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Freya Wozniak 2022
Lived: 24 Ramsay Street
Siblings: Zane
Occupation: Nurse, Receptionist, Volunteer

The mysterious Freya Wozniak arrived in Erinsborough the day after a terrible storm, which had caused a power pole to fall on the Flamingo Bar, leaving Britney Barnes dead. As Freya looked through the wreckage, she was spotted by police officer Levi Canning, who told her to leave. She then visited the hospital, seemingly looking for someone, and the next day, returned to the wreckage of the Flamingo Bar. This time, she spotted something that interested her, a scarf, which she grabbed just as Levi appeared again. As she tried to make a run for it, he caught her and explained that she couldn't just take something from a crime scene even if, as she claimed, it belonged to her, so she reluctantly handed it over, declining to give Levi her details.

When Levi then found her ordering coffee at Harold's, she gave her name as Madonna, then proceeded to listen in as some of the locals spoke about the disaster at the Flamingo Bar. As it became increasingly clear that Freya was looking for someone, she tried to find out more about what had happened at the bar, and about Levi's investigation, first talking to Nicolette Stone, who'd been friends with Britney, and then to Levi's grandmother, Sheila. Sheila was quick to try and set her grandson up on a date with the newcomer and an intrigued Levi decided to take her to Leo Tanaka's vineyard, aware from the prying eyes of his friends and family. As the pair got to know each other a little better, he apologised for the way he'd treated her and told her more about what had happened at the bar, explaining that he'd been there and had some photos from that night on his phone. When Freya casually asked to see them, she noticed one in which Harold's cafe manager Ned Willis was wearing the scarf she'd been so interested in. Unfortunately for Freya, Ned was unable to remember where the scarf had come from or why he was wearing it and, when Freya showed him a photo of a man she claimed to be her missing cousin, he said that he hadn't seen him before.

During another date, Freya was interested to learn about Levi tracking down some guys who'd assaulted him when he was younger and getting them charged, admitting that the way he'd gone about things wasn't entirely by the book and could have cost him his career. Interested by this, Freya looked up some articles about Levi online, before attending a cricket match on Ramsay Street with him. There, she bumped into Ned again, who asked whether she'd had any luck tracking down her cousin. When Levi overheard, Freya was forced to explain that her cousin had gone missing and her uncle was worried for him - the scarf at the Flamingo Bar had belonged to him and she'd seen Ned wearing it, so had questioned him. Levi accepted this, but wondered why she hadn't asked for his help as a police officer, so Freya explained that her cousin hadn't actually been reported as officially missing. When Freya then pulled away when Levi tried to kiss her, and was later revealed to be carrying a large knife around in her bag, it seemed that there was a lot more to her than met the eye.

When Levi was asked to pick up a police car from the city, Freya went along with him, but when he left her alone in the car to get some food, she started a search on the police database, only to be caught out by a passing Roxy - who was married to Levi's cousin, Kyle. Freya quickly claimed that she'd just been searching her own name for fun and asked a suspicious Roxy not to say anything. Worried about Levi getting involved with a woman he hardly knew, Roxy decided to tell Levi what she'd seen, but was surprised when he said that Freya had already confessed to it. Still concerned, Roxy arranged to go out for coffee and get to know Freya better, but, whilst they were out together, Freya suddenly approached a guy, calling him Gareth. After realising that she was mistaken, Freya explained that Gareth was her missing cousin, but Roxy couldn't ignore her fears that something was wrong. She decided to break into Freya's house and look for evidence, only to be caught in a horrifying situation when Freya found her and threatened her with the large knife she'd been keeping in her bag.

This incident only made Roxy more sure that Freya couldn't be trusted, but Freya explained to Levi that she'd had her house broken into before and was frightened, so she just grabbed a knife from the kitchen. Roxy claimed that it was more of a hunting knife than a kitchen knife, but as Roxy had seemingly been the only one breaking the law, she struggled to get anyone to believe her. Following this incident, Levi was disappointed when Freya asked if they could have some space from each other, but Roxy wasn't about to give up on her belief that something was seriously wrong. She managed to persuade Ned, as well as their friend Harlow, to go to Benalla, somewhere that Freya had previously mentioned, to see what they could find out. There, they learnt that the Wozniaks were from nearby Echuca, and that they were all in involved in nursing. After looking through social media, they then found a photo of Freya kissing the man she'd claimed to be her cousin, Gareth. As all of this digging was going on, Freya agreed to meet Levi for another date, but was clearly still uncomfortable and finally admitted to him that she had been lying. She explained that Gareth was actually her boyfriend and that he had worked as a clerk at the courthouse in Echuca, but had disappeared four months earlier after witnessing something he shouldn't have. She went on to explain that she was convinced that it involved a gang trial and corrupt police, which was why she was so reluctant to report it, and that she thought she'd seen Gareth in a news report about the Flamingo Bar incident, which was why she came to Erinsborough.

Levi was stunned as she confirmed that she'd been using him all along to try and get information on Gareth's whereabouts, and that Roxy's story about the knife was true, as was the story about the break-in, as some guys had come looking for her shortly after Gareth had disappeared. Unsure whether she was being honest with him, Levi wondered whether he should report Gareth's disappearance, as Freya realised she'd run out of options and begged for his help in finding him. Explaining that Gareth had no family to look for him, and that her own family had never liked him, she tried to convince Levi to help her, but he was very reluctant, with only her previous mention of corrupt cops making him wonder if he needed to get involved. He decided to launch an investigation with the anti-corruption commission to look into the Echuca police, leaving Freya horrified that he might have led those corrupt police right to Erinsborough. Meanwhile, after helping Jane Harris, who was suffering from a panic attack, Freya mentioned to David Tanaka that she would be sticking around in Erinsborough for a little longer and was hoping to pick up some nursing shifts at the local hospital. Levi was surprised to find out that she was staying, but she told him that she would be around until she found Gareth, as it was the location of the last sighting she'd had of him.

When the anti-corruption commission were unable to find any evidence of corruption, Levi had another thought, searching the police database for Gareth's name and putting in a trace on his mobile phone. When it was found, Levi went to the location, but found himself face to face with a man with a gun. The man, Joel Park, insisted that he wasn't Gareth and didn't know him, having just picked up the phone at the market. Fortunately, the phone had also appeared on Freya's tracking app and she arrived at the same house, providing enough of a distraction for Levi to disarm Joel. After hearing about where Joel had bought the phone, Freya was grateful for the new lead, but insisted that she didn't need help from Levi from now on. However, realising that Freya could be putting herself in danger, Levi agreed to help and insisted on joining her when she went to the market. There was further good news for Freya when she managed to score a room at Chloe Brennan's house on Ramsay Street, next-door to Levi. With Freya and Levi growing closer again, she agreed to his suggestion that she should talk to the anti-corruption commission herself, explaining everything she knew about Gareth's disappearance. The pair then headed to the market, where they found the stall that had sold Gareth's phone and the stallholder reluctantly agreed to help after seeing Levi's police badge, telling them where he'd received the phone from. As Levi and Freya followed that lead to a woman named Tina Halliday, she claimed that she'd found the phone at a tip and said that she didn't recognise Gareth. However, after Levi and Freya had gone, she made a call to someone, saying that she'd messed up and had accidentally sold Gareth's phone instead of destroying it.

Unaware that they were getting closer to the truth, Levi and Freya grew closer, but his family was still worried about him being involved with her. They decided to approach Andrew Rodwell, Levi's sergeant, and get him to give Levi some extra work, hopeful that it might give him less time to help Freya with her search. Believing that her enquiries had hit a dead end anyway, Freya claimed that she was OK, though she was quite disappointed not to have an excuse to spend time with Levi. Worried about her feelings, Freya was surprised when Levi came to her a couple of weeks later and said that he'd been looking into Tina Halliday. After trying to get him to follow the lead on his own, Chloe pointed out that Freya was only making her feelings more obvious by avoiding Levi, and that she should just spend time with him and make sure he knew that they were nothing more than friends. As Levi and Freya continued to try and ignore their feelings for each other, a lead came through, with Gareth having been tracked down to a caravan park. Not wanting Freya to be disappointed if it turned out to be a false lead, Levi agreed to the suggestion that Ned and Harlow should go instead and see if it was actually him. At the caravan park, they found Gareth and his new girlfriend Emma McIver, and Gareth explained to them how Freya had been stalking him and that he'd disappeared to get away from her, and that she was making up the story about corrupt cops. Though Ned and Harlow were convinced by his story, Levi was less sure when he found out what Gareth had said. With a group of Ramsay Street residents planning a trip to River Bend retreat, Ned and Harlow weren't comfortable with Freya joining them, but Levi said that it was just Gareth's word against Freya and that he trusted Freya more.

As they all arrived at the retreat, Freya was confused by Ned, Harlow and even Levi's reluctance to be around her. She began to wonder if it was because of the mixed signals she was giving out, confessing to Levi that she liked him as more than a friend and that they needed to be honest with each other. Levi then finally told Freya that they'd tracked Gareth down and that he'd put all of the blame on her and she was furious, insisting that she needed to speak to Gareth herself, confused over why he would say those things about her. Refusing to listen to Levi any more, Freya then stormed off, but unbeknownst to all of them, Gareth had managed to track Freya down, having seen a picture of the group posted on social media. Finding Levi alone, he confronted him, gun in hand, and as a fight broke out, Levi ended up being shot in the arm, left lying unconscious as Gareth considered killing him. He was interrupted by Freya, who didn't see Levi but tried to make Gareth talk to her, believing that he was still on the run from the gang in Echuca. When she finally saw what had happened to Levi, Freya was prevented from doing anything by Gareth, who covered her mouth and dragged her back to the group's minibus, warning her that this was all her fault, as she was the one who'd got the cops involved in tracking him down. As Freya was forced to drive at gunpoint, Gareth explained that he wasn't on the run from the gang, he was being protected by them, as he'd been helping them, giving them jury notes to help them win their trial. He admitted that the whole story about corrupt cops had been made up to keep her off the scent, and that she'd ruined everything by involved Levi, which was why the gang now wanted Levi to be silenced for good.

Gareth was unaware, however, that Aaron - Chloe's brother and David's husband - was hiding in the back of the minibus, waiting for the moment when he could help. When the bus suffered a blowout, Gareth went to change the tyre and Aaron tried to help Freya, whose hands were tied together. When he was unable to release her, he then went to try and sneak up on Gareth instead. Unfortunately, Gareth spotted him and managed to overpower him, before bludgeoning him with the wrench he'd been using to change the tyre. Gareth then left Aaron's bloodied body by the road and forced Freya to continue driving. As Amy and David arrived to join the group at River Bend, he was stunned to find Aaron unconscious on the road. Meanwhile, Levi made his way to the road and stepped out in front of the minibus, causing Freya to crash and Gareth to be thrown through the windscreen. With Amy driving David and Aaron to try and get help, they came upon the crash scene, so Amy agreed to drive Aaron and Levi to get first aid, while David remained to help Freya treat Gareth. However, after learning that Gareth was responsible for Aaron's injuries, David decided not to help him as he struggled for breath, he and Freya simply watching on as Gareth stopped breathing in front of them. David then disposed of the OPA (oropharyngeal airway) that he'd originally been planning to use on Gareth before learning the truth, throwing it into the bushes.

As the police tracked down Gareth's girlfriend, Emma, and the gang members they'd been working with, back in Erinsborough, Freya and David struggled to come to terms with what they'd done. Realising that she hadn't really known Gareth as well as she thought she did, Freya visited the hospital, where Aaron had initially woken up, then been found to have a blood clot on his brain after suffering a seizure. David was convinced that Aaron would die and that it would be his penance for allowing Gareth to die, so Freya was forced to keep her calm and remind him that Gareth would have died anyway, and that they had to get their stories straight. Fortunately, Aaron recovered from his brain surgery, but David was unable to stop thinking about the events of that day, unable to move on as a coroner's investigation was taking place. With Chloe also feeling that Freya was to blame for Aaron's injuries, the pressure was building and she was struggling to hold it together. She and David managed to hold it together during their interview with the police, as they were forced to lie that there was no OPA in the first aid kit, so they were unable to help Gareth.

Hopeful that she and David could now move on, Freya was alarmed when Gareth's girlfriend Emma arrived in Erinsborough, refusing to believe that he had died with two medical professionals by his side. When Freya blurted out that Gareth was a scumbag and that she and David had done Emma a favour, Emma was further convinced that there was more to the story and she broke into 24 Ramsay Street and stole Freya's laptop. When Levi caught up with Emma, he warned her that the police would be looking closer at her links to Gareth's criminal gang if she didn't stop harassing Freya. Emma then returned the laptop, cryptically saying that Freya should choose a better password. As she'd been searching for books on the subjects of trauma and guilt, Freya was worried that Emma was getting close to the truth. Fortunately, when she looked through the computer, she found that all Emma seemed to have done was delete a folder containing photos of Freya with Gareth. Hopeful that the worst might be behind her, Freya started growing closer to Levi again, but it looked like another setback was on the horizon when David found a note saying 'I Know What You Did' on his desk at work. Alarmed to hear about Freya's slip-ups with Emma and what she'd been searching for on the laptop before it was stolen, David worried that Emma had worked everything out and was responsible for the note. Freya was less convinced, becoming increasingly concerned about David as he started to suspect various people, including Dean Covey, a cleaner at the hospital who'd developed a crush on David and had been trying to cause problems in his marriage.

As worry over the note caused Freya to grow distant from Levi, David received another note, this time saying 'Does Your Husband Know You're A Killer?' As they realised that they had no way of finding out who'd done it, without involving the police, Freya casually asked Levi if there was any update on Emma. With Emma then confirmed to have been interstate for a while, they realised that it couldn't have been her, but when an OPA was left in David's car, he turned his suspicions to Dean, angrily accusing him and being dragged off by Freya before he could say too much. Realising that they needed to see if the OPA was still in the bushes at River Bend, David and Freya headed there, but were unable to find it. When Aaron then found one of the threatening notes in David's bag, David was forced to confess everything, and with Aaron now on in on their secret, David and Freya received another note, this time demanding $50,000 in the next week to stay quiet. Unable to come up with enough money between the three of them, David and Aaron considered selling their engagement watches, but couldn't go through with hit, so Freya turned her to estranged brother, Zane, for help. Freya's family had been disapproving of her relationship with Gareth, and Zane was annoyed when Freya explained that, after his death, Gareth had left her in debt to some bad people. Having hoped that Freya wanted to meet in order to fix her estrangement from her family, Zane softened when Freya said that Gareth was a terrible mistake and she missed her brother and parents very much. He agreed to help her out with a loan and she promised to get in touch with their parents. Now with enough money to pay the blackmailer, David and Freya made the transfer, hoping that it would be the end of the matter. However, David's anger peaked when he then saw Dean driving a brand new car, demanding to know where he'd found the money for it. When Dean, completely confused by the confrontation, refused to engage, David then keyed the car. Freya managed to drag David away and calm him down, warning him that they were only drawing attention to themselves, especially if Dean didn't turn out to be the blackmailer, but it seemed that the nightmare wasn't over when, during a party at David and Aaron's house, they pulled back the pool cover to find that the water had been dyed blood red.

With Freya and David blaming each other for what had happened, David was convinced that Dean was responsible and went to his house to confront him. Dean's confused reaction, however, left David worried that he'd made a mistake, and Dean pointed out that David had made a complaint about him at work and keyed his car, so he seemed to be the one responsible for any harassment. David and Freya were further concerned when they found out that Aaron had approached their neighbour, lawyer Toadie, about the leniency if someone confessed to a crime soon after it happened. Realising how much Aaron was struggling with the burden of the secret, David and Freya finally came to the conclusion that they had to confess. Unfortunately, arriving at the hospital the next day to tell C.O.O. Clive Gibbons the full story, they found him with Levi, and he explained that someone had made a complaint to the medical board about the pair of them. With Levi and Clive sure that there had been a mistake, David and Freya confessed everything, before being taken in for full questioning at the police station. They both admitted to lying during the investigation, and explained about the blackmail, with David telling them that he was sure Dean was behind it all. With a furious Dean taking in for questioning, and denying everything, David noticed someone else he recognised, he was hanging around nearby and enjoying watching the drama unfold. The man was Oscar Russell, a doctor who'd been deregistered after David made a complaint about him, but it appeared that catching the blackmailer was the least of the police's concerns, as they informed David and Freya that they'd both be charged with perverting the course of justice and tampering with evidence, while David would additionally be charged with medical manslaughter.

As well as destroying David and Freya's medical careers, the incident also left things between Freya and Levi in tatters. With Chloe paying her bail and with legal representation from Toadie, Freya tried to face up to what she'd done, with David's lawyer - paid for by his father, Paul - suggesting that both David and Freya should plead impaired judgement due to mental trauma. Though Freya agreed to this, and the psychological evaluation that went along with it, David was reluctant to make any excuses for what he'd done, worrying Freya and Aaron. Realising that David was willing to go to prison and destroy his life, Freya tried to fix things by telling Toadie that she'd been the one who threw away the OPA. Aware that she was lying, and why, Toadie persuaded Freya to sleep on it before going to the police to change her statement. Meanwhile, with no job, Freya was pleased to accept when Aaron offered her some temporary work on reception at his gym, The Shed, only for her presence to cause several of the clients to cancel. Her day only got worse when her brother Zane returned, wanting to check that she was OK after their last meeting. Having felt terrible about lying to him, Freya came clean about everything with Zane and, after hearing that she was planning to take the blame to help David, Zane tried to persuade his sister to return to the family in Echuca. After initially considering the idea, Freya decided to stay in Erinsborough and face up to things.

As she and David awaited their fate, Freya found herself caught up in another drama when Christabel Bancroft, a member of the Restoration Order cult, started to target her. Aware of all of Freya's recent troubles, Christabel felt that she was be susceptible to recruitment and tried handed her leaflets about a women in business coaching seminar, which Freya declined. As Freya had been volunteering at The Sonya Rebecchi Foundation, Christabel used that as her next tactic and managed to get some shifts there herself, but her behaviour only served to irritate Freya. Meanwhile, Christabel's accomplice Corey Smythe-Jones had been working for weeks to recruit Harlow, finally drugging her when it looked like he wasn't going to be able to win her over. With Harlow having been taken to a cottage in Daylesford to complete her recruitment, Freya became suspicious after seeing Harlow's cardigan in Christabel's car, and noticing that the last address on the satnav was the cottage. She decided to go and check it out herself, only to be knocked out and tied up in the basement by Christabel. After managing to free herself, Freya was rescued by David and Levi, who'd worked out what was going on, and together they managed to help rescue Harlow, who'd been driven away from the scene by Corey.

This incident brought Levi and Freya closer than they'd been in a while, as he worried about her constant need to put herself in danger but as their friendship was reignited, Freya impulsively kissed him. When they next bumped into each other, they agreed that it had been a mistake and they should just forget it ever happened, though both Levi and Freya clearly wanted more. It was left to Chloe to encourage them both to be honest, and Levi then decided to make a big public declaration, arriving on Ramsay Street in a police car and summoning Freya outside, where he told her that she was the most amazing woman he'd ever met. They then kissed, much to the delight of the Ramsay Street residents who were watching the scene unfold.

As Freya's love life started to look up, things took another dramatic turn when David and Aaron went away on a short break with baby Isla, wondering if it might be their last chance to be together for a while. When the owner of their Air B'n'B overheard them joking about taking a boat and disappearing, she mentioned it to the police and David was seen as a flight risk and sent to a remand centre until his sentencing. Unfortunately, with the remand centre full, he was then taken to a maximum security prison, where he found himself being targeted by another prisoner, Dan Waskett. After learning about the tough time David was having in prison, Freya was surprised to see Emma McIver back in town. She explained that she had contacts in the prison and could get Dan to back off, if Freya helped her out in return. Freya then went to Aaron, telling him that if they went to the police, it would only make matters worse for David. Desperately concerned for David's safety, Freya agreed to whatever Emma wanted, and later she and Aaron turned up at a warehouse where it became clear that Emma needed Freya's medical expertise to treat members of her gang who'd been injured. Freya went along with it, relieved when she later found out that the attacks on David seemed to have stopped, but she worried about keeping it from Levi, aware that any police involvement could jeopardise his career, as well as David's safety.

When Emma asked Freya to do another job, she was in the process of preparing to go to court for her sentencing, struggling to get out of it when her brother Zane turned up with his character reference. When Freya focused on her hearing, an unhappy Emma arranged for an 'accident' at the prison involving David, sending a voice recording of him crying out in pain. Unable to take any more, Aaron told Freya that they had to go to the police, and Toadie managed to get her sentencing delayed as they explained everything. Levi was furious when he found out, angrily accusing Freya of not trusting him, until Aaron pointed out that she'd been selflessly risking her life to help David, and that Levi shouldn't be making it all about himself. After attending court, where she received probation, Freya returned to Ramsay Street, where Levi apologised to her for his behaviour and she insisted that she had only avoided telling him because she loved him too much to risk his job or his life like that. With David back in prison after being treated for burns, he was taken to a secure cell, but when Freya then received a photo from Emma, showing David sleeping in his cell, the police realised that there would have to be a corrupt prison guard working with Emma too. David was then asked to wear a wire to catch the corrupt guard, while back on Ramsay Street, Emma suddenly burst in on Freya and housemate Kiri, with Austin Julians, a man suffering from a gunshot wound. Though Freya insisted that Austin needed hospital treatment, Emma wouldn't listen, threatening both Freya and Kiri's lives, then warning that David wasn't safe either. The corrupt guard had separated David from the group when the prison was evacuated, and David was now alone with Dan Waskett, who was waiting for a text message from Emma with her orders. She told Freya that she was going to have David killed if she didn't save Austin, making a call to him to prove that she wasn't lying. When neighbour Nicolette showed up to visit Kiri, she backed up Freya's opinion that Austin needed urgent surgery, showing Emma his injuries to prove it. Emma was shocked by what she see, which provided enough of a distraction for Freya to grab the gun. In the scuffle, a message reading 'Kill Him' was sent from Emma's phone to Dan, but the police managed to get to David just in time. Freya and the others, meanwhile, were found by Levi and, the next day, David was given an emergency hearing and released from prison to be reunited with his family.

With the whole nightmare finally behind them all, Freya started to focus on a new future as a paramedic. She and Levi also decided to help out when the Ramsay Street History Book was accidentally destroyed, and they gathered messages and photos from as many past residents as possible, to create a new book. As their relationship went from strength to strength, Freya and Levi made a fresh start, away from Ramsay Street, and moved to Freya's childhood home of Echuca.


Biography by Steve