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Episode Summaries > 1985 > Episode 14

Written by Betty Quin, Directed by Mandy Smith, Produced by John Holmes

Channel Seven: 04/04/85, BBC One: 13/11/86, UK Gold: 19/11/92

• Julie panics when Peter Kirk approaches her in the bank and she presses the alarm and he’s arrested
• Shane tells Danny he can’t dive again for risking becoming a paraplegic and putting Daphne into that situation
• Julie and Des discover Peter Kirk only wanted to ask Julie out on a date
• Shane asks Danny if he’d like to go back to diving and be trained by Max
• Julie introduces Peter to Jim and Anna. Anna notices Julie is unhappy at her spending time with her father
• Danny reconsiders and will agree to diving training with max only if Shane is present

No 24 - Lounge/kitchen/front door: Danny reflects on Shane’s trophies when Anna just wants to celebrate Shane’s homecoming. Danny feels that things are different now but Anna wants her nephew to realise he’s not to blame for those changes. Shane arrives, helped by Max and Maria and warmly greeted by Anna. There is some tension however between Max & Danny. Shane announces that he and Danny are going of camping to spend sometime together. Max excuses himself from the room. Maria and Anna settle the boys down to eat and Maria expresses concern at the boys wanting to get away camping tomorrow as too early. Shane tells her Danny is looking after him. Jim arrives and asks Anna out to dinner as Daphne arrives.

. . .

Restaurant: Peter and Julie are at dinner and informs her that he intends to marry her. Julie is taken aback and informs him she would only marry someone after time and learning to love and respect that person. Peter tells her he intends to try his hardest to change her mind.

No 26 - Kitchen: The Robinsons are eating breakfast and Paul & Scott tease Julie about coming home late from her date gut she makes a flippant comment about Jim being too engrossed with Anna at the Ramsay party. Helen suggests they invite Max and Maria as a thank you over for dinner and Jim suggests he invite Anna. Paul wants to invite Daphne too. Julie is not pleased at Daphne being involved but everyone else is. Paul leaves to see Daphne. Jim reassures Scott that Anna will accept the dinner invitation.

. . .

No 28 - Lounge: Daphne is finishing her breakfast when Paul arrives to invite her to dinner – Daphne is anxious that Julie will be there and Paul teases that Max will be there too to amuse her. Daphne jokes she could even wear her work gear.

No 24 - Lounge: Maria and Anna are discussing knitting patterns while Max reads the paper when Jim arrives asking them all to come over to dinner that evening. Maria makes an excuse that she and max have plans while Anna accepts. Anna accompanies Jim back home. Max asks what he and Maria have to do that evening and she explains she wants time for them to talk about Danny and Shane before they return home.

No 24 - Kitchen: Later Max cannot avoid discussing Shane and Danny to Maria any later and asks her what is wrong. Maria explains she is concerned that Max is not talking to Danny at all and blames him for Shane’s accident. Max tells her how can he not when Danny was the reason behind Shane driving to the beach. Max points out he’ll sort things out and that they can both go to the Robinsons' dinner. Maria wants them to let Anna spend time with Jim’s family alone as she wants to encourage Jim and Anna’s budding romance. Max is not happy telling his wife that it will only end in more problems encouraging things.

Campsite: Shane is fishing while Danny tries to untangle his fishing wire. Shane becomes more amused as Danny vents his frustration and ends up with cutting his finger on the hook. Shane remarks he is more like Max than he realises and they both laugh at what the future training sessions at the pool will bring.

. . .

No 26 - Kitchen: Anna arrives with dessert and Julie expresses her pleasure as she is already making Jim’s Saturday favourite – Sherry trifle. Helen remarks that they can simply serve it on Sunday and eat Anna’s tonight. Julie is even more annoyed when Daphne arrives to give Helen a bottle of champagne and flowers as a thank you for the invite. Anna excuses herself to go home and Julie remarks about not being late. Helen shows her to the door. Alone Daphne makes small talk with Julie commenting on how she liked Anna immediately after meeting her - Julie takes the chance to reply that some people you like, others you don’t. Helen arrives back diffusing the situation and asking Daphne to set the table so she can speak to Julie. Helen tells her granddaughter that she was plain rude to Anna – Julie comments that would her mother really want someone coming into the family to replace her? Helen is annoyed at Julie using her daughter’s name in such a way and replies she intends to see Jim as happy as he was with Anne. Helen leaves to get ready for the evening and Daphne comments about Peter joining them for dinner. Julie has no time for this conversation and tells her the weekend should be for family members only. Daphne brings up the fact that Julie dislikes her profession and Julie agrees she thinks it is a disgraceful occupation. Daphne broaches he subject about Jim maybe one day finding happiness with someone like Anna – Julie snaps, and tells Daphne as they aren’t friends and never will be, she should keep her opinions to herself.

. . .

No 24 - Lounge: Anna is ready for her dinner date and Maria tells her she looks great. Anna makes comment about Julie having to deal with her and Daphne tonight and Max makes it clear he agrees with Julie’s opinion of her. Anna recognises Max and Maria must have been arguing to get him so riled up. Maria comments they will be having more words later before ushering her sister out of the door.

No 26 - Hallway: Helen spots Lucy has a stain on her dress and Julie offers to clean it off. Lucy asks Julie why Helen is in a bad mood and Julie lies saying that if Anna moves in then Helen will have to leave. Julie tells her she must make Anna realise they want her to go away.

. . .

No 26 - Lounge: As the family, Daphne and Anna wait for dinner to be ready, they share a bottle of champagne Des bought Daphne for mending one of his jackets. All comment on how lucky Des has been to meet someone like her. Jim flatters Anna on her dress. Julie having finished cleaning the stain from Lucy’s dress returns with her sister. Lucy runs straight to her grandmother begging her not to leave. Julie hides the real reason why Lucy’s upset.

No 26 - Lounge: Scott compliments Anna’s dessert but Julie’s attempt to discredit her cooking is stopped by Helen. Daphne and Anna comment that no one has heard from Shane since he went away and Julie comments that Anna must be looking forward to going back to Queensland - Jim replies he hopes she’s not in too much of a hurry. Paul suggests a family trip to the beach but Julie has already plans for a Sunday roast dinner at lunchtime. Jim has plans to take Anna to the Sunday markets and so the meal is pushed back to the evening. Julie is not pleased.

No 26 - Kitchen: Anna offers to dry up the washing up but Julie uses the fact that Jim does that job at the weekend to get over her point that she doesn’t believe in Jim having a relationship with Anna. Jim has overheard and remarks to Julie he is taking Anna to the markets.

Campsite: Shane and Danny pack up to return home. Danny tries to get Shane to let him drive but Shane isn’t having any of it.

No 26 - Lounge: Scott and Paul prepare to go to the beach and Julie is in a foul mood having to deal with Jim taking Anna out for the day. And takes it out on Scott. Jim leaves for the markets but it doesn’t stop Julie remarking about lunch being at 1pm.

. . .

No 26 - Outside porch: Helen urges Jim to pay no attention to Julie and go off and have a great day, taking as long as he wants to. Helen reassures Jim that she’d be glad if he and Anna get together.

Markets: Jim and Anna spend time around the markets buying fruit, looking at bedding plants and getting Jim to wear a sombrero.

. . .

. . .

. . .

Coffee Shop: Anna gets Jim to wear the sombrero she bought and takes a photo. Jim gets her to wear it and they comment on what fun they’ve had. Anna explains she must return home soon and Jim explains he hoped she would stay longer, admitting he has fallen in love with her. Anna reveals she is already seeing someone back home and that there is no future for them.

Regular Cast Credits

Featured Regular Characters: Max Ramsay, Maria Ramsay, Shane Ramsay, Danny Ramsay, Jim Robinson, Julie Robinson, Paul Robinson, Scott Robinson, Lucy Robinson, Daphne Lawrence

Guest Cast: Rosalyn Gentle as Anna Rossi, Peter Mochrie as Peter Kirk

Trivia Notes
• Daphne’s champagne she brought to the Robinson dinner party was from Des for repairing a jacket of his
• Julie always made Sherry Trifle for Saturday night dessert – one of her father’s favourites
• Julie and Jim deliberately wash and dry up for the Saturday evening meal and the Sunday roast to give Helen time off at the weekend
• The coffee shop set would later become Wally Walters Mexican restaurant, before turning into a coffee shop and later the first incarnation of Daphne’s coffee shop

Summary by Paul