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Rhonda Wilson 2001
Children: Sheena

The flirty mother of nurse Sheena Wilson, Rhonda quickly took a shine to her daughter’s new boyfriend, law student and barman Toadfish Rebecchi. She went into the pub where he worked, Lou’s Place, one day and struck up a conversation with him about astrology, before admitting who she was. She told Toadie that she liked him and would love to stay and chat, but she had some gardening to do. Hoping to impress his girlfriend’s mum, Toadie offered to give Rhonda a hand at the end of his shift. Back at her place, Rhonda mentioned that Sheena’s last boyfriend, Den, had disappeared suddenly from their lives and proceeded to flirt with Toadie as he cut down a tree stump in her garden. Confirming Toadie’s worst fears, Sheena then tried to give him a shoulder massage and he quickly made an excuse to leave.

Unable to tell Sheena what had happened, Toadie was alarmed when she told him that Rhonda wanted to have the two of them over for dinner one night. As Toadie desperately tried to get out of it, he was relieved when Rhonda needed to have some house repairs done and had to cancel, until she suggested moving it to Toadie’s home in Ramsay Street. He thought he’d earned another reprieve on the evening of the meal, when Sheena received an urgent call from work and had to go in. However, Rhonda wasn’t going to give up that easily and she turned up for the dinner anyway. After another awkward few hours of her flirting with him, Toadie realised that he’d run out of coffee, so Rhonda invited him back to her place for a night cap. Fortunately, they were interrupted by Toadie’s housemates, Joel Samuels and Dee Bliss, returning. Once Rhonda had gone, Toadie confided in Joel about what had happened, even admitting that he’d been tempted by Rhonda’s offer. In the end, he realised that he had to tell Sheena everything and they decided that it would be best if they stopped seeing each other. A few days later, Rhonda rang Toadie for another try, but, after thinking it over, he turned her down once again.

Notes: Brenda Addie previously made guest appearances in 1993 as Bunny Lawson.

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