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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > George Carter Andrew Dicks

George Carter 1992
Parents: Mr Carter
Siblings: Terry

After winning a radio competition to attend a Michael Jackson concert in London, Rick Alessi and Debbie Martin realised that their parents would never allow them to go together. However, Debbie’s grandmother, Helen Daniels, concocted a plan in which she would claim to be taking Debbie on a trip to the Bungle Bungles in Western Australia, whilst Marco Alessi would offer to accompany his brother on the trip to London. Once all four of them reached London, Helen was taken ill and had to stay in the hotel room for a few days, while Marco disappeared, having been tracked down by loan sharks he owed money to. Rick and Debbie decided to make the most of their time together and went out sightseeing in the city. Whilst in Trafalgar Sqaure, Rick put his camera down for a moment, to change the film, and before he knew it, a young boy had snatched it and run off. As the boy hopped onto a bus, Rick and Debbie jumped into a taxi and followed him to Highbury football ground, home of Arsenal football team.

Inside the football ground, Rick and Debbie were alarmed to be confronted by George and a large group of his mates, but George’s father, a groundskeeper, appeared and got rid of the boys. He then forced George to return the camera and apologised on his son’s behalf, explaining that George’s brother was poorly. Back at the hotel, Rick and Debbie decided that they wanted to help George and would give him Debbie’s cheaper camera instead. After getting his address from his father, they visited him at home. At first, George was uncomfortable with their interference, before calming down and introducing them to his brother, Terry, who was terminally ill with leukaemia. When Rick and Debbie found out that Terry was a massive Michael Jackson fan, and George had been stealing and selling things to get money for tickets to the concert, they offered to hand their tickets over. Terry’s family were extremely grateful and arranged for them all to attend an Arsenal match together.

Biography by Steve



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