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Neighbourhood > Guest Character Profiles > Sheena Wilson Zoe Stark

Sheena Wilson 2000-2006
Parents: Rhonda

Occupation: Nurse at Erinsborough & District Hospital

As a nurse at Erinsborough Hospital, Sheena Wilson spent a lot of time working and often socialised with her colleagues. She first met the residents of Ramsay Street when her friend and fellow nurse Dee Bliss started sharing number 32 with Tess Bell. In her professional life, Sheena was on hand to help when various residents were admitted to the hospital, including when Lou suffered a serious back injury and when Lyn gave birth to Oscar.

Though Dee attempted to set Sheena up with Lance and Toadie from number 30, Sheena seemed quite happy being single. However, some months later, Sheena agreed to go on a date with Toadie, who was convinced she must be doing it for a bet. However, she convinced him that she was seriously interested in him and they started spending more and more time together. Things almost went wrong when Toadie took offence at Sheena talking about him to Dee and the other nurses, but she told him she only did it because she was so happy to be with him. But when Toadie agreed to help Sheena’s mum with some work around her house, little did he know what he was getting himself into. Rhonda Wilson quickly started flirting with Toadie and he felt very awkward being around her. After several more similar incidents, Toadie was forced to reveal the truth to Sheena, and the pair decided that, if they couldn’t trust each other enough to share that information, they were probably not meant to be.

The following year, Sheena found herself facing a crisis at work when Mr. Martin Cook began a placement at the hospital. When she decided to try and get into his lectures, she found herself the target of his lecherous behaviour. Sheena knew that nobody would believe her and found that her accusations were simply alienating her at work and so she left his tutoring group and went away on holiday. However, soon after, Sheena’s accusations were proved to be true when Dee also found herself a target of Mr. Cook.

A couple of years later, Sheena was back in contact with the Ramsay Street residents when Boyd Hoyland ended up in a coma, following an operation to remove a brain tumour. Sheena was forced to tell his family that they should prepare for the fact that he might never wake up. Around the same time, Sheena was involved in a school reunion for her old high school, Bates High, which was being held at the Scarlet Bar. Sheena was annoyed when she found out that Sindi Watts, one of her former high school acquaintances, was working at the bar and tried to tell owner Izzy Hoyland to sack the girl. Sindi was left in tears and hid out in the office, explaining that she’d been bullied at school and didn’t want to face the girls. When Sindi’s boyfriend, Stuart Parker, turned up, he confronted the girls about their bullying, but Sheena protested that this wasn’t true and Sindi was the one in the wrong, telling him that he should watch his back. At the hospital the next day, Stuart spoke to Sheena again and she told him that Sindi was notorious at school for stealing other people’s boyfriends. She also told that he should speak to a Kelly Weaver if he wanted proof, but then she clammed up, refusing to explain what she meant.

The following year, Sheena had transferred to the psychiatric ward, where she was treating another member of the Hoyland family, Boyd's father, Max, who had admitted himself. Although Max believed he was losing his mind, it was actually the work of Elle Robinson, who was angry with Max for running over and killing her brother, Cameron. Despite this, Max's own paranoia, coupled with his medication, led to him starting to believe that everyone was out to get him and, when his family arrived to take him home, Sheena told them that he was being kept in. Later that day, Boyd, along with Max's wife Steph, returned to sign some release forms, only to find out that Max had disappeared from his room and nobody had any idea where he had gone.

Biography by Steve



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