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Magic Moments > 2022 > Shane's Return Episode 8889

Written by Jo Kasch, Directed by Chris Adshead, Produced by Katja Bauerle, Kate Kendall and Andrew Thompson

10 Peach: 20/07/22, Channel 5: 13/07/22

Paul tells Leo that he's still having trouble raising the money to buy Terese out so will give Des a call to see if his bank can help him out. Jane asks Clive if Danielle is still interested in him, he says he's kept her at bay. Amy looks on unhappily as the Kennedys celebrate Toadie and Melanie's engagement. Zara tells Harold that Melanie turned down Toadie's first proposal. Andrew tells David that wearing a wire is the most effective way to catch the corrupt prison guard. David calls for help, but prison guard John Shade leaves him alone with prisoner Dan Waskett. Emma holds Nicolette, Freya and Kiri at gunpoint, telling them to save Austin or David won't survive the day.

In the living room at Number 24, Emma tells Freya that she heard what David said on the phone, they should fix Austin and if he dies, so does David. Freya lies that Nicolette is a Doctor. As the two nurses switch positions, Emma warns them not to do anything stupid.


At the Police Station, Andrew is on the phone to the Prison about David's wire, saying that IT said it's functioning fine and asks if someone can check on him.

Back at Number 24, Freya's phone rings. Emma goes to the kitchen and checks the display, it's Levi. Nicolette whispers to Freya that there's no way they can save Austin there, Freya explains she knows but needs time to figure something out. Emma tells them to shut up and get to work, then questions why a cop is calling. Freya lies that it'll just be about a follow up on her case, Emma warns her that it better be the truth, then checks her own phone. As Nicolette signals that there's nothing more they can do for Austin, Freya stands up. As she does, Emma points the gun at her and as Freya explains they've done all they can, Emma warns them that if they don't save Austin's life she'll send instructions to Dan to kill David.


At the prison, Dan tells David who is lying on the ground in pain that he's still had no word and wonders if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Back at the Police Station, Andrew is still on the phone with the Prison, questioning why they don't know where David is and tells them to find him as he's in danger.


At Number 24, Nicolette confirms that Freya isn't lying, Austin needs major surgery and sends Emma to look for herself. As she does, Freya jumps her and shouts for Nicolette to go. As Nicolette jumps to protect Kiri, Freya knocks Emma to the ground, but the gun goes off. On the floor, Freya wrestles with Emma and manages to grab the gun, pointing it at her before checking Emma's phone and realising that she'd sent the text for Dan to kill David.

At the Prison, David pleads for his life just as the guards arrive and take Dan back into custody.


In the living room at Number 28, Harold is reading the Ramsay Street book at the dining table as Levi enters from the bedrooms and asks if he heard a bang, Harold says he heard a couple and questions if it was a car backfiring. As Levi finishes putting on his uniform, he tells Harold to stay inside while he investigates.

At Number 24, Kiri asks how long the ambulance would be as Freya holds Emma at gunpoint. Freya says they're on their way, Kiri explains Austin is looking really pale as Levi bursts in and tries to take the gun off Freya. In shock, she slowly releases her grip, explaining that David might be dead.


Over at Number 32, Aaron enters the family room and tells Jane he's going back to The Waterhole, but she didn't hear him as she had her AirPods in. As she removes them, he repeats that he's going back out and asks if she's ok with Isla. Jane says she is, but realising she's struggling too, Aaron asks if she's ok. Jane explains she thought listening to a podcast might help but there isn't really anything that can guide you when your partner has betrayed you and your son turns out to be a... but she can't even bring herself to complete the sentence. Aaron agrees, Byron's side hussle was a bit of a surprise and Jane explains she thought she knew him, and Clive. Aaron says that Clive wouldn't have actually done anything with Danielle, but Jane says the fact he was tempted is just as bad. She thanks Aaron for trying to make her feel better but she's going to need some time. Aaron tells her they're all there for her.

At the Lassiter's Complex, Paul and Leo have just left The Waterhole and are headed home as Aaron catches up with them. Paul receives a message from Des, his bank won't give him the loan. Leo says at least Terese isn't pushing for the settlement but Paul says he doesn't want to take advantage of her sympathy. Meanwhile Aaron comments on the rowdy party going on outside the hotel as Paul reacts, Leo says they're just having some fun as Paul is hit on the bum by a flying champagne cork. Turning to berate the culprit, Paul is thrilled to see it was none other than Shane Ramsay.



Up in the Penthouse, Paul is plotting his revenge on Shane, but says he'll forgive as it was such a good surprise to see him. Shane offers him the cork, but Paul tosses it off the balcony. Paul comments it's nice to see an original Ramsay back on home turf and asks how long it's been, he's shocked when Shane explains it's been 34 years. As Leo walks out from the bedrooms, Paul tells him to grab himself a scotch before asking Shane is he knew that Harold was in town, Shane says that Charlene told him and that Ramsay Street has been on his mind a lot of late. Leo asks if Shane is a relative of Roxy's, Shane says he's her second cousin and Paul comments that the ratbag gene runs deep. As Shane comments that Paul can talk, Leo jokes that he can see the famous rivalry is still alive and well. Paul tells Leo that Shane was the original Romeo of Ramsay Street, Leo says that from what he saw downstairs it looks like he still is, but Shane says he was just waiting for Paul as his receptionist said he'd be right back. Shane remembers his bags, but Paul says he'll get them sent up and he can stay with him, no argument. Just then, Leo's phone rings, it's Georgia, David's lawyer. Paul fills Shane in on David briefly, but explains it's a long story as Leo hangs up and shares the good news - David's getting out! Shocked, Paul asks when, Leo says there will be an emergency hearing in the morning but David won't be going back inside. Paul and Leo hug before Paul breathes a huge sigh of relief.

At Number 30, Melanie is still in shock at having three weeks to organise the wedding, Zara asks if the really have to rush it, but Toadie explains that Callum has already booked his flights so there's no turning back now. Amy exclaims "You know, why wait when you're in love?" and Melanie says they agree. Toadie asks if there's any news on the baby front, Amy explains she's deep in the research phase, so Toadie tells her to let them know if she needs any help, before Amy offers the same for the wedding plans. Melanie suggests that they ask Harold if he'd like to help too. Toadie says he's sure he would before taking the kids off to bed. Nell asks Melanie to read her a bedtime story, so she gets up and heads off with them. Now alone, Amy tells Zara not to say anything, she's onboard with the wedding, but Zara says that isn't.


At Harold's Cafe, Harold and Jane are discussing the events at Number 24 last night. Harold comments he was just relieved that the girls were alright, Jane agrees and hopes that everyone will feel a lot better once David is home. Harold says that hopefully it'll be the start of brighter chapter for them all, but Jane bursts into tears, Harold asks if she's sure there's nothing else upsetting her. Jane says that yesterday was just a trying day all round. Harold consoles her but is shocked to see Shane walk in, Jane is too and quickly dries her tears. Shane says he hopes he's a good surprise, Jane says he is and the pair hug, she says it's just a feeling of deja vu as last week it was Harold who surprised her by walking through that door. Harold says that Shane didn't tell him he was coming down, but Shane explains he only decided yesterday Jane asks if they see each other, Harold says their paths do cross in Brisbane, Shane explains it's usually at Scott and Charlene's barbecues. Harold asks what happened to make him come down, but Shane coyly explains he just had a bit of time on his hands. Jane sympathetically asks if he's between jobs and if everything is alright. Shane says everything's sweet, before commenting how different the coffee shop looks from when Daphne used to run it, hoping the coffee is still as good. Jane assures him it is, before he says he's heard she's dating Clive. Not wanting to go into it, Jane confirms that's right. Shane asks Harold if he's got time for a catch up, but he says he has to see Susan and Karl who own Des Clarke's old place so Shane asks Jane to join him instead, which she reluctantly agrees to.

At the Police Station, Andrew explains that even though the sting didn't run to plan, David helping out was enough to get him released. Paul questions Andrew about who decided to risk his son's life and why they didn't tell them about it. Andrew says they had to keep it secret to ensure David didn't end up in even more danger. Leo asks if it's official that David's sentence is non-custodial, Andrew confirms it is, suspended for five years, but he'll never practice medicine again. Leo thanks Andrew as David walks in injured. Aaron goes to hug him, but says he is worried about hurting him, David hugs him and says he just wants to be with his family.


In the living room at Number 30, the residents are sat around the dining table working on the wedding plans. Melanie confirms that Susan is locked in to officiate and Madame Zolga is coming, she's already foreseen the whole event and says they're need her there. Melanie then asks Amy to help her with reception venues as Toadie wedding will be by the lake, but the Lassiter's Ballroom is booked. Zara says her Mum is already swamped making the outfits, but Amy says she's fine, before checking a text message on her phone and confirming they have enough takers for an engagement party - today! Toadie says they can't have a party at such short notice, but Amy says they can and they will, consider it her contribution to their love ceremony. Toadie asks if she invite anyone for Colac, Amy said she hadn't yet, so he checks if Melanie that she's ready for that, but she says she's as ready as she'll ever be. As Toadie heads off to invite his relatives, Melanie asks if Amy has heard anything from Harold, Amy says she hasn't before Melanie explains that she texted him twice to come over for breakfast and yesterday she invited him to lunch but he didn't show up and asks if Amy has noticed anything weird about him. Before Amy can answer, Zara says she's been getting a vibe that Harold might not be into the wedding which settles things for Melanie, she'll have to get to the bottom of it.

At Harold's, Shane and Jane are catching up over coffee, discussing the time they were stranded in the bush together. Jane says she hadn't thought of that in years, it isn't something she'd like to repeat but it is funny now. Shane says he wasn't laughing when he was thumped by Mike. Jane replies that she can't believe that Mike thought they'd got together, although Shane did kiss her not long afterwards. Shane hopes that Clive isn't the jealous type and suggests they all have dinner later to find out, with Paul too, but Jane says after all that's happened today she thinks she'll stay close to home. Just then, Terese walks in with Glen and asks how Jane is after last night, Jane says she's shaken but ok, before Terese apologises to Shane for interrupting. Shane says it's all good, before introducing himself. Terese introduces herself and explains she's Roxy's Aunt. Shane asks if she's Paul's ex-wife before saying he was sorry to hear about their break up, before introducing himself to who he assumes must be Glen. As Terese and Glen go to place their order, Glen wonders if Paul has been gossiping about them, Terese agrees that somebody has.


At Number 28, Melanie has popped over to see Harold and asks if he's avoiding her, she knows it's been a long time since they've seen each other but she thought he'd have wanted to be involved in the wedding plans. Harold says he doesn't think he'd be of any use to them, but Melanie says she was hoping he'd be able to raise a toast to them at the reception. Harold replies that he's no good at public speaking, so Melanie suggests he be an usher, but Harold makes another excuse that his legs aren't what they used to be. Seeing straight through him, Melanie asks what's going on and whether he's unhappy about the wedding. Harold explains he has his reservations, he's worried about the children as she hurt his grandchildren deeply when she left Joe and he doesn't want history repeating itself.

At The Waterhole, Paul is picking up a bottle from the bar and asks for it to be put on his account as Terese and Glen enter. Terese comments to Glen that Paul looks shattered, before going over to speak with Paul. Glen says she doesn't owe him anything, but Terese says she'll be quick. As Glen takes a seat, Terese walks over to the bar and tells Paul how glad she is that David's home and that she really cares about his boys, and always will. Appreciative, Paul says he knows that. Terese tells him to take care of himself and he leaves as Glen looks on concerned.


At Lassiter's, Shane surveys the complex before heading up to the Penthouse. Leo introduces him to his daughter, Abby. Shane asks how the family reunion was, Paul says it was good, but brief so that David could rest up, but that means Shane has his full attention now. Shane says that's good as he has a proposition for him, it's actually the reason for his visit, he wants to buy into Lassiter's. Surprised, Paul asks if he means as an investor, but Shane says he wants to be a full and equal partner. Paul asks if he realises it'd take a fair chunk of capital, before Leo adds that they're talking millions, but Shane says it's not a problem, he doesn't advertise it but he's done pretty well for himself in cryptocurrency. Paul questions how a chippie trades up into cryptocurrency, Shane says to call it a RaGGS to riches story if he wants, but he wants to make a major investment. Paul realises he's being serious, so Shane explains that as he's gotten older he's thought a lot about Erinsborough and he wants to reconnect with the place, put some roots back down and what better way than to partner with a Robinson.


On the back deck of Number 32, Freya hugs David and he thanks her and Nicolette for their bravery. Freya, asks him to just live happily ever after with is perfect family. Aaron says that he thinks they can manage that, before telling David he should go for a nap. Byron says he'll head off before Jane gets back, Nicolette says now might be a good time for reconciliation, but Byron says it's too soon. Nicolette tells Isla to say goodbye to Uncle Byron, he says goodbye to her and then leaves. As Nicolette's phone rings she hands Isla over to Freya, it's Kiri calling from Number 24. Nicolette asks how she is, Kiri says she's been thinking about yesterday and how incredible Nicolette was, thanking her for thinking of her. Nicolette says it's what you do for the people you care about.


At Harold's Lakeside, Jane's phone rings, it's Clive. She turns it to silent as Paul and Shane arrive, discussing Shane's proposal. As Shane suggests they all catch up, Paul makes an excuse to leave, which Shane picks up on, asking Jane about it. Jane says he doesn't need to hear about that on his first day back in Erinsborough, but Shane says they share a grandchild, Jane says they do, but almost didn't thanks to Paul's machinations. Shane asks what she's talking about, Jane says nothing, but Shane tells her that he's just offered to buy into Lassiter's, before she asks, he can afford it, but if there's a problem with Paul, he needs to know about it before he goes into business with him. Jane asks if he can handle the truth as not everyone appreciates it these days, and as Shane pushes her, Jane explains that going into business with Paul is the worst decision he could ever make.

Featured Regular Characters: Freya Wozniak, Nicolette Stone, Kiri Durant, Andrew Rodwell, David Tanaka, Levi Canning, Aaron Brennan, Jane Harris, Paul Robinson, Leo Tanaka, Toadfish Rebecchi, Melanie Pearson, Nell Rebecchi, Hugo Somers, Terese Willis, Glen Donnelly

Guest Cast: Ian Smith as Harold Bishop, Peter O'Brien as Shane Ramsay, Jessica Clarke as Emma McIver, Joe Klocek as Byron Stone, Kaden Hartcher as Dan Waskett, Ben Rose as Austin Julians, Subra Velayutham as Jon Dew, Juliet Basaraba as Abigail Tanaka, Mary Finn as Isla Tanaka-Brennan

Trivia Notes
Jon Dew was named after the Neighbours fan of the same name, whilst Austin Julians was named after the son of journalist, Neighbours - The Farewell Tour organiser and Neighbours: The Perfect Blend contributor, Joe Julians.
Shane makes a subtle reference to RaGGS, Ramsay and Gibbons Gardening Service, the business he used to run with Clive.
Peter O'Brien holds the record for the longest gap between Neighbours appearances, playing the same character, with 8452 episodes having passed between his departure in 1987 and his return in 2022.

Summary by Callum

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