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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 13

Written by Betty Quin, Directed by Mandy Smith, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 03/04/85, BBC One: 12/11/86, UK Gold: 18/11/92

• Anna is introduced to Jim – he makes reference to how pretty she is
• Julie gets Des to call the police after spotting a male customer looking suspicious
• Maria tells her sister Anna that Max won’t visit Danny in hospital and she fears what life will be like once he returns home

No 24 - Lounge/kitchen/front door: Danny reflects on Shane’s trophies when Anna just wants to celebrate Shane’s homecoming. Danny feels that things are different now but Anna wants her nephew to realise he’s not to blame for those changes. Shane arrives, helped by Max and Maria and warmly greeted by Anna. There is some tension however between Max & Danny. Shane announces that he and Danny are going of camping to spend sometime together. Max excuses himself from the room. Maria and Anna settle the boys down to eat and Maria expresses concern at the boys wanting to get away camping tomorrow as too early. Shane tells her Danny is looking after him. Jim arrives and asks Anna out to dinner as Daphne arrives.

No 24 - Lounge: Daphne comes off the phone having got Des to agree to let Shane and Danny use his car for their trip away. Shane jokes about pretending to have back pain laughing once everyone comes running. Daphne, Danny, Max and Maria are not impressed by his cruel joke and Shane apologises. Maria reminds him that Danny still blames himself for what happened. Alone, Maria asks Daphne to come to a welcome home dinner for Shane tonight. At first Daphne declines, but agrees when Maria convinces her Shane needs her friends around him. After Daphne leaves, Max exclaims he still cannot see what Shane wants to be around a stripper for. Maria mentions they are just friends now after the accident.

. . .

. . .

Pacific Bank: The suspicious man is back in the bank and being watched. He approaches Julie who is at the counter serving when he is grabbed by undercover police and the bank alarm sounds.

. . .

Pacific Bank: Peter Kirk desperately begs Julie to read his note and she passes it over to a policewoman who reads it out loud ‘I think I’m falling in love with you’. The police warn Peter to find better ways to express his love in the future. After Peter leaves, the policeman reveals to Julie & Des that Peter is the son of one of the richest men in the area.

Street market: Jim and Anna are shopping and he buys her flowers commenting they are as beautiful as her. Anna accepts the chance to go with Jim on Sunday to the markets.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge: Julie is surprised when Peter Kirk arrives with balloons at No.26. he apologises and admits he followed her home to find where she lived. Julie excuses herself to prepare for the party and Peter vows to see Julie again.

. . .

No 24 - Lounge/kitchen: Jim and Anna return from shopping for the party and Anna thanks Jim for the flowers. Julie walks in and is not happy to see her father with Anna and curtly leaves some food for the party for Maria.

. . .

No 24 - Lounge: Later at the party, Des and Daphne joke about Julie’s love note at the bank when Shane comes over to join them. Daphne jokes about max ignoring her but leaves to help Maria in the kitchen when Shane has nothing but good to say about his father. Julie is surprised when Peter Kirk turns up but secretly pleased.

. . .

No 24 - Kitchen: Late into the party and everyone is eating. Max however seems gloomy and Shane suggests he takes Maria on a holiday but Max is not interested. Peter asks if Anna is with someone, Jim informs him she’s single. Julie is not pleased.

. . .

Shane's car: The following day Shane drives Danny away on their camping trip. The boys relax as Danny practices his singing along to some music. Shane pulls over to where they are going to set up camp.

. . .

Campsite: Shane prepares his fishing net but Danny is hungry and the settle for some tinned sardines. Danny reflects on Shane’s Olympic dream but Shane tells him this was his last chance. Danny then talks about losing Daphne – Shane is in no mood to discuss that and storms off.

Pacific Bank: Peter finishes opening an account at the branch by asking Julie out for dinner, but she declines. Daphne arrives and spots Peter flirting with Julie. She mentions to Des she feels a bit sorry for Julie as she thinks she’s an unhappy person really.

Campsite: While fishing, Shane apologises to Danny for speaking badly to him earlier and admits it’s down to him splitting up for Daphne – but still feels he had to protect her in case he ended up a paraplegic. Shane asks Danny if he’d let him start training him to dive and they could ask Max to help. Danny is adamant he does not want to do this.

No 24 - Lounge: Jim enjoys Anna’s company and they both laugh when it becomes clear Maria is purposely trying to keep them together. Maria sees Peter Kirk arriving at No 26.

. . .

Campsite: Shane is discussing getting Danny back into training to dive and Danny agrees to think about it providing Shane is there to guide him by Max’s side.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson, Des Clarke, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Rosalyn Gentle as Anna Rossi, Peter Mochrie as Peter Kirk, Peter Black as policeman, Christine Earle as policewoman, Pamela Sydney as stall attendant

Trivia Notes
• Peter Kirk is from one of the wealthiest families in the district
• Shane was dropped from the list of competitors at the previous Olympic games and the forthcoming games would have been his last chance to compete
• Jim makes reference to the family making themselves scarce when Paul brought home his first girlfriend a few years ago so they could be alone

Summary by Paul