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Marco Alessi 1992
Lived: 22, 32 Ramsay Street
Parents: Benito and Cathy Alessi
Siblings: Lindsay and Rick
Family Tree: Alessi
Occupation: Coffee Shop Assistant

The eldest son of Italian born Benito Alessi and his wife Cathy, Marco Alessi toured the world before arriving in Erinsborough to stay with his cousins, Caroline and Christina Alessi at No. 22 Ramsay Street.

Marco quickly landed a job at the Coffee Shop, and had no sooner settled in than he overheard Caroline and Paul Robinson, Christina's husband, discussing their feelings for each other. Shocked by his discovery and placed in a difficult position, Marco threatened to tell Christina about the relationship between Caroline and Paul unless Caroline owned up herself. Realising she had to face up to her mistake, Caroline fled Erinsborough for Milan, and Marco was of great support to Christina after she discovered the reason for her sister's sudden departure.

When Christina and Paul patched up their marriage and left Erinsborough for Hawaii, Marco's parents moved into No. 22 with Marco's mischievous younger brother, Rick. Marco had been lodging with Cameron Hudson across the street at No. 32 while Paul and Chrissie were experiencing their marital difficulties, but now that No. 22 was a war-free zone again, he moved back across. Marco then embarked in a desperate quest to woo Beth Brennan, but she was already seeing an older man, Rod Baker, and even after that relationship finished, Beth told Marco she only saw him as a friend.

When Marco discovered that his parents had had a daughter, Lindsay, together when they were teenagers and had given her up for adoption, he was determined to find his older sister. When Marco managed to track her down, Lindsay was reluctant to get to know him. But they eventually became friends, and Marco tried to persuade Lindsay to meet the rest of the family. Lindsey would only agree to meeting the Alessi family if Marco introduced her to them as a friend, rather than exposing her true identity. So, Marco told Benito and Cathy that he was bringing a girl over for dinner one evening, and they mistakenly believed he was introducing them to his new girlfriend. It was only after the dinner was over that Benito and Cathy realised they had just spent the evening with their daughter, and they were furious with Marco for his deceit. However, in the long run, the meeting proved to be a good idea, and Lindsay had a proper meeting with her parents and agreed to stay in touch.

Always in debt, Marco decided to borrow money from a loan shark rather than ask his stern father for financial assistance. But when he had trouble making the repayments, the loan shark started sending heavies around to hassle Marco. So when the opportunity arose to chaperone Rick and his girlfriend, Debbie Martin, to London, Marco jumped at the chance. Once they arrived in London, Marco ran away suddenly to avoid the heavies and he wasn't heard of again until Benito and Cathy received a postcard from him telling them he had settled with family in Italy.

Trivia Notes
Felice Arena previously appeared in 1991 (under the name Fashia Arena) as Bob Cooper


Biography by Moe