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Sergeant Ray Moller 2006-2010
Occupation: Police Sergeant

When barman Stingray Timmins was battling alcoholism, he ended up driving a girl, Rebecca Naylor, home from the Scarlet Bar one night as she was over the limit. Although he was sober, Stingray panicked when their car was stopped for a random breath test and he jumped out of the car and ran off. The next morning, police Sergeant Ray Moller called by to question Stingray about Rebecca, explaining that she couldn’t remember who was driving and were hoping that he, as the barman, might have seen her the previous evening. Stingray quickly explained that he remembered her, but not who she was drinking with.

A few weeks later, Sergeant Moller was back in Ramsay Street, this time to arrest Max Hoyland for running over, and ultimately killing, Cameron Robinson, after mistaking him for his psychotic twin brother, Robert. And, when Sky Mangel’s newborn baby, Kerry, went missing from the hospital, Sergeant Moller assisted Senior Sergeant Steiger in assessing the security footage and they came to the conclusion that Stingray, who believed himself to be the father, had snatched the child.

Sergeant Moller was on hand several months later when con artist Charlotte Stone, who’d spent several weeks masquerading as a G.P. in Erinsborough, went on the run with her lover Boyd Hoyland. They were tracked down the next day at a caravan park on the edge of town and, as they attempted to escape, a car chase ensued, culminating in a crash and Charlotte’s arrest. Some weeks later, Sergeant Moller responded to a call when businessman Simon Horwill had his briefcase snatched outside some shops. His description matched that of Mickey Gannon, an eight-year-old boy from Ramsay Street who had run away after causing a road accident, by taking the handbrake off a truck which then rolled into the path of a minibus. Sergeant Moller contacted Mickey's father, Ned and explained that there had been another, older, boy with Mickey but they currently had no idea of the whereabouts of either of them.

Luckily Mickey was found a few days later, but Toadfish Rebecchi who'd been driving the minibus at the time of the accident, wasn't so lucky and, after being breathalysed, he was arrested a few days later for wreckless driving. After being charged at the police station, his girlfriend Steph picked him up, and Sergeant Moller reminded him that as a result of these charges, he could lose his driver's licence, his legal career and possibly even face time in jail.

A couple of months later, Mickey was at the centre of another drama when Ned was fighting Mickey's mum, Kirsten for custody. When Kirsten provoked Ned's girlfriend Janae Timmins, she threw a glass of water over her, badly harming Ned's chances of winning custody of his son. Sergeant Moller then called round to see them and explained that, although they weren't going to take the matter further this time, they would be keeping an eye on the situation, and if Janae acted in a similar way again, she would be facing charges of assault. Some weeks later, Sergeant Moller was at the hospital when he suddenly found himself struggling for breath, with sharp pains in his left arm and his teeth. Former doctor Karl Kennedy, who was at the hospital for an interview, quickly realised that Ray was suffering heart problems and calmed him down before getting help and suggesting to Dr Peggy Newton, who had been sceptical about hiring Karl, that the man should be put on beta blockers.

The following year, Sergeant Moller was guarding the hospital room of Jay Duncan. Jay had been responsible for a bushfire that had killed Marco Silvani, and he had then held his girlfriend Steph hostage, before later breaking into her home and stabbing her. After his arrest, Jay had been beaten up whilst in custody and, at the hospital, Marco's widow Carmella arrived, wanting to confront the man who had killed her husband. Realising that this might help her, Paul Robinson managed to engage Ray in conversation long enough so that Carmella could sneak into the hospital room, tell Jay what a pathetic individual he was, and begin to move on with her life.

A few weeks later, and criminal Pete Ferguson arrived at the hospital, his appearance coinciding with a break-in at the vet clinic owned by Steve Parker, who Pete had staged a vendetta against for weeks. Steve's sister-in-law, nurse Nicola West was convinced that Pete had been responsible for the incident and contacted the police - Sergeant Moller then arrived and interviewed Pete, who denied everything, claiming to have an alibi. Still convinced of his guilt, Nicola withheld his pain medication until he finally confessed, then called back Sergeant Moller, who took the confession and told Nicola that he'd been listening with his 'deaf ear' when Ray made claims about her underhand tactics.

Later that year, Sergeant Moller was called out when a protest began at Erinsborough High about the unfair expulsion of Nicola's pregnant niece Bridget Parker. As Sergeant Moller led everyone inside, Rebecca, the mother of Declan, who was the father of Bridget's child, grabbed his handcuffs and attached herself to a railing. As Principal Simpson demanded the key, Rebecca managed to get it from him, attach him to the other cuff and hide the key in her bra, telling everyone to go home, as it was clearly going to be a long night.

Some months later, Sergeant Moller was called upon when Paul Robinson got caught up in the wicked web of Cassandra Freedman. Cassandra, furious that her plan to snare rich Paul was falling apart, plotted revenge by pretending her was sending her vicious letters, then claimed that he had stolen some of her underwear, before planting it in his briefcase for the search party to find. After the police were contacted, Sergeant Moller came to take Paul away for questioning, and Mr Robinson was only too happy to go, insisting that he was completely innocent.

Several weeks later, Paul was caught up in another drama when he reported in the newspaper the plans of Susan Kennedy to be a surrogate for her daughter Libby. This led to certain disapproving individuals in the neighbourhood giving the Kennedys dirty looks and abusive phonecalls, but when their home was broken into, Sergeant Moller was finally called in. He explained that, with no signs of forced entry, the burglar must have come in through an open window, and the Kennedys stepped up their home security. The following year, Sergeant Moller arrested Susan's stepson, Zeke Kinski, when he and his girlfriend Mia Zannis broke into a research facility, to liberate animals being tested on. Mia managed to get away, and Sergeant Moller offered to be lenient if Zeke would give him the names of his accomplices. Zeke refused, and was told that he was facing a court appearance, so Susan stepped in and gave them Mia's name.

Trivia Notes
• Steve Stagg previously appeared in 1999 as Stevie Wells

Episodes Featured
5045, 5054, 5088, 5226, 5264, 5267, 5268, 5295, 5359, 5500, 5526, 5589, 5661, 5721, 5847

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