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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 92

Written by Reg Watson, Directed by Peter Benardos, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 23/07/85, BBC One: 06/03/87, UK Gold: 09/03/93

Helen is almost hit by Bernie Sutton on his bike
Scott decides that he's going to tell Wally where to stick his job
Julie gives the engagement ring back to Philip
Jim has to brake suddenly in the car, and Bernie crashes over the bonnet

Ramsay Street: Jim gets out of the car and goes over to Bernie, who's lying in the road. He insists that he's fine, but Jim tells him to take it slowly, and asks if he hurts anywhere. Bernie gets up and tries to go, insisting that he's fine, but Jim stops him and makes him see that he could have gotten himself killed by riding on the wrong side of the road. Bernie doesn't seem too bothered, and picks up his bike and rides off.

No 26 - Kitchen: Helen is cooking dinner, and Paul and Scott are laying the table, when the phone rings. It's Mrs Armitage, wanting to know if everything's alright after Jim knocked down the Sutton boy. They're all very surprised to hear about it, and then Jim returns with Lucy, and Paul asks him what happened. Jim says that Mrs Armitage should mind her own business, and explains that he didn't hit Bernie, but it was close. Lucy thinks that Bernie Sutton can be really stupid sometimes, and Paul agrees, and says that lots of young kids won't be told anything these days. He mentions that Jim made sure that they all knew the dangers when they got their first bikes, and Jim says that's how it should be.

. . .

No 30 - Lounge: Jan Sutton is reading on the couch, and Bernie is watching TV, when Bob comes in and checks that they're ready to go out and eat. Jim then turns up at the door, to talk about the accident earlier. Jan and Bob agree that Bernie had a lucky escape, but when Jim suggests that he talk to Bernie about the rules of the road, Bob gets defensive and says that Jim was the one in the wrong. Jim says that Bernie was riding on the wrong side of the road, and he blames Bob for that, as he should have taught him how to ride safely. Bob asks Bernie what happened, and Bernie says that he was riding along on his bike when Jim drove straight at him. Jim says that only happened because Bernie was riding on the wrong side of the road, but Bob is annoyed now and says that he'll teach his son however he sees fit - he taught him to ride towards oncoming traffic. Jim says that Bob should get some books on road safety, because at the moment he's risking Bernie's life. Jim leaves, and Bob suspects the man's just feeling guilty, because he was in the wrong.

No 28 - Back Garden: The next morning, Julie knocks on the back door, and hands Des a letter, explaining that it's her resignation. Des is surprised, and wonders if she's had a fight with Philip, but she explains that she won't be seeing Philip again. Des says that it hasn't been good for the bank's image, particularly when Julie and Philip rush off together like they did yesterday. Julie agrees with this, and says that she's going to break the news to Jim later. Des suggests that she transfer to another branch, but she thinks that the gossip would be even worse then. He wonders why she cares about the gossip, and she tells him that her pride is all she's got left, before walking away.

Pacific Bank - Exterior: Marilyn is outside gossiping with one of the other girls, when Des finds them. He sends Marilyn back to work, then spots Philip getting out of his car. He goes over and tells Philip that he's on his way to head office, but Philip says he's just come from there, then he breaks the news that he's leaving today. Des tells him that Julie's leaving too, and Philip is surprised, commenting that she's given up enough already. He tells Des that it wasn't just a sordid little affair, and he and Julie are still in love. He then walks away.

No 26 - Lounge: Helen brings a cup of coffee to Julie, and says that she should think about looking for a new job. They're talking about how Jim will take the news, when Des arrives. He tells Julie that Philip has left, and that head office are sending over a replacement - he also gives Julie back her resignation, saying that he didn't hand it in, because Philip asked him not to. Julie is annoyed about this, but Des tells her that Philip only left for her sake. Julie says that she'll just have to post the letter, but Helen wonders what Julie is trying to prove here - Philip's gone and she's still got the job she loves. She doesn't want to face the people she works with, but Helen reminds her that she's done nothing she should feel ashamed of - and she's one of the few people with the courage to walk back in there with her head held high. Des agrees, and offers Julie his hand, telling her that they'll go back together.

Pacific Bank: Max is complaining to Marilyn about a problem with a cheque, and she tells him that the computer would never make a mistake. He tries to argue that if humans can make mistakes, then so can computers, as they don't have brains. Marilyn is slightly baffled, and she goes to get some help, just as Des and Julie walk in. Marilyn is delighted to see Julie, and sends her over to talk to Max.

. . .

No 24 - Lounge: Max walks into the house, and there's nobody home. He sits down and starts looking at a photo album. He's about to take one of the photos, when Maria walks in and interrupts him. He shows her one of Shane's trophies that he's just managed to buy back from a local second-hand shop. Maria is touched, and Max says that he was just looking through the album and remembering some happier times. She asks if he's going to tell Shane about the trophy, but he says that he won't, as he was unhappy about the other one he bought back. He says that Shane never talks about the diving these days, and then he's about to leave, but Maria stops him. She says that Max and Shane have as much right to be in this house as she does, so they could come and stay, and she could go and visit Anna for a while. Max appreciates this, but says that this is her home now, and she should be there.

Pacific Bank: Everyone is finishing up for the day, and Marilyn says goodbye to Julie. Des then offers Julie a lift home, and she thanks him, and is clearly very happy that he persuaded her to return.

No 26 - Kitchen: Paul and Scott are making sandwiches, and Helen suggests that they've put everything on them but the kitchen sink. Lucy then walks in, declaring that she's never going to Bernie Sutton's house again. She says that Bernie's mate, Jason, said that Jim ran over Bernie because he was drunk. Paul tells her not to listen to those silly kids, but Lucy says that she's going to go and tell her dad. Helen suggests that she shouldn't, as he's already angry enough and hopefully, like when he and Julie fell out over Anna, he'll back down eventually.

. . .

No 30 - Lounge: Bernie is kicking a ball around, and Jan tells him to stop. She goes to answer the front door, and it's Jim, who's brought some leaflets and posters about road safety. He reads out a passage from one of them, about children being taught to ride their bikes on the left. He also says that, if Bob has any questions, he can speak to the police. He then leaves, but Jan doesn't look too impressed.

No 26 - Kitchen: Paul is running through the aeroplane safety drill, with his family sitting on chairs acting as passengers. They're joking about and annoying Paul, but Julie isn't really paying attention and is reading a book. She leaves the room when there's a knock at the door, and Bob Sutton comes marching in. He says that he doesn't come into Jim's house and lecture his kids, so he'd appreciate it if Jim didn't do that to Bernie. Jim explains that he had actually intended for Bob to read the leaflets, as he's sick of parents who don't care enough to teach their kids the proper road rules. Bob is furious at this, and says that he does care. He tells Jim to stick his friendship, throws the leaflets onto the table, and leaves. Paul thinks that maybe Jim came over a bit strong, and says that he and the others always got hell at school because they weren't allowed to take their bikes on the road. Jim points out that Paul's job depends on him making sure that his passengers are safe, which is really no different to what Jim has been trying to do with his kids.

Ramsay Street: Bernie is riding his bike around the street, when his friend Jason turns up on his BMX. Bernie challenges him to a race down to Palmer Street, and they both set off.

. . .

Ramsay Street: Jim and Paul are discussing some changes to the front garden, and Julie comes outside to ask if they want a cup of tea. Just then, Helen and Lucy arrive back from the corner store, and Helen explains that Bernie Sutton has been killed whilst riding his bike on the main road.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Helen Daniels, Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Des Clarke

Guest Cast: Christopher Milne as Philip Martin, Kassie McKluskie as Marilyn Temple, Jason De Giorgio as Bernie Sutton, Christopher Waters as Bob Sutton, Jo-Anne Rankin as Jan Sutton, Damon Pascoe as Jason

Trivia Notes
Past characters Anna Rossi and Mrs Armitage are mentioned
The acting manager of Pacific Bank will be George Webster
Jason lives on Ryan Street

Summary by Steve