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Magic Moments > 1985 > Debbie's Arrival Episode 91

Written by Wendy Jackson, Directed by Peter Bernados, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 22/07/85, BBC One: 05/03/87, UK Gold: 08/03/93

Wendy tells Maria that she's going back home to Queensland... Max and Maria argue once again, and Danny tries to stop them... Daphne says that Des' new woman has had a wonderful effect on him... Philip takes a phone call, and tells Julie that his daughter, Debbie, has tried to kill herself...

Philip arrives home, and Julie is lying on the couch under a blanket, waiting for him. She asks about Debbie, and Philip says that they think she's going to make it. He sits down with Julie, and explains that Debbie took some of Loretta's sleeping tablets, almost enough to kill her. Julie doesn't think it could have been deliberate, but Philip says that it was, and she just kept saying 'I don't want to wake up'. He blames himself and says that he should have been there when Loretta told the kids about the divorce - he explains that Loretta was drunk when Debbie took the pills, and Michael found his sister and told the neighbours. He's horrified by how close Debbie came to dying. Julie asks if he wants her to stay, but he says that he's going back to the hospital, as he just wants to be with his daughter.

. . .

The next morning at number 26, Julie appears for breakfast and is a little subdued. Jim and Scott make jokes about problems with the boyfriend, but then the doorbell rings and Jim goes to answer it, saying that Bob Sutton from across the street has asked him and Helen to witness his signature on his will. Scott also leaves the table, and Helen tells Julie that she and Jim will listen if there's anything she wants to talk about. Julie thanks her and leaves. Helen joins the others in the lounge, where Scott is finding the will a bit creepy - but Helen says it's very sensible for anyone over 18 to make a will. Bob says that he's leaving everything to Jan and Bernie anyway, and Helen remarks on Bernie's new bike. Scott complains that he only ever got Paul's hand-me-downs, but Bob says that Bernie is an only child, so he gets whatever he wants. Jim then says that he has to leave for work, and Bob asks for a lift, as Jan needs the car today.

Outside number 26, Bernie is racing around the street on his new bike. Bob watches him proudly, but Jim and Helen think that it's a bit dangerous to let him out on the street. Jim tells Bernie to move now, as he needs to go to work, but Bob insists that Bernie knows what he's doing. They get in the car and drive away, and Bernie then annoys Helen by almost running into her on the bike.

. . .

At the bank, Marilyn is serving customers, and Julie spots Philip come in. She goes over and says that Des could have coped without him today, but Philip says that he needed to come in to sign some papers. He explains that he's going back to the hospital and Julie offers to go with him, but she'll just wait outside. Philip is grateful to her, and tells her that he loves her. Marilyn watches as they leave together.

Scott rushes in through the back door at number 26, and grabs one of the biscuits that Helen has just taken out of the oven. He says that the food at Wally's coffee shop is terrible, so he fills up at home before he goes to work. He also declares that tonight is the night that he's going to tell Wally where to stick his job, and he can't wait to see his face when he does. He leaves, with Helen telling him to be nice. She then takes a bite out of one of the biscuits, and isn't too happy.

. . .

Scott leaves the house, and he too is almost hit by Bernie Sutton on his bike.

At the hospital, Julie is standing and waiting by the car, when Loretta Martin gets out of a taxi behind her. Loretta says that she's like to speak to Julie, but Julie doesn't know what there is to say - Loretta then asks Julie to leave her family alone. She says that Philip and the children are her life, and she doesn't want to lose them. Julie asks why she drinks so much, if she cares about her family, but Loretta explains that she only started drinking to try and get some confidence to deal with her successful husband. She says that, unlike Julie, she hasn't always had a family to support her, but now she's got one, she can't face losing it. She tells Julie that she's going to a clinic, and she needs to know that her family will be there for her when she comes out. Loretta walks away, and Julie thinks for a moment, then follows her into the hospital.

. . .

. . .

Julie walks onto a ward, and spots Loretta and Philip sitting by Debbie's hospital bed. Philip is telling Debbie that he loves her, and that everything's going to be alright. Julie looks a little taken aback, and leaves.

A slightly dazed Julie walks out of the hospital, thinking back on some of the conversations she's had with Philip and Loretta.

. . .

At the restaurant, Wally notices Scott going back to the kitchen with a couple of steaks, and Scott explains that the customers have changed their minds, and they want the spaghetti now. Wally is annoyed about the waste, particularly when Scott drops some of it on the floor, and picks it up and tells Scott that the steak can be his meal tonight. An irritated Scott takes the plates to the kitchen.

Julie arrives home, and she looks like she's been crying. Jim stops her from going to her room, and says that it's about time she told him what's going on. She doesn't want to talk, and points out that Jim is supporting of Paul's relationship with Terry, who's also going through a divorce, so why is this any different? She asks for some peace and quiet, and wonders if she'll have to leave home. Jim goes to follow her, but Helen tells him to leave her for now.

. . .

Back at the restaurant, Scott is struggling with some plates and glasses - Wally gives him a hand, and says that he'd like to have a word. Scott is trying his best to quit the job, but Wally keeps interrupting him - he says that Scott's paid back his debt now, and he'd like to offer him a part-time job, after school. Scott is surprised, and finds himself accepting. Wally asks what Scott wanted to talk to him about - Scott tells him that the kids at school really like the place, and he should be able to convince more to come in. Wally's pleased, and pats him on the back, causing Scott to drop a couple of glasses, which break on the floor.

At number 26, Philip arrives at the door - Jim says that he's just the man he wanted to see, and asks him inside. Jim wants to know what's going on, as Julie's very upset, but Philip says that he doesn't know; she just disappeared without an explanation. Jim goes to get Julie, and Helen invites Philip to sit down. Philip assures Helen that he would never do anything to hurt Julie, then Jim returns and says that Julie doesn't want to see him. Philip is confused, but then Julie appears, having changed her mind, so Helen and Jim go out to the garden to give them some space. Philip then asks Julie what's wrong, and she tells him that it's over between them.

. . .

Julie says that Loretta spoke to her, and she realised how awful it would be for her to lose her family. Philip is annoyed that Loretta has meddled again, but Julie insists that this was her own decision. She explains that she's realised how important the family is for Loretta - and she saw them by Debbie's bed, and now she knows how much they need him. She tells Philip that she remembers how, when Jim wanted to get remarried a few months ago, she was extremely hurt and jealous, and she can't put his kids through that. Philip says that he loves Julie, and wants to make a life with her - Julie tells him that she loves him too, but there are three other people who love and need him more. Philip is devastated, but Julie tells him that he and Loretta have a chance of keeping that family together. She then takes off the engagement ring - he tells her to keep it, but she refuses. He takes the ring, and holds her hand, but she doesn't want to say anything else, and he leaves.

Helen and Jim are in the front garden, and he is getting frustrated, and says that he just wants Julie to be happy. Helen says that they just have to trust that Julie can make the right decisions. Philip then comes out of the house and walks down the steps without saying anything. Jim is about to go inside, but Helen suspects that Julie needs some time alone, so she sends Jim off to pick up Lucy. Helen goes inside and gives Julie a hug.

. . .

Jim drives off out of the street, and fails to see Bernie Sutton on his bike until it's too late. Jim stops suddenly, and Bernie crashes over the car bonnet.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson, Scott Robinson

Guest Cast: Mandy Storvik as Debbie Martin, Lyn Semler as Loretta Martin, Christopher Milne as Philip Martin, Kassie McLuskie as Marilyn Temple, Christopher Waters as Bob Sutton, Jason Di Giorgio as Bernie Sutton, Reg Gorman as Wally Walters

Trivia Notes
First appearance of the character Debbie Martin, though she has no dialogue. Mandy Storvik plays her in this episode, but she would become the first Neighbours character to be recast, when Katrina McEwan took over the role for two episodes later in 1985
In 1992, Debbie returned as a regular character, with Marnie Reece-Wilmore taking over the role
Chris Waters (Bob Sutton) would later return as Graham Baxter in 1987, Barry Dwyer in 1989, Gordon Collins in 1999 and Adrian Pearce in 2011
Bernie Sutton's new BMX cost $300

Summary by Steve