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Declan Watson 2005

When student Janae Timmins became fixated on her counsellor, Karl Kennedy, seeing him as a replacement for her absent father, he tried to let her down gently. Unfortunately, an upset Janae disappeared to Colac to find her father, leaving her mother, Janelle, believing that something untoward had occurred between her and Karl. Karl was soon banned from entering the high school as an investigation took place and, on the day of the hearing, Declan Watson listened to the evidence of the accused, but Janae was still away in Colac and unable to clear his name. It wasn’t until the last possible moment that she arrived and admitted that she’d made the whole thing up, leaving Karl’s reputation intact.

Trivia Notes
• Ian Rooney previously guest-starred in 2000 as Brian Harrison and in 2001 as Dr. Michael Shirley
• He returned in 2007 as Gerard Tate and Brian Tyler

Biography by Steve



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