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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 12

Written by Betty Quin, Directed by Mandy Smith, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 02/04/85, BBC One: 11/11/86, UK Gold: 17/11/92

• Daphne watches the tv report that talk of Shane never being able to walk again
• Danny wishes he’d been the one injured in the accident and Max agrees with him
• Dr Rowlands uses news of Danny’s guilt over the accident as a toll to get Shane to move again

No 24 - Kitchen: Maria is delighted about the news that Shane has movement again but Max is still brooding over the end of Shane’s diving career. Scott interrupts to see if he can visit Danny again after getting his their classmates to sign a get well soon card and the teacher to agree to let him visit during school time. Scott leaves for the hospital and Max goes to make a move to. Maria stops him asks Max to see Danny – he tells her he’s too busy with work.

St James Hospital - Danny's room: Laurie finishes checking Danny and makes comment that he still isn’t eating. Scott hands over the card signed by their friends – even the class nerd Simpson signed it. Scott tries to make Danny see that running away is not the answer and will hurt his mother. Danny is more interested in getting away from his father. Scott asks his friend just to think about it as bit more.

. . .

No 26 - Kitchen: Helen is baking when Paul steals some of the cake mixture and gets a sharp tap on the hand from his grandmother. They discuss how Danny always feel second best in Max’s eyes and Paul comments on how people always try to do the right thing. The discussion then turns to how Paul is feeling like he’s tired of studying to become an engineer, following Jim into the same business. Helen tells him he can change that if he wants but Paul feels a loyalty to Jim. Maria arrives as Paul leaves to see Daphne. Maria questions her over whether she knows if Max has spoken to Jim about Danny. Helen assures her no and Maria confesses she is worried with Danny refusing to eat as if he has almost lost the will to live.

. . .

St James Hospital - Shane's room: Shane is exercising his hands to show his father how well his recovery is going. Shane reassures Max he is okay with his change of career he faces and urges Max to see Danny to explain he’s not to blame. Max however makes excuses he has to work and walks away.

St James Hospital - Danny's room: Maria tries desperately to get Danny to eat but he’s not interested. Maria reassures her that Max is upset about him as much as he is about Shane. Danny tells her he never loved him and now never will.

No 28 - Kitchen: Paul explains to Daphne how Julie will be returning to the bank tomorrow. Paul offers to take her to the hospital to see Shane but she prefers not to.

No 26 - Lounge: Helen is surprised to see Scott in his school uniform and he tells her he’s realised it doesn’t matter what the kids will say about him and Kim. Scott wants to see Danny to apologise. Helen thinks he should.

St James Hospital - Shane's room: Shane reassures Maria about Danny but is concerned for Max’s well being. Maria leaves and Shane asks Laurie to help him out with something.

. . .

St James Hospital - Danny's room: Danny lays in his bed still brooding over the accident when Laurie pushes Shane in a wheelchair and Shane greets his brother. Danny smiles.

St James Hospital - Danny's room: Shane makes light of Danny blaming himself for the accident and assures his brother it was not. Shane makes him look to the future and asks if he’d like the both of them to go away together camping. Danny is thrilled at the idea when Paul arrives. He makes reference to Shane about Daphne but Shane tells him he lost that one. Paul tucks into Helen’s cream cakes while Shane gets Danny to eat his favourite – banana custard.

. . .

Pacific Bank: Julie becomes nervous as she serves a young girl named Jacinta and sees a man watching her. Des wanders over and Julie expresses concern. The man leaves but Des agrees he needs to be watched.

. . .

No 26 - Kitchen: Helen is taking time to paint while Jim home early after a slow day at work finishes from planting in the garden. Max wanders in to ask Jim for the jump leads to restart his van. Helen makes reference to Shane & Danny but is saddened to hear Max has only visited Shane.

Pacific Bank: Julie while serving spots that the suspicious man is back and speaks to Des. Des decides to call the police.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge/kitchen: Jim settles Lucy down to watch some cartoons while he and Helen comfort an upset Julie. Julie goes to her room and Jim suggests to Helen maybe she needs a change of career. Helen reveals that Paul is also thinking about a change but Jim is less than happy about that. He explains that since Anne died his career was a great comfort. Lucy calls him as the tv reception starts rolling.

No 28 - Kitchen: Des arrives home as Daphne checks on his meal and she prepares to leave for 2 stripping jobs that evening. They have a brief argument and Des remarks about them having a bust up – Referring to Shane, Daphne tells him she’s had more than enough of those.

No 24 - Porch/No 26 - Front garden/No 24 - Balcony: A woman is knocking on the door of the Ramsays' but there is no reply. Jim climbs down from the roof having fixed the tv aerial and sees the woman banging on the side window of the Ramsays', calling for Maria. Jim calls to her.

. . .

No 24 - Porch: Jim is introduced to Maria’s sister Anna Rossi and offers her a cup of coffee at his place while Maria is out. She accepts and Jim remarks on how pretty she is.

No 26 - Kitchen: Helen carries on preparing dinner while Jim chats to Anna over coffee. She reveals she’s not seen Shane and Danny for nearly two years and makes reference to her looking after her mother before she died. The visit is cut short when Scott escorts her over to the Ramsays' as he’s seen Maria return home. Anna thanks them and Helen notices how smitten her son-in-law is.

. . .

No 24 - Lounge: Maria warmly greets her sister and Scott excuses himself. Maria talks about the accident, Shane not being able to dive, Max taking it all very hard and Danny not being able to eat – Anna assures her she’ll change that.

. . .

St James' Hospital - Danny's room: Maria visits and surprises Danny with Anna. Danny explains he and Shane have decided to go camping and wants some home cooked food to eat.

. . .

No 24 - Lounge: Max is asking Jim to forget their conversation about blaming Danny but Jim warns he has to deal with his feelings sometime soon. Anna and Maria arrive and Max warmly greets his sister-in-law. Maria convinces Jim to stay to dinner and Max invites Helen too. Maria and Anna go to the kitchen and Maria urges Anna to stay on longer – Anna notices Maria is upset and gets her to reveal her fears that if Max and Danny won’t talk now, what will life for them be like when Danny returns home.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Helen Daniels, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Gloria Ajenstat as Nurse Laurie Stevens, Rosalyn Gentle as Anna Rossi, Peter Mochrie as Peter Kirk, Rosemary Barnes as bank customer (Jacinta)

Trivia Notes
• Helen becomes referred to as ‘Gran’ from here on but Jim is still calling her ‘mum’
• Paul is studying engineering to go into the same business as Jim
• Lucy watches He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe on tv
• Maria’s sister Anna Rossi speaks about not having seen Shane and Danny for nearly 2 years
• Anna nursed her mother until she died rather than put her into a nursing home

Summary by Paul