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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Gerard Tate Ian Rooney

Gerard Tate 2007
Occupation: Human Services Official

When Lolly Allen returned to Erinsborough to live with Lou Carpenter, the man who had raised her to the age of seven, believing he was her father, she was struggling to keep the secret that her stepmother, Sandy, had been abusing her. Desperate for someone to notice her bruises, she started acting up at school and deliberately showed her bruised shoulder to her teacher, Pepper Steiger. However, when Pepper started asking her how it happened, Lolly panicked and claimed that her teacher had been the one who hit her, leaving Pepper suspended from work. Gerard Tate was responsible for investigating the case, first questioning Lolly’s real father, John Allen, as well as Sandy, then speaking to Lou and Lolly, though Lou was left concerned that he was being held responsible for the abuse and made it clear that he suspected Pepper. When Lolly then ran away, unable to deal with what was happening, Sandy arrived in Erinsborough to help with the search, and the truth finally came out.

Trivia Notes
• Ian Rooney previously guest-starred in 2000 as Brian Harrison, in 2001 as Dr. Michael Shirley and in 2005 as Declan Watson
• He returned later in 2007 as Brian Tyler

Biography by Steve



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