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Magic Moments > 2008 > Steph and Toadie's Wedding: Part One Episode 5401

Written by Drew Proffitt, Directed by Jet Wilkinson, Produced by Peter Dodds

Channel Ten: 29/02/08, Five: 20/05/08

Paul asks Kirsten if she’d like to go for a drink with him. Karl, Rachel and Zeke try to talk Susan into going to an MS retreat. Steph apologises to Paul, but says that she’d rather he didn’t attend the wedding, since her mum will be there. As Susan runs through her speech at the front of the church, she suddenly collapses…

Outside the church entrance, Susan is being lifted on a stretcher into an ambulance as everyone looks on, worried for her. Libby and Karl climb in with her, while Steph is left wondering what they should do now.


At the hospital, various people are waiting in the corridor for news, and Harold and Lou then turn up. Libby thinks it’s just exhaustion and Harold agrees, saying that she’s had a lot to deal with lately, which makes Rachel feel guilty, despite Zeke’s reassurance. Toadie and Steph start wondering if they should postpone the wedding, as Karl comes out and explains that Susan’s had a relapse, but should make a full recovery. He would like her to go to the retreat, and takes the kids into her room to broach the subject. Susan insists that everyone stop worrying, and says that she needs to get checked out so that she can finish the wedding rehearsal, but he says that the only way she’s leaving now is if she agrees to go to the retreat. She agrees to think about it later, but Karl says that she has to go straight there – missing the wedding. Susan is upset about letting Toadie down, but Libby says that she has to accept her limitations now. Susan insists that she’s going to the wedding, and nobody is going to stop her.


At the General Store, Paul offers to pick Rebecca up from the reception later, and she notices that he suddenly seems to be in a good mood. She suggests that perhaps he could come to the wedding, now that Lyn won’t be there, but he tells her that he’d rather watch the cricket.

Back at the hospital, Steph and Toadie, along with Lou, Harold and her family, are by Susan’s bed. She is apologising for creating such a drama on their wedding day, and Toadie explains that they’re going to postpone. Susan is unhappy with the idea, but they tell her that they need more time anyway, as it’s all been a bit rushed – but Lou agrees with Susan, saying that the church is booked and everyone’s ready, so they might as well go ahead with it. Susan promises to take it easy, but Karl and Libby aren’t pleased with the idea.


At the General Store, Paul and Kirsten bump into each other and she admits that she’s having trouble making ends meet at the moment. He tells her to drop her CV at the hotel later and he’ll see if he can find something for her. Kirsten is delighted, and gratefully thanks Paul, though he looks slightly uncomfortable.

At number 32, Valda is trying to do Steph’s hair, but the phone rings. Libby is phoning from the hospital to say that Susan isn’t really as well as she’s making out, so neither she nor Libby will be at the wedding. Steph is devastated and begins to wonder if anything is going to go right. Valda shuts her up, and says that as long as she and Toadie are there and love each other, nothing else is important.


At number 30, Frazer, Dan and Big Kev are on the couch in their underwear, a sight which doesn’t impress Rosie. Angie tells Toadie that he scrubs up well, and if she weren’t his mother, she’d marry him herself. Rosie asks when Stonie’s arriving, but is told that he’s looking after the roadhouse, and then answers the phone, which Kev is sitting on – it’s Karl…

At the hospital, Toadie arrives and Karl thanks him for coming. Susan is also impressed with how smart he looks, and Toadie tells her that the reason he asked her to do a reading was because she has influenced him so much in his life, but, even if she can’t do it, that won’t change. She reminds him that she made a promise to do it, but he says that now he’s asking her not to do it. He says that her health has to come first, and they hug.


Later, Susan has been looking at the brochure for the retreat and has agreed to go. She explains that she wants Karl to do the reading for her, and tells Libby that she has to go and be bridesmaid, as they all need to get on with their lives. Libby agrees, and Susan also asks her to do the packing for the retreat, as Karl has no dress sense, before reminding her husband that she’s asked him to do a reading – no singing.

At Lassiter’s, Kirsten drops off her CV with Paul, who says he’ll hand it in to Human Resources and see if there’s anything available. Kirsten is disappointed, thinking that the job was guaranteed, and asks him to put in a good word for her. Paul tells her she’s very persuasive, and she asks him why he’s working at the weekend. He explains that he finishes at two and, though he’s uncomfortable, he agrees to go for a drink with her later.



Outside number 30, Kev and Angie are checking that the coast is clear, before calling for Toadie and the other guys. Just at that moment, Steph appears from number 32 in her wedding dress. Angie accuses Valda of sneaking up on them, but everyone else is more concerned that Toadie has seen Steph in her dress. They try to stop him looking, while Steph worries about yet another bad omen. Toadie is thinking the same thing, though Angie says that Kev saw her in her dress and they turned out OK – apart from the five occasions on which they’ve split up. Steph finally has a reason to be positive when Libby drives up and announces that she’s back as a bridesmaid.

At number 22, Paul arrives home, trying to decide whether to meet Kirsten. She, meanwhile, is at the bar waiting and smiles as she thinks she spots him, but it’s a false alarm. Paul decides not to go, sitting down to watch the cricket instead.


Back at the hospital, Karl, Rachel, Zeke and Ben, all dressed in their wedding finery, have come to visit and Susan is checking that Zeke is ready to tape the whole thing, as she doesn’t want to miss a moment of it. Ben checks that she’ll be back in time to see him at footy training, and Susan notices how quiet Rachel is and asks her to come over and sit on the bed. She tells her stepdaughter to stop blaming herself for everything, and they hug. They all rush off, and, once alone, Susan starts to cry.

At the church, everyone is gathered in the church, and Frazer checks that Toadie is ready.


Outside, Steph and Libby arrive. Steph is worried about her hair and her dress, thinking that maybe she should have just worn jeans like when she married Max. Libby tells her she looks fine and Steph tries some deep breathing to calm herself down.

Inside, Toadie is starting to panic, wondering if they’re stuck in traffic. Frazer tells him not to stress, but Toadie then starts worrying about the rings. Frazer says he hasn’t got them, before taking them from Charlie’s pocket. Toadie looks across at the doors and continues to wait.


Outside, Steph is ready to go in. Libby tries to get in front of her so they can walk down the aisle, but Steph stops and says she’s just a bit nervous. She then gets herself together and tells Libby to go in – she’ll be right behind her…



Inside, Toadie recalls his nightmare in which the doors open and nobody walks through. He then snaps out of it, as Libby comes in and walks towards him. He smiles and everyone watches and waits for Steph to come in…

Regular Cast Credits

Cast: Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Joan Sydney as Valda Sheergold, Tom Oliver as Lou Carpenter, Alan Fletcher as Karl Kennedy, Jackie Woodburne as Susan Kinski, Kym Valentine as Libby Kennedy, Sweeney Young as Riley Parker, Steve Bastoni as Steve Parker, Jane Hall as Rebecca Napier, Matthew Werkmeister as Zeke Kinski, Caitlin Stasey as Rachel Kinski, Ben Lawson as Frazer Yeats, Brett Tucker as Daniel Fitzgerald, Natalie Saleeba as Rosetta 'Rosie' Cammeniti, James Sorensen as Declan Napier, Ryan Moloney as Jarrod 'Toadfish' Rebecchi, Aaron Aulsebrook-Walker as Charlie Hoyland, Carla Bonner as Steph Scully, Blake O'Leary as Ben Kirk, Daniel O'Connor as Ned Parker

Guest Cast: Nikola Dubois as Kirsten Gannon, Lesley Baker as Angie Rebecchi, Don Bridges as Big Kev Rebecchi, Bill Charles as Reverend Keith Illingworth

Trivia Notes
• Reverend Keith Illingworth oversees his second Neighbours marriage, after previously appearing at Paul and Lyn’s 2006 wedding
• Angie and Kev Rebecchi make their first appearance since Janelle and Kim’s 2006 re-wedding

Summary by Conor

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