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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Mr Carter Bill Moody

Mr Carter 1992
Children: George and Terry
Occupation: Groundskeeper

Whilst in London, after winning tickets to a Michael Jackson concert on the local radio station, Erinsborough teenagers Rick Alessi and Debbie Martin fell victim to a pickpocket, George Carter, in Trafalgar Square. After George hopped on a bus, Rick and Debbie followed in a taxi and chased him into Arsenal football club’s home ground at Highbury. Although met by George and large group of his thuggish mates, Rick and Debbie were saved when George’s father, a groundskeeper, spotted what was going on. He then made his son hand the camera back and apologised, explaining that George was behaving erratically as his brother, Terry, was ill. The following day, Rick and Debbie tracked down George at home, hoping to help him, and met Terry, who was dying of leukaemia, and had one final wish to attend the upcoming Michael Jackson concert. Debbie and Rick decided to hand their tickets over, and the Carter family were extremely grateful, arranging for Rick and Debbie to join them at an Arsenal football match.

Biography by Steve



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