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Constable Simone Page 2008-2010
Occupation: Police Constable

After she accidentally ran down Nicola West, Donna Freedman struggled to know what to do, but her dad, Sergeant Matt Freedman, encouraged her to stay quiet and tried to cover up the incident. But the guilt got too much for Donna, and she went to the police station, where Constable Simone Page told her to take a seat and somebody would be along shortly to speak to her. But as she waited, her dad arrived, demanding to know what she was doing.

Six weeks later, after learning that his girlfriend Bridget was pregnant, Declan Napier reacted badly. After speeding through a stop sign, he was pulled over by Constable Page, who, when he refused to tell them his name, took him to the station and placed him in a cell. The following year, Constable Page arrived on the scene when Amanda Smith claimed that her daughter had been snatched from outside Lassiter's hotel. Fearing that his wife, Miranda was losing her grip on reality due to her desire for a baby, Steve Parker left the police believing that she had snatched the child, when she tried to explain that she had simply found it alone in its pram, whilst Amanda went inside to make a hair appointment, and had gone to find the mum. Constable Page arrested her, placing her in protective custody under Section Ten of the Mental Health Act.

Soon after, Constable Page was called to the scene when up and coming footballer Ringo Brown was involved in a car accident with his new footy mates. Though senior player Adam Clarke was driving, he forced Ringo to take the blame, and Constable Page was in little mood to cooperate as Ringo hoped that his 'star status' would get him off with a caution.

Later that year, Constable Page arrested another Ramsay Street teen when Bridget arranged a protest at the hospital, who were refusing to go ahead with the Kennedy family's planned surrogacy. When one of the police officers tried to move Bridget's baby, India, Bridget lashed out and pushed the officer to the ground, then found herself arrested for assault. She was taken to a cell at the police station, where she protested that she had a newborn baby to look after, but Constable Page pointed out that she should have thought about that before arranging a protest. After a few hours in the cell, she was released to go home, but told that she would have to appear in court at a later date. Only a few weeks later, Bridget died following a car crash, and it emerged that Johnno Brewer had tampered with the Parker family's car, as revenge on garage manager Lucas Fitzgerald for gambling debts. Though Johnno was taken in for questioning, there wasn't enough evidence to charge him, though Constable Page told Bridget's devastated widower Declan that, although she'd once had to arrest Bridget, she'd really liked the girl, and didn't enjoy seeing the person responsible for her death walk free. Declan then managed to tape Johnno confessing to what he'd done, unaware that Paul Robinson had convinced Johnno to confess, promising him that he'd hire a top lawyer for him and make sure he didn't go to prison. But as Johnno was led into the station by Constable Page, Paul contacted lawyer Tim Collins, giving him the case and telling him to make sure he lost, and Brewer ended up behind bars.

Some weeks later, Simone met with Donna again. Now an aspiring fashion designer, Donna was in a state of shock after her mentor, Saffron Jankiewicz had hit her during a confrontation one night. Confused about what to do, Donna was talked into contacting the police and pressing charges. Constable Page arrived to take a statement from Donna, promising her that she would follow it all up and telling her that she'd done the right thing by reporting the incident.

Not long after, Constable Page was back in Ramsay Street when Harry Ramsay went missing from his foster home. Suspecting he was back with his family, Constable Page did her best to track him down, but was hindered by the Ramsay Street residents, who, knowing how unhappy he was away from his sisters, attempted to distract her from her work. Unfortunately, Harry was found and Lou Carpenter, who was in the process of applying to become guardian to the Ramsay kids, was warned that, thanks to aiding Harry in escaping from the foster family, his chances of guardianship were now slim.

Several weeks later, Constable Page arrested and charged Lucas when he deliberately drove at, and badly damaged, Toadie's car in a jealous rage. Though Toadie was almost convinced to drop the charges, he changed his mind when he met with an argumentative Lucas at the police station, and Sonya Mitchell ended up paying Lucas's bail. Constable Page was also on hand when a party being held on Ramsay Street by Andrew Robinson got out of control and a complaint was made. A few weeks later, Constable Page was called when one of Donna's presentations at the uni was trashed - with the main suspect being Naomi Lord, and again when Susan Kennedy became paranoid that she was being stalked and a car was following her home. When the bullying continued online, the police took Susan's laptop to check, but were unable to find anything of use. Days later, the stalker was revealed as John Bradley, one of Susan's lecturers, who was arrested. Constable Page later visited Susan to tell her that John had made a full confession, and had been charged and failed to make bail.

Later that year, Constable Page was one of the officers who helped Donna when she was on her way to her wedding, and was pulled over as she was standing up in the back of Lucas's ute. After hearing over the radio what had happened to Donna and Lucas, Constable Page arrived and helped arrange for a police escort to get the bride to the wedding on time.

Episodes Featured
5545, 5576, 5638, 5639, 5662, 5728, 5729, 5751, 5752, 5798, 5825, 5826, 5863, 5896, 5931, 5956, 5957, 5959, 5998

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