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Ashtyn Harris 2015
Occupation: Student, Assistant at Dial-a-Kyle

Having been expelled from Erinsborough High the year before for his terrible behaviour, the not-too-bright Ashtyn Harris found work as an apprentice at Kyle Canning's builder's yard. When Ashtyn got lost on his first day and didn't turn up, Kyle was tempted to give up on him, but as the other option was re-employing Amy Williams, who married Kyle had developed an attraction to, he decided to give Ashtyn another chance. Ashtyn quickly managed to cause more problems when he accidentally turned the hose on Karl Kennedy, who'd been passing on his bike. Though Kyle was growing increasingly irritated with his new apprentice, Karl's grandson Ben Kirk was very amused by the situation.

Ashtyn was soon involved in a slightly more serious problem when he and Kyle were asked by Kyle's Aunt Naomi to move a jumping castle that had been set up for the grand opening of Erinsborough's new childcare centre. When the castle then came loose and started to fly away, and Toadie attempted to leap onto it, wrongly believing that his young daughter Nell was still inside, he ended up seriously injured, potentially unable to walk again. Though it looked like Kyle and Ashtyn might be to blame, it quickly became clear that the fault was actually with Naomi, who'd broken the lease agreement by moving the castle in the first place. Meanwhile, Ashtyn continued to annoy Kyle, making more stupid mistakes at the yard and almost getting himself electrocuted by running the cable of an electric saw through a puddle of water. With Amy about to leave town, and her dad Paul forcing Kyle to re-hire her, Ashtyn had to be let go.

Within a few weeks, Ashtyn was back at Erinsborough High, having failed at his attempts to find work, and having been expelled from two other schools in the area. School principal Susan was disappointed to see Ashtyn quickly pal up with her grandson Ben, though as he'd struggled to fit in since arriving, she didn't complain too much. During a careers talk with Amber Turner, who'd left the school the year before, Ashtyn caused trouble, pointing out her pregnancy and asking questions about it, and eating grapes, which he threw at other students. When Amber then went over to try and take the grapes away from him, she slipped on one that had fallen on the floor, just as teacher Brad Willis finally turned up, having fallen asleep, and found Amber worried that she'd hurt the baby after landing on her back.

A few months later, things were slowly starting to get back to normal at Erinsborough High, after an attempt by Eden Hills Grammar to buy the school, then a fire which destroyed much of the building. After a few weeks of accusations flying around, Ben and Piper confessed to causing the fire. Whilst Ben returned home to face the consequences with his mum in Ballarat, Piper was allowed to return to school, but found herself ostracised when she eventually did go back. When she returned after lunch one afternoon, she soon found herself being taunted by many of the students, including Ashtyn and Alison, who handed her a lighter and told her to go and burn something. Piper then snapped and threatened to burn Alison's hair and Ashtyn's school uniform, before Susan came outside and asked what all the commotion was about.

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Biography by Steve