shane and Danny are in the car, and Shane is worried about how much they’ll cop it if Max finds out they went to the beach. Danny tells him that he should stop doing things just to please ‘Mad Max’.

. . .

A police car gets word over the radio about the bank robbery, then the getaway car drives straight past them and they give chase. The robbers realise and start to speed up. Meanwhile, Shane and Danny are coming from the other direction. The getaway car starts swerving all over the street and Shane is unable to avoid as it comes towards his car…

. . .

The getaway car is upside down in the street, while there’s an arm hanging out of the door of Shane’s car and a body is covered over in the street with a blanket. Danny is just coming round, and the policeman tells him not to worry. Danny starts asking for Shane, but nobody will tell him everything. The bank robber is trapped under the car, and he tells the police that this would never have happened if they hadn’t chased after him.

. . .

. . .

Helen is at number 26, painting, when Julie comes home. Helen asks what she’s doing home and she explains that there was a hold-up at the bank. Helen sits with her, and Julie says she was fine until the police started asking questions, then she fainted. Helen asks if the robber had a gun, and Julie starts to get upset. Helen offers to call a doctor, but Julie says she just needs to sit and try to forget about it. Helen says they’ve had a letter from Grandma Robinson, so she should read that.

Maria is at number 24, when a police officer comes to her door and explains that there’s been an accident. Maria thinks it’s Max, but the man says that the names he has are Daniel and Shane. He asks if she has a neighbour who can go to the hospital with her, but she says she must phone her husband.

. . .

Julie is sitting on the sofa in silence, when Scott comes in and asks what she’s doing home. Julie starts shouting at him about his mooning around about Kim. She tells him to get back to school, and he asks where Helen is. Julie explains that she’s at the hospital, something terrible has happened.

Helen is on the phone, leaving a message for Max. She then goes and sits with Maria, who explains that Danny is out of theatre. He has a few broken ribs, but they won’t tell her what’s wrong with Shane. Maria is annoyed that Danny was there, he should have been in school.

. . .

The doctor goes in to see Danny and he wakes up. He asks about Shane, but she says that she’ll keep him informed as soon as she knows something. Danny says that it should have been him, but the doctor tells him to calm down and get some rest. Danny is worried about what Max will think, and the doctor says that he’s just arrived, so she’ll bring him in. Danny tells her not to.

Dr. Lockyer goes out to see Max and Maria. She explains that they are currently fighting to save Shane, but Danny will be fine. Max gets angry, and demands to know how the boys ended up mixed up in all of this. Maria asks Helen if she’ll stay and she says that she will, and Maria tells Max how wonderful Helen’s been.

A nurse goes in to see Danny and tries to convince him to speak to his parents, as they’re extremely worried. Danny says that he’ll see his mother, but not his father.

. . .

Out in the waiting room, Helen, Maria and Max are waiting for news. The surgeon comes out to talk to them. He says that Shane is going to be alright, but there’s some damage to his spinal cord.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Julie Robinson, Scott Robinson, Helen Daniels, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Kassie McCluskie as Marilyn Temple, Red Symons as Gordon Miller, Peter Black as policeman 1, Steven Hutchinson as policeman 2, Stephanie Daniel as Dr Lockyer, Gloria Ajenstat as Nurse Laurie Stevens, Tom Travers as Dr Rowlands

Trivia Notes
• Julie’s nickname at school was Bossy Boots
• Episode featured Gloria Ajenstat and Stephanie Daniel who would later become regular guests, starring together again in the 1987 season as Susan Cole and Ruth Wilson
• The getaway car registration number was IKH 296
• First mention of Jim’s mother as Grandma Robinson
• St James is named as the local hospital

Summary and captures by Steve